The word "ZOG" is commonly used by Revolutionary Nationalist Socialists today but for the uninitiated, ZOG is an acronym for Zionist Occupation Government. The term is used to describe the assortment of traitors and Zionist lackeys who control most of the White nations on this planet. A typical example is the Blair Government in the "United Kingdom" and their willing collaborators in the police, media, civil service and local councils who enforce their anti-White laws on the British People. What we are seeing in our respective Aryan Nations today is a struggle for the control of White people's minds from the highest government levels down to the lowliest civil servant.

Although the Zionist Occupation Governments appear to operate independently, they are merely puppets of the International Financiers who stealthily coordinate their agendas. These governments rule our lives with a common aim: to institute tyrannies which can suppress any criticism of their treasonous policies. Their aim is the establishment of a nationless world devoid of races and cultures populated by mindless grey automatons who pose no threat to their illegally acquired wealth and privilege.

ZOG is an "Occupation Government" because it is controlled by aliens. They gain entry to a nation for the purpose of sabotaging the nation's legitimate authority, armed forces and economy, leading to its capitulation as an independent sovereignty. Not all of the controllers of ZOG are Jews, but it is obvious that Jews have an influence which is completely disproportionate to their numbers. ZOG is "Zionist" because their agenda seeks to realize their conviction that they are the ‘Chosen People’; their aim is to be masters of the World, issuing commands to all nations of the goyim (a derogatory Yiddish term for Gentiles).

German-Canadian Revisionist Ernst Zundel, a long-time thorn in the side of ZOG by exposing its ‘Holocaust’ myth, believes that the term derives from important work by the American writer Eric Thompson in the 1970's. The way in which Zionist Occupation Governments work is illustrated by a short parable told by Jorgen Graf at the 1994 conference of the Institute for Historical Review:

Fable has it that once upon a time there was a bird who was happily brooding her eggs. This bird was trusting, humble and complacent, and did not notice that her eggs had been stolen by a fox.
This fox, in his devious ways, had covered his theft by replacing the eggs with stones, in the dark of night, one at a time. The bird had no idea what had happened and kept on spreading her protective wings, confident that the stones would in due course turn into a fine set of chicks.
The fox, however, had an enemy, a man, who told her that they were stones, took them away and returned her eggs, all in one happy swoop.
You might think that the bird was overjoyed!
Not so. The bird had gotten used to her stones. She went completely crazy and started attacking the "unfamiliar" eggs, dancing and screeching and flapping her wings, and even attacking the man who had dispatched the fox - because no fox, no stones!
This epitomizes our struggle today: ZOG has control of our people's thoughts and our main aim must be to ignore peripheral policies and aim our propaganda directly at the minds of our people. National Socialists are the only resistance to the genocidal policies of the Zionist Occupational Government but our tactics have got to change.

We are hurtling towards the Millennium and the New World Order: the old methods have failed our people. We aren't living in the 1930's anymore and methods that may have worked then are not going to work now. If members of the resistance don't realize this we are doomed to failure. In the coming fight we will be trodden into the ground, squashed like bugs under the heels of ZOG's boots. Is that what you want, White man? Are you going to carry on marching up and down whinging about Blacks coming here etc. for ever, waving your little Union flags to an apathetic public who stop and stare at you as though you were a travelling circus, while the real enemy count their shekels and drink their vintage champagne? Wake up White man - you're shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted - that stage of the battle is over and we've lost! Now is the time to move into the next phase. It is no longer a case of stopping our nations being invaded and taken over. It's time to realize that the Occupation Government is now firmly in place and has already massed its foreign mercenaries inside Europe. If you're going to march the streets for another sixty years you might as well wear black armbands because all you will be is the White race's funeral procession; forever attacking the symptoms but never the cause.

Those who appreciate the gravity of the situation and can look past ZOG's coloured cannon-fodder and see the Capitalist dogs who pull the strings, the unscrupulous one-worlder race-traitors who play the Jews' game to satisfy their greed and lust for power, will realize that...