Understanding the basics of our cause will make us win

So what does White Revolution mean?

Well, now that depends on where your head is now doesn't it? If your head is into that MTV bullshit, then maybe you're a lost cause. If you tune in your telly and agree mostly with its broadcasts, again maybe you're a lost cause.

But you walk down the high street with your girlfriend and you look over your shoulder at that "couple"… you know that "couple"…. The black lad with his white girlfriend (or wife) ask yourself "You know that's not right".  Well my friend you have just become a "racist" in the eyes of the foe we fight and we call them ZOG.

But why should a person who says "Oh I'm not racist"…but looks at a black lad with a white girl, think it's not right?  The answer is simple it's called NATURE.  Ever seen a Lion with an Elephant, or a Tiger with a Hippo?

The people who want the White race to die will say you can't compare the "Animal Kingdom" to the "Human Kingdom"…I used to think about that and say - why not?
You never see a lion go with a hippo, or you never see a tiger go with an elephant. So why is the human kingdom any different, because we are "human"?

The animals are all part of the "animal kingdom". Guess what the human part is part of the "Human Kingdom". The same rules apply, read Charles Darwin "Origin Of Species".
It's when you non-racists look over your shoulder while your shopping with your girlfriends or your wife and you see that black person with a white girl your natural instincts set in - it's nature telling you its wrong!

Instincts are the sounding board of a folk of a culture of a race of a nation everything.
That's why the multi-racial society that was forced on all white nations will in the end fail.  It's simple. Because the people where never asked.

The White Revolution we speak of is in the hearts and minds of our people; the ones who have awoken that is. It is our job to awake many more of our folk our people from all over the world.

But remember that husband or even boyfriend walking along the high street seeing that sight of the black lad with the white girl…nature says it's wrong.