The World's Races and Cultures
By Lilith88

The world can be divided in several parts, and to each of them belongs a different human race. These races are characterized by particular cultures and those cultures are quite the same in each racial area. So North America and Europe, which are Aryan, have the same type of culture and traditions, even if they are variations from one country to the other. The cultural background is the same. It's the same for all the other racial areas. Africa belongs to the Black race, North Africa and Near East to Arabic race, and so on, except for the Jewish race, but the Jewish plague is not my current subject.

During the past centuries, we have seen the expansion of the idea of globalization and multiculturalism. Aryan nations started to extend their territories to Africa through colonization and some Aryans have been left behind after declarations of independence. Nowadays all races are mixing with each other without taking any care of preserving their culture. Aryans that were left behind have, for the greatest part of them, forgotten their cultural background, the traditions tied to their race. But they are bringing to past colonies a part of their own civilization; erasing a part of the racial culture of those colonies. This is the tragic event that took place - in particular - in Africa. The same problem exists - existed? - in Australia, where many tribes of aborigines were living. They are nowadays confined to reservations, where their population is decreasing and where they are loosing, little by little, all their customs. All those kinds of minorities, such as Pygmies, Arandas and, centuries before, Mayas, are disappearing or have already disappeared, in every part of the world, because of globalization.

All local traditions are going to be lost, because of another race's influence. It's what's taking place in Aryan nations: the impact of immigrants belonging to other races who are mixing their culture with ours, and by this way are destroying their own cultures and ours at the same time. This fact is obvious in the United States of America, where the influence of Blacks and Hispanics is very strong. Immigrants are a part of their own countries, they forget their traditions, but they consider themselves as oppressed minorities, because they cannot find work, because they cannot understand the culture of the country they're living in. So, they're trying to impose their way of thinking to the other race - in this case the Aryan race - perverting the culture of the land they're dwelling in. It's not necessarily voluntary, but it's a fact that cannot be denied. Mutual influence on one race onto the other is obvious. And it leads to inexorable decline of all the races of the world.

This general tendency has to be reversed. To reach this goal, and so prevent our race from collapsing, we must fight against this multiculturalism that is advocating race mixing. So immigration must be restricted, and each part of the world where a race is concentrated must prevent it itself. It is only through regulation of racial mixing in the whole world that mankind could be "purified" and its cultural background preserved. And this is true, not only for the Aryan race, but also for all the other races - except Jews.

All the countries that are belonging to the same race should become united to create those racial areas which are the only way to guard racial culture and traditions. By this way, Europe and North America should be united for the greater Aryan race; all Africa should be unified too for the greater Black race, and so on. Multiculturalism is nothing more than a utopia that has no reality. Races can't be mixed because their cultures are separate: ways of thinking are different, traditions too. They will always be conflicts between them, always a race that will want to take control of the other, and above all, there will be a global decline of societies. Mixing is harmful to mankind.

Racialism should be taught for awakening in men - and children - the sense of racial identity. But as soon as somebody is trying to teach this way of thinking, he is considered as a poisonous racist who's trying to destroy mankind instead of being seen as a hope for the whole world. We have a long struggle before us to educate and awake people to our way of seeing life and global order. It will be very hard to succeed, but we must fight for our racial interests and save the world from multiculturalism.

We are fighting for the conservation of our blood and our customs.

And we must succeed, for Humanity's sake!