On Saturday, December 1, 2001 the South Florida Aryan Alliance hosted White Pride Day, at White City Park in Ft. Pierce, Florida. This was SFAA's first event organized in Ft. Pierce. Some of the comrades drove as far as Miami and Daytona Beach in show of support! Even after the 9-11 attacks, we refuse to be intimidated by the ZOG (one of my associates has been harassed by the local FBI agents for his trip to Palestine 10 years ago?!). Today we are determined as ever, to stand up for our race, heritage and our way of life! Remember, self preservation is not a hate crime!!!

Alex Hassinger - editor, Aryan Loyalist Magazine -

P.S. This March, Aryan Loyalist Magazine is organizing Folk Fest, in West Palm Beach, Florida. All of you who are interested, please contact me in advance.