B&H/C18 I.S.D. MEMORIAL - 13th September 2003

Well once again it was that time of year when comrades from across the globe joined together in memory of our fallen comrade and inspirational leader Ian Stuart .

The scene was set for a great evening with almost 300 comrades in attendance and many more refused entry into the uk at ports and airports everywhere, There were Poles, Danes,Germans, Austrians, Russians, Lithuanians, Finns, Americans, South Africans, Swedes, Italians, Serbs, Ulstermen, Scottish and Welsh (sorry if anybody was missed out !)

The hall was decked out with flags and banners from almost every white nation on the planet, the beer was cold and the bands were hot .

First up were London's finest CHINGFORD ATTACK blasting out old favourites as well as some new stuff, it didn't take long before the crowd were jumping all over the place going mental to songs such as Chingford Attack, Gerry and Dirty White Whore to name but a few, an hour of pure hate had just set the crowd up to what went on to be the best GIG the movement has seen for a while.

The BLACKSHIRTS were to follow and once again they did not dissapoint the crowd, now with a new vocalist after the expulsion of their former singer, they now have a front man who can really sing!

The next band up were comrades from the fatherland, Germany's RACE WAR and this is a band to look out for - powerful no holds bard lyrics pure 100% white pride and totally committed to the C18 cause and the crowd showed there appreciation - as the band left the stage to a standing ovation

Next followed a minutes silence for the great man himself - IAN STUART. 300 comrades joined together under the C18 banner, heads bowed reflecting on passed glories and old friendships , then glasses were raised and right arms were in the air with chants of sieg heil bellowing out .

Next band up should have been the world famous RAZORS EDGE but the ZOG machine stopped their fellow band members from entering the country thus throwing a huge spanner in the works !

Would we let ZOG beat us? Would we fuck!

NATURAL BORN KILLERS were the next band in the limelight, new to most, but not anymore! This is a band to look out for, good lyrics and a tight set gave the crowd what they wanted to hear, their opening song aptly named Natural Born Killers is one to remember and a band not to be forgotten !

All in all an evening to remember , old faces aswell as new faces old friendships rekindled, new friendships made. As usual the lads from OLDHAM were out in force as were the EAST LONDON Barmy Army.

Thanks to all the lads on security who had to work harder than usual and well done to the organisers who put on a show that wont be forgotten in a hurry!

NICK - East London C18

Sorry, no photographs due to security reasons, tough luck Gable, nothing for Searchlies this time!


We invite all Aryan NS comrades to Serbia at Vinland warriors gig, 29th November 2003

Bands include:
Vinland Warriors (Canada)
Battle Flag (Serbia)
Other Serbian Bands

E-mail  B&H Serbia for further details.


Humanitarian gig in Rakovac - Jun 2003

 After two years of peace in Novi Sad and his neighbourhood, Serbian Skinheads are got together again for and unforgettable gig.

The gig was made for humanitarian reasons, in small town Rakovac. It is on the other side of Danube from Novi Sad.

The humanitarian reasons are: One of our white Serbian sisters was abandoned because she was pregnant, by her boyfriend  (Modern boy) and her uninterested parents.

The Blood and Honour division Rakovac /Serbia took care of her problems with this gig.

The money from tickets was for her and her future white child.

The gig was videotaped and photographed, and soon everyone may have this for their own collection.

At the gig there were two B&H Band from Serbia (Battle flag and Revolt) and 200 White National Socialists / Skinheads. There was lot of comrades from other side of border, like from Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech rep., Poland, England and Serbian rep. (Bosnia)…

The first band Battle Flag (from Nis) was kick ass for all time they've ever played.

All new kids (little skins -ha-ha…) were satisfied like the old folks (BIG SKINS  -ha-ha), for this bend I don’t have comment because they are really GOOD.

Second bend was Revolt (from Belgrade) and this is there second stepping up on Novi Sad / Rakovac gig. They also left a good impression, just like the band before them.

Because this gig was registered in police, the gig was over in the midnight (00:00h), but when the concert was over we play music on CD player and gig was continued till down.

The Blood and Honour division Rakovac/Serbia for the second time proved that they could have everything what they want if you do it well, I hail them.

And I specially regards all brothers from other side of border for their coming on the gig and


I don’t have anything else to say, the pictures are saying everything….



On the 27th of April, 2002 Blood & Honour, Serbia, Unit Belgrade, organized a memorial gig on the occasion of 113 years since Adolf Hitler`s birthday. Four bands took part. These were Battle Flag, Trijumf Volje, Real Aggression and a new B&H band from Sabac.

After a few years of silence, we finally saw another gig in Belgrade, although it was risky to organize a concert there, because of police oppression. On the occasion of of Adolf Hitler's 113th birthday, a concert was organized 7 days after it.

The gig was organised by the Belgrade B&H unit. They did the job 100% professionally. Four Serbian bands played that night. Everybody said that it was one of the best concerts organized in Serbia. For the first time, new B&H band from Sabac introduced themselves in front of 80 skinheads.
Everybody supported them and their aggressive core sound. Their lyrics are 100% Serbian and they are about the coming revolution, fallen warriors and the skinhead way of life...


After them came Battle Flag - well known band from Nis, but they played without second guitar and with a new drummer. Beside their own songs, they mostly played best traditional songs from Skrewdriver and Public Enemy to Nordic Thunder.


Third band on was Belgrade's Trijumf Volje (Triumph of the Will) who played their best performance on the night. With raising of wild atmosphere they also played a few songs from Drzavni Udar (State impact) and some old songs as:Smash the Reds and 88 r'n'r band (support for POW comrades of Landser).


The last band on stage that night was old good Real Aggression (ex-Aggressija) from Kikinda. With them we felt the end of this great NS manifestation.
Like always, they professionally played the most of their songs and one song from B.E.D. "Walk in Shame". Everybody sang their anthem "Kristalna Noc" together in an atmosphere of NS unity with full support at 2 hours after midnight.


As well as to the organizers, we must give thanks to B&H security who did a great job and made this gig really successful. Keep on might security! We want to say that Razor88 didn`t play because their drummer is in the army, but we hope to see them next time. More than 10 cities were there that night and we send special greetings to brothers from Republic of Serbia/Bjeljina who were again with us that night, like the year before.Without any problems, our people left the place and everybody went to their homes safely.

`til next time, 28/88!

Blood & Honour Southland is an official division of B&H/C18, where the best skinhead elements form Argentina and Chile meet. Our struggle consists of keeping an active block and white supremacy in South America Due this we're working together, like a brotherhood, following an awareness policy to our own...faithfully and honestly, only acknowledging the principles of our racial fatherland, reflecting a commitment to the cause and standing against the system, ZOG and their vicious minions who show their power through their money, destroying the universal nature of our people.
113 YEARS: 
APRIL 20th

Chilean and Argentinean comrades from Blood and Honour Southland got together in Buenos Aires to celebrate this date with a concert, the bands that played were  “Nuremberg” (Argentina) and “Odal Sieg” (Chile). The audience was 80 people approx., all of us sharing a friendly and brother like atmosphere. This great event was organized by the Argentinean division of Blood and Honour, having as a result, an awesome evening.

A lil’ past midnight of our Fuhrer’s birthday, Nuremberg (right) started to play, having all of us impressed with an "engaging" RAC-style, showed us their new songs and some songs of their demo CD, like: “Vikingos” ,"Nuremberg", "Prisionero nº 7" (Prisoner nº7, in honour to Rudolf Hess), but the highlight of his performance was the song “Todos contra el SHARP” (All against the SHARP) which was choired by all of us. No doubt they are an excellent and very solid band.

After a short beer-break, in which we recover some forces, Odal Sieg (below, left) from Chile came to play and put on stage their latest production: “Nuevos Guerreros”. The band also had an Argentinean comrade on drums, who with no problem, supported the chilean band, playing a "Rac-Metal" style, that really shook the audience. “Arma blanca” (white weapon) and “Sin miedo, sin dolor ,sin piedad” (no fear, no pain, no mercy), were the most liked songs and after this the bands played some covers together (Rodrigo singer of Odal Sieg and Orlando singer Nuremberg) and some comrades who came on stage and sing !.

It was a real big gig, which we hope to do again, bigger and better yet, cuz’ this is the first step to and endless journey. For the first time, we had and atmosphere of brotherhood and comradeship between two countries separated by the Cordillera de Los Andes, but united by the white hope that lives within the hearts of this brave warrior who won't step back before the Z.O.G. and all of their vicious minions!

Hail Victory!!!
Hail Blood and Honour!!

A successful concert was organised by B&H BARCELONA on the 20th April 2002. Around 150 B&H comrades from Germany, England, Flanders, Switzerland and France celebrated Adolf Hitler's birthday.

Before the concert people could buy NS books and other items whilst listening to traditional III Reich songs. The organisation also gave an activist Leaderless Resistance booklet to all comrades who attended.

The first band up to play were BRIGADA NS from Brazil. They played old favourites with purely revolutionary lyrics as usual.

The next band to take the stage were CODIGO DE HONOR (Code of Honour). This is a new band from Gerona and they played new songs and some covers from old Spanish bands.

Following Codigo de Honor were the Spanish crowd favourites - ESTANDARTE88. They started their set with tracks from their new CD released by SSR RECORDS. Their last song was their famous "No Remorse" cover Barbecue in Terrassa.

And then it was time for RAZORS EDGE. For those who know their music know that this is a CALL TO DIRECT ACTION. They played old favourite anthems like "Whatever It Takes" "Love & Hate" "Strength Through Blood" etc, and a new song called "Stick to your guns" and successful Skrewdriver covers. It was really the most emotive time of the night with a fantastic set.

Everything went great. Thanks to all the people involved.







Between April 14 and April 16 in the Ukraine a wave of pogroms was started by ZOG. Just as on March 9th 2001, on the streets of Kyiv when the militia detained all "suspicious" people. The Ukrainian speech, carrying of National clothes or a particular haircut was considered as a first attribute of "suspiciousness". Especially "suspicious" places were the offices of patriotic organizations. Within several days through military cases, several thousand Patriotic youths have been dealt with, basically members of B&H, the Layer, Young Movement, the Union of Ukrainian Youth, UNSO and Tryzub.

This is the story of one of the detained members of the Young Movement:
"On Monday, at 22.15 me and friends were detained in underground transition and were delivered to the militia....The inspector was interested very much by the Tryzub emblem (Ukrainian emblem) which I carried. I answered his questions, that I am Ukrainian, to which the inspector answered that was all they needed to lock me up. Then he placed me in a room where there were 4 persons in civilian clothes. They told me, that they will teach me to speak in Russian... They started to beat me on my legs. The workers of the militia shouted: "We shall show you Ukraine cattle"... I was knocked down and beat on my legs until  I lost consciousness. Then they poured water over me and hung me up by my hands and continued to beat me.... Then one of those present wanted to strike me with a bottle but missed and broke a window. About three o'clock in the morning they let me go."
The member of the Union of the Ukrainian Youth Eduard Jurchenko was detained at a football match together with other guys. They were brought into a police station and beaten without an explanation of why...  In the night of 18th to 19th of April in an apartment of the B&H chapter a search was made and 5 BH members are arrested.

Gig report from B&H Stockholms first gig. Pictures can be seen on


It may not fill that much space in the history book of Swedish White resistance, but considering the hardships, setbacks and misery our race has had to endure in this cursed, zoggified pseudo-Swedish society, each and every step forward made by national revolutionaries should be both noted and cheered. I am referring to the White Power concert on Saturday the 14th of April, organized by Blood & Honour Stockholm in co-operation with the local branch of the National Socialist Front (NSF).

This was not just yet another gig, but in fact the first big musical manifestation of NS resistance and White pride in the capital for four long years! Using every dirty trick in their police schoolbooks the zoggies in blue have sabotaged every patriotic effort to organize a WP concert in Stockholm, and this was no exception – except for the fact that despite all their scheming and bullying, they finally failed to silence the voice of White resistance.

However, from the start it did not look very promising for our gig organizers. The Finnish band Hate Crime, as well as the Estonian PWA, who were to play that evening, both got a dose of international state terrorism. Obviously, the hotlines between the secret police inquisitors of Sweden, Finland and Estonia had created a pink triangle of no-go area for Nordic patriots. While all sorts of “tourists” – from alcoholic bums to burglars and fake refugees to AIDS ridden drug racketeers – are let in with that typical docile smile of the Swedish custom police, our music playing comrades were treated like undesirable criminals, refused entry and shipped back to where they came from.

Thinking that by this act of cultural discrimination they had secured the sound of ZOG silence, the coppers concentrated on another event taking place that day, a Stockholm derby. Constantly on the lookout for crowd gatherings, even the most dimwitted of the cops finally understood that there were just too much of no hair and bomber jackets popping up at the central station for ZOG´s comfort.

And rightly so. Too bad that our foreign friends were unable to make it. But still there is always Pluton Svea (who, frankly speaking, no-one really can get enough of!), and to balance the sound level just a bit, the popular patriotic balladeer Per was quickly recruited. In other words, after four years of sad silence, the sound of White Power rock & roll, mixed with the battle cries of Aryan warriors again echoed between the concert walls in Sweden´s capital. Despite the fact that the concert was a private affair, the goon squad in blue (or actually and pathetically, for the occasion dressed up in “camouflage” gear: bomber jackets, crew cut hair style (skinhead for the oldies..) and baseball caps) forced their entry, just to quickly withdraw for some minutes. Then they returned (hardly because of music preferences) and placed their beastly bodies around the place – and especially behind the fire door! Now, Sweden has had some mighty accidents with blocked fire doors during youth parties, but it did not stop the coppers from forcefully trying to control it, partly as a hiding place (like peeping toms in a closet) and partly to use it as an entrance for storming in, rather than it´s true purpose as an escape door in case of emergency.

Whatever, the show both started and went on. The political police restricted the audience to 150, turning away many late-comers. But still, no crazed copper or puny police infiltrator can ruin a massive gathering of Aryan berserkers, gladiators, warriors and Wotan know´s what. It was like the extremely well-performed, brilliant ballads of comrade Per were like a fantastic foreplay, preparing the spell-bound crowd for a coming frenzy. Which of course, to the joy of the masses and the misery of the poor security guards, materialized in the entering of the stage by Jocke, Mika and Leffe.

The crowd was, according to a comrade in a position to know, like wild beasts madly tearing to pieces their prey. Meanwhile back in ZOG land, the real madmen were preparing their own onslaught, and shortly after the Pluton let loose their musical fury, the uniformed terrorists stormed in. Despite violent efforts to silence the NS crowd, the organizers – surely inspired by the loud and frequent chants of “ACAB” – decided to let the music play. And while the crowd and the coppers fought it out on the dance floor, pulsating back and forth in pushing and pressing attacks and counter-attacks, the Pluton roared on. Till the PA collapsed… then repaired again… then finally sabotaged by the sticky fingers of a wire-cuttin´ copper.

At this point, it was decided to call it a night. Despite the attacks by the state terrorists, which also resulted in a few arrests, the confiscating of CDs and t-shirts (which amazingly enough soon were returned to their rightful owners) as well as several cases of beer, which for some peculiar reason were considered illegal in their bar environment (and sadly not returned to their rightful throats) it had been a great evening of true White Power. And do you know the best of it all? This was just the beginning! Blood & Honour will make sure that the banner of Aryan counter-culture will fly over Sweden´s capital – like a symbol of war and a sign of victories to come. Then it will be uncensored White Power rock & roll for the Swedish youth and the death march for the alien parasites and their lackeys. Hail Victory! Max Hammer

PS. Special thanks to the activists from info-14 for help with the evenings security! Go to  if you want to see a goon gallery of ZOG´s worst – uninvited lurkers of the disguised/disgusting kind.

On the 20th of April in Poltava (Ukraine) there will be a WP gig with the bands Nocturnal Mortum, Sokyra Peruna, Whites Load and Talisman (all from the Ukraine).

Cheerful concert in Kiev
Without superfluous modesty we can tell you, that the most  unsuccessful concert in the history of B&H Ukraine was held in February 16 2002. Therefore we hope all of you will consider it the same as we, i.e. with humour and without insults...
So, February, 16 in one  of Kyiv  rock-clubs, a concert has passed. From the very beginning all went not humanly and somehow looked suspicious... As soon as we came into the hall, bad photos of "Red Hot Chilli Peppers " and other niggers which peacefully flaunted on the walls of the club came before our eyes. Like lightning, Olexandra’s ordered all these ornaments to be operatively taken off the walls and hidden somewhere very far away in order to prevent a pogrom of club. We had not had time to carry away the nigger posters when at doors a punk with lady has glanced. As soon as he had understood, where he was, he has seized the lady by the hand and has run. Roma and his friend, who stood on security, rushed behind him, and a trace with shouts: " Stand! I forbid to arrange fights up to a concert!",- Olexandra has rushed. Running last about 5 minutes then skins were caught by Olexandra, but the punk has received blows on the face all the same...
As all this looked rather youthful and  sporty, the mood at people has sharply risen. Farther was even more cheerfully: we have found out with surprise, that on doors of a toilet transparent glass is built, i.e. this institution did not provide any intimity. Probably, so fashionable at "Red Hot Chilli Peppers", but our people were confused very much each time when it was necessary to go there...
When time of adjustment of tools has come, there was, that a device which was promised by management of club, has disappeared somewhere. We had not found just the second microphone, but also parts of drums, and elementary cords. Then Olexandra has asked people of children's age to get a pair of cardboard boxes from under bananas: "Only without bananas and sellers", - she has finished that there were no excesses... In 10 minutes the drummer of "Whites Load " already diligently cut out accurate equal circles, and Olexandra has gone home by a taxi behind a cord from a bass guitar.

When the cord was delivered, it appeared, that in the device two outputs worked and to connect even the bass guitar was not possible... While Olexandra inserted the bared wires into all apertures of the device in hope to find even one working output, angry Shulja - the bassist of "Sokyra Peruna" -  told to the sound producer, that now we shall insert these wires into him, and then he will be killed in any case. The sound producer has reacted operatively and adequately: he disappeared, and we did not see him any more. The bass managed to be connected  on the minimal sound, and the concert began.

As the first "Whites Load " acted. But when the vocalist started to sing, those present have thought, that they have gone to a concert of " Napalm Death " because instead of vocals the most powerful roar was distributed. Olexandra ran to the device, but her height did not allow to get up to the necessary handles... Then someone from a hall has brought a chair, she having climbed up on which and could adjust volume at last. As adjustments were constantly forced down, and a cord is banal dropped out from tip, she had to carry out all concert, standing on a chair as the sound producer.
However quality of the equipment has not allowed to carry out a high-grade concert , "Whites Load " and "Sokyra Peruna " acted little more hour. Old songs and a little new were executed, but people in hall hardly have guessed it…
Basically, we were not upset, because all was too ridiculous be sad. However we hope, that similar concerts shall  not repeat...

It is interesting, where the sound producer has got to?


We started the year off with a social in the north of England. Considering ZOG was out in force in riot gear there was no trouble. Comrades from asfar away as Denmark, Germany, Poland, Holland, Ulster and Scotland attended.

It was also good to see comrades from C18, NF, BNP, etc. all standingtogether having a few beers. We have always said that C18 have no problemswith BNP members, its Griffin with the problem with us!

That will be his down fall, we look forward to the next one.





B&H Ukraine travel to Poland...

Saturday evening, after about 500-kmjourney, we had finally reached meeting point, and some friends took usthe place of the event. It was a hotel with restaurant and a camping, madein Viking's fashion. There were some Police standing at the parking nearthe place of the concert, but they surprisingly didn't enter it. Of coursethey were doing photos ect. to anyone who was coming by.

The gig started near 8 p.m. and thefirst was "Szwadrony Smierci" (ang. "Death's Squadrons"). It is young band,and they have to learn a lot, but in the future...who knows? They wereplaying about a half of hour, and it was good introduction before the nextband.
Than Beowulf from Czech Republic entered the scene. They were firsttime in Poland, and a lot of people had no opportunity to hear them earlier.They have released a CD called "Hranice Slavy" some months ago, and themost of their songs was taken from this album. I was a lucky one... I'veseen them earlier in Slovakia, and I have got that CD, but people werereally surprised. Last time when I saw them, they were playing as a trio,but now they have a new band member, and now they play with two vocalists.For me it sounds great! They finished their performance with two Skrewdrivercovers, and then the public went crazy!
Then came the time for the star ofthe evening - Honor! All the people gathered under the scene, and theywere shouting "Honor, Honor"... after a few minutes we've heard the "intro"taken from one of their latest CD "W Plomieniach Wschadzacej Sily". I'veseen them many times during all these years of the struggle, but it isalways a "pleasure" to see them once more. They played something what canbe called "the best of" with all their greatest song, and a new one, from"The Day of the Rope, vol. 1" called "Na szubiennice" (ang. "Onto the gallows").After more than an hour of play they finished with "The Last Drakkar".
During all their show people were dancing under the scene, and singingall songs together with them. Without any doubts Honor is the best Polishband, and one of the best bands in Europe.
But it was not the end yet! Next bandwas Sokyra Peruna from Ukraine. They played a gig together with Honor inKiev, November this year, and then came the time of revenge!!! This timethey played with Varggoth from Nocturnal Mortum on the guitar. They arethe best known band from Ukraine, and their music can be defined as RAC.After Beowulf this was another great surprise! I won't be mistaken whenI'll say, that they were not so well known to the Polish audience, butafter this concert it will surely change. They were playing the best songstaken from both their releases...started with "The Slav", then "6,000,000words of lie", "Stay White" and some more... and they finished with Skrewdriver'scover...

As I know the compilation of their songswill soon be released by one the Polish labels, so stay tuned...

Now I can proudly say, that I know whatmeans Slavonic Power!
Those three bands proved it well!!!
The gig has been organized by NEL,and they did great job, too!

Hail Victory!

And then came the deadly route backfrom the Steppes...another 500 km home

Report by Jacek(Poland)



Finally 3 young comrades have died when they were travelling from Zaragoza to "El Valle de los Caidos" (Valley of the Fallen) in Madrid for a NS rally.Precisely car crash was close to Valley of the Fallen where rest in peace General Franco and others valiant spanish soldiers. Vanesa and Ivan were engaged and they were instantaneously taken away... Jorge was one week injured but finally he followed his comrades to a better life. We have no words to explain what we feel about it. VANESA, IVAN AND JORGE... If one of us should fall, the other takes the place of two. We´ll never forget we´ll fight´til the end. SIEG HEIL!

Serbian Action is on the move! S.A. members are currently helping certain nationalist groups in Serbia to form a Commitee for combat against enemies of civilisation and decency. Various joint actions against religious cults and sects, abortion, homosexuality and degeneracy are planned and S.A. will certainly provide muscle and protection for those actions.

Serb Kosovo: Decapitated body of Serb priest is found

Fr.Chariton was kidnapped by the KLA Albanian terrorists on June 14th 1999 in the streets of Prizren. His body was found one year later on August 8th 2000 near Prizren. According to the post mortem report Fr. Chariton's body was decapitated and severely mutilated. He was stabbed several times by knife. The perpertrators of this murder have not yet been found. Fr.Chariton - Holy New-Martyr of the Serbian Orthodox Church.


BLOOD & HONOUR SERBIA organised a concert on December 9th 2000 where 4 Serbian B&H bands played: MOLEBAN, PROVIDENJE, KRISTALNA NOC and SORAB 18. The concert was a real success without zog’s servants visiting the gig place and with a video recording of the gig. For more information write on bhserbia@yahoo.comBLOOD & HONOUR Serbia is proud to inform you comrades about the finally builded B&H Serbia official web site, with the great help from our brothers from B&H Slovenia. The page isn’t finished yet but very often the new things use to be added. You can find there the large interviews with Serbian B&H bands illustrated with band photos as well as the interviews with foreign NS bands, report about Kosovo war and the NATO bombings in 1999, top tens, lyrics, news from Serbia and worldwide, WER distribution, links page, guestbook and many other interesting things about our movement. 12 MP3 songs have recently been added so comrades who visit our web site can hear 2 songs from each Serbian B&H band. The web address is: so if you have the access to the Internet, be sure to check it out, you won’t be disappointed!WHITE EAGLE RECORDS is a record label under B&H Serbia banner. Their first release is a debut CD of TERRORMACHINE, Serbian NS death/thrash metal entitled "Forward into War" with 11 tracks, previously known from B&H Serbia compilation where they represented themselves with 3 songs. The new project of WER is Volume 2 of Serbian BLOOD & HONOUR compilation including 18 brand new songs from 6 Serbian B&H bands: PROVIDENJE, SORAB 18, KRISTALNA NOC, AGRESIJA, MOLEBAN and TERRORMACHINE. This CD came out in the beginning of August 2000 (fresh) and is really harder than ever! Booklet includes details on Serbian history and war on Kosovo. White Eagle Records has also large distribution list of worldwide NS CDs, to receive it, write to the official address on the bottom of this page.B&H-S; P.F. 139; 35000 JAGODINA; SERBIA, YUGOSLAVIA.

We are proud to inform you the Blood & Honour had its birth in Flanders! Our e-mail address is,we invite all Blood & Honour comrades to get in contact.

We would like to thank Blood & Honour Scandinavia for their support and believing in us.

B&H Flanders

PO Box 46

9200 Grembergen

Flanders, Belgium