Recent election results across Europe - it doesn't mean we have won!


Well, OK, Le Pen did well, and indeed the British National Party did OK too. And in general the "nationalist" vote across Europe is up.  For those who play the "democratic game", it has been a couple of months of 'smiles'… looks like the European people are now looking to the "nationalist" parties for help over the asylum problem.

In the short term, this is a correct assessment.  But long term as we know our people have short fickle memories.  Even now the European press are engaged in "what a wonderful thing this Asylum problem" is - "these people help and make Europe such a better place - because of cross culture - they enhance - our European civilization."

For those of us engaged in the underground, nothing has changed.  Playing in the system's little parlour games is entertaining, you may win a few rounds, but it's the systems game - you can never win.

Those of us involved in the underground know this, understand this.it's a game!  We understand ZOG and his 'chess pieces'; we are not content to 'play his game'.  But those of us involved in the underground have been around for a while - and know the'score'.

To us nothing has changed whatsoever.  Or maybe it has, maybe instead of building a nationwide underground resistance movement - we need to build a European wide underground resistance movement.

Each country is an independent cell of the whole structure.  In each country each independent group has its own independent system.  Lone wolves, plus independent cell structure - based on "leaderless resistance".

As National Socialists / and Fascists (Italy) a unique blend of people could be put into action.