Either we and our ideas or our enemies and theirs will dominate the globe
Vanguard of the Future
Selected writings of Colin Jordan

Whether meditating on the old, and what has been, or contemplating the future and what must come, one theme pervades all of Colin Jordan's writing:

"What fulfils Nature; what benefits the race as a servant of Nature;
what benefits National Socialism as a servant of the race, is good: what does not is bad.
That which truly seeks and secures this good is right. That which does not is wrong.
No other command to the contrary can be accepted by National Socialists. "

    Colin Jordan needs little or no introduction. Author and publisher of the occasional report, Gothic Ripples, book-dealer, and perhaps the greatest modern thinker and post-war NS ideologist, almost certainly in the United Kingdom; no man more so than Colin Jordan has adduced the prospective and lucidly relevant prerequisites for Aryan rebirth and renewal.
    Whether in philosophical dissertations or theoretical supposition, the axiom of Colin Jordan's burning convictions is that not only is the genesis of a New Order of Aryan humanity possible, but that it can be. Not ever through the ersatz panacea of a ballot box inefficacy which is so obvious that the adherence and pursuance of its restricted practices and procedures is dangerous, because it is compromise and the dereliction of essentials; but regeneration will only ever be begun with nothing other than naked struggle. The preparation for which. moulding the elite few who will bring down the old and precede the New, forms the majority of Colin Jordan's most significant work to date, and the final chapter in this timely anthology, The National Socialist Vanguard.
    The Danish publishers, Nordlag Forlag, with some justification, point out that this book's distribution is likely to be outlawed in the United Kingdom; especially a book of the collected writings of one of the Establishment's most unremittingly painful thorns in their ecumenical side.
    It is not necessarily Colin Jordan's articulate and emboldening graphic acclamation of the pre-eminent individual of this century, Adolf Hitler, which terrifies the Establishment and its swineherd, however although their correct assumption that a reborn and spiritually cleansed Aryandom will signify the end for them forever is warranted.
    No, it is not that at all. At least, not on its own. By their own words and deeds they will provide the rope themselves that will eventually hang them.
    The more they attempt to puncture the aura enveloping Adolf Hitler, outstripping all bounds of credibility, even to the true believing otiose souls they have thus far supervised so well, and persist in constraining us with something that we do not want, and call it "freedom"; they cannot win.
    Whether or not the Aryan can out-survive them, as surely as we cannot live side by side with them in the meantime, however, is the dilemma that must be practicably resolved long, long before then.
    Although the open championing of the most despised, most dreaded and maligned creed of all time by men such as Colin Jordan, and the acknowledgement of Adolf Hitler as the catalyst for Aryan salvation, sends them either into a delirious, foaming rage, or scuttling for refuge; it is not this, words alone, that the Establishment fears. They may certainly hate it but it is not enough to make them beg for forgiveness which would not be given - or compel them to seek the sanctuary of a people more forgiving.
    Nor is the Establishment's panic fully explicable despite their reaction to the agony that Colin Jordan's fervent driving for the freedom of the martyr and murdered peaceseeker, Rudolph Hess, piled upon them; it is not this alone that so sent shivers of dread up the spine of every alien, the alien's fawner, and comparable.
    No. To the Establishment, who can stomach a few men who adhere to their rules but buckle under the first shadow of any System prodding, the idealism that bears witness in a man's faith before the whole world, is the man who personifies the gravest danger to them. Practice, in Jordan's case, is more potent propaganda than preaching.
    When each day becomes dedicated to life on a higher plane, voiding the enemy's intemperances, to them it spells death. It is the clarion call of the superior that had reborn Germany and can renew any who obey its demands. It is "a thunderous affirmation that, despite all they have said and done, for us Hitler was right" 1, which behooves us all when we have deeply comprehended that National Socialism is not merely a magnificent achievement of a time not so long ago, or a matter of some historical interest. But is an extant, breathing, dynamic will to survive and the framework for Higher Man to be born of this earth; the passion to see the beautiful replace the ugly, and the strong supplant the unsound; and is subsequently the entire actualisation of man's true, explicit being.
    It is the continuity of life's purpose in that it is an orientation of the mind to elevate man, "life-wide in that it is not an aspect of fife, but the whole of life seen from one aspect" 2
Consequently, National Socialism is a revolution in thought towards a new awareness which has to take precedence over everything else. Ultimately it is "the pure development of our creed to the full, whereby it has the capacity to win the world, is a revolution which begins now in you with your comprehension and acceptance of it. " 3
    To its minimisers, National Socialism in principle appears as not something universal and ageless, but characteristic to Germany and particular to the 1930s. As we tumble towards the new century with contemporary problems to resolve and requiring a complete revaluation of current, wasted tactics, so is the demand of the creed of National Socialism to formulate productive countermeasures and to implement innovative strategies to win the hearts and minds of the Aryan peoples.
    Colin Jordan's clear grasp of the past and awareness of the immeasurable catastrophe that was the Second World War, and its aftermath for the defeated Aryan nations, even in victory, is firmly linked to a comprehensive appreciation of where trends manifest today are leading. To Colin Jordan, however, understanding of Aryan humanity's severe plight is insufficient. It is not a mental exercise that we are engaged in with an enemy volitional to destroy any and every trace of the Aryan, his culture, ancestry, accomplishments, and which obstacles the quest for a higher consciousness, and a New Order for our people; to Colin Jordan "the principles of Otto Skorzeny" 4 must be applied to political warfare, to-wit, the battle for racial survival. Essentially, it is a call to action. This collection of essays, more especially the final chapter, The National Socialist Vanguard, is a footing for that action.
    Perhaps the most contentious of Colin Jordan's contemporaneous writing but dually the most significant, it is not expected, or wished, that every reader will agree. Nor can it be helped.
    Building The Vanguard, that is, suffusing a dynamically revolutionary movement which can assume power, maintain it, and build a New Order insists on a new degree of loyalty additional to "an advanced degree of self-education in at least all of the basic knowledge of a mentally equipped elitist".5 Not only does this mean an insight into the historical context of our struggle, the causes and symptoms of the Aryan slump into degeneracy and ethical decline and an ability to discriminate between cause and symptom, but also imperative is an understanding of the applicable law and police procedure and how to treat it; to identify in advance the enemy's manoeuvres, and to understand the security precautions to counteract it. The vanguard must also have a thoroughly accurate handle on who the enemy is; what motivates the enemy; what smacks terror into the very core of the enemy; and the most productive way of punishing the enemy.
    Essentially, what Colin Jordan has tagged the task force, must have a wholly comprehended grasp of exactly what the purpose is, and be totally guided by it's long-term objective. If the end result is National Socialism, and no other impotent substitute, the end justifies whatever means are required.
"These conditions specify a life and death struggle for those dedicated to the survival and advancement of Higher Man through a New Order of Aryandom. In such a struggle the prerequisite for effective action is a searching appraisal of ways and means. All practices and procedures must be subjected to an analysis of cost-effectiveness, and retained or rejected accordingly. " 6
    Despite the unmistakable verbalisation that the financial burden of the pointless party political parlour game is over, it is not solely the cleaning out of the pockets of those who can normally least afford it, that effects the dominant bearing on a future, cleansed Aryandom power claiming.
    It is nothing less than absolute folly of the worst kind that squanders both time and valuable resources, while sucking up to the enemy by playing the System's games; affecting the posture of "rebellious radicalism, albeit shackled with the mental fetters of Democracy's notions of 'respectability' and 'moderation '.." "the political party can do nothing other than present a feeble spectacle of the tail wagging the dog".7 - while the situation for Whites worsens and worsens day by day.
    The System must be destroyed; not buoyed up further by a party, however well-meaning, when the present order is floundering to keep its head above water. When the vanguard can anticipate its gasping for breath for the final time, and has premeditated itself competently, then the time is to place one foot on the head of the drowning man, and keep it there; not offer a helping hand. The reality of power-seeking means achieving it by whatever means are necessary, with or without "majority" sanction, which the purely party political congeries have not discerned.
"The System is vulnerable throughout to disruptive attacks aimed at powerfully promoting its natural tendency to breakdown which alone is the situation in which an actua} seizure of power can take place. We have with ruthless logic to accept that only through a breakdown can there be a breakthrough for us. Accordingly, we have to concentrate on bringing it about in every possible way, consistent with the core of our ideology. " 8
    A truly elite National Socialist Movement, and not one that calls for a predestine guarantee of success now, ready to serve the moment and not the future, is one that has understood National Socialism in the first place. There are others, perhaps worse than those who have not understood the beginnings that Germany was, who have confined National Socialism to a mental museum whereby the Reich of the 1930s is the be all and end all of the racial Yolk state. National Socialism may "not have been for export" but to restrict the entire doctrine to one people, one nation, and one time is also a dismaying distortion of the true, life-wide nature of National Socialism.
    A truly elite National Socialist Movement can be if only the pan-Aryanism of the Great Seers of our time is espoused in favour of the insular nationalism that has afflicted Aryans since the catastrophe of 1945. If we can not, or refuse to, adopt an all-inclusive pan-Aryanism then we ourselves may contribute to the next monstrous catastrophe; furthermore, we can contend no more than that we deserved it.
    If the whole of the Aryan Folk is not served as one undivided whole, but instead we honour the idiocy-soaked vagary that geographical boundary is more meaningful than the life-blood itself of the whole Folk, an Aryan international racialism, we are no more than the traitors who have taken the pay of the enemy.
    "Let the cry now go forth loud and clear that we National Socialists are not nationalists, not right-wing patriots, not conservative reformers, but revolutionary racialists summoning the white people's of the world to unite for survival and supremacy! Only with a world creed as wide as the whole race, and as wide as the whole of life, can we match our world enemies and thus have the chance to attain full power, and in the world of tomorrow the only full power is world power. Only National Socialist world power will suffice. Either we and our ideas or our enemies and theirs will dominate the globe." 9
There is no such thing as "contemporary National Socialism"; either it is National Socialism, and it is; or it isn't, and it is not National Socialism. It is either victory or defeat.

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