Blood & Honour is a world-wide pan Aryan organization dedicated to the struggle for survival and prosperity of the White Race. Since the Martyr's death of its founder, Ian Stuart Donaldson, the Movement has experienced a period of turmoil and turbulence. Profiteers and pop stars have - unsuccessfully - tried to abuse B&H for their own selfish puposes. ZOG has geared up the campaign of oppression and the media has constantly smeared the national revolutionary forces. Members and supporters all over the White world have often been misinformed through infiltrators or left on their own due to the problems of the main organization.

As this book goes to the printers, most of the organizational troubles have luckily been resolved. But there still exist wounds that must be healed and directions that need to be pointed out. Here Max Hammer, a veteran of the White Power movement, gives the national revolutionaries a clear picture of the goals, tactics and strategies of the Blood & Honour.

He shows us the possibility of Victory through the principles of Faith & Fury, Comradeship & Loyalty and Brains & Bravery.

Blood & Honour - The Way Forward is a book which will mentally prepare the Movement for the next century - the Millenium of total White Power.


Chapter 1: Farewell To The Arguments

Chapter 2: A Movement of Political Soldiers

Chapter 3: Inter-National White Resistance

Chapter 4: Blood & Honour World-Wide

Chapter 5: The Way Forward

Chapter 6: Combat 18

Chapter 7: Victory - How Are The Odds?

Chapter 8: Final Words And The Start Of Action