The Turner Diaries


What will you do when they take away your rights?

  Earl Turner and his fellow patriots face this question and are forced underground when the U.S. government bans the private possession of firearms and stages mass Gun Raids to round up suspected gun owners.

  The hated Equality Police begin hunting them down, but the patriots fight back with a campaign of sabotage and assassination. An all-out race war occurs as the struggle escalates. Turner and his comrades suffer terribly, but their ingenuity and boldness in devising and executing new methods of guerrilla warfare lead to a victory of cataclysmic intensity and worldwide scope.


  The FBI has labelled The Turner Diaries "the bible of the racist right" but at least under the U.S. Constitution you have the right to freely purchase and read this book there. Anyone found distributing the Turner Diaries in the United Kingdom (and most other European countries) will be arrested, charged and most probably face a lengthy prison sentence under the Jew-devised 'Race Relations' and 'Public Order' acts: tyrannical laws that deny us as Whites the right to criticise State-enforced race-mixing, multi-racialism and even immigration!

The Turner Diaries is the most controversial book in the Western World today and it's a book unlike any you will have read before!


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