(The Swastika)

By Rich F. 1/1/2003

"It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will
rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right."
Adolf Hitler

What is it about the Swastika? What is it about that hooked cross that thrills me to the very core of my being and makes my blood race through my veins ever faster, without fail, every time I gaze upon it? Many are the times I try to figure it out, many are the times I just let it sink in, many are the times I sit back and enjoy the impact of our Symbol.

When I was growing up in the 1960's we would get together after school and play "Combat", back when that TV series was popular. And don't forget "Rat Patrol." (Of course Dietrich was my favorite character in that series.)
Before all of the politically correct tyranny of the present era you could get complete play uniforms and fake, but fully realistic, plastic .45's in any toy store and we had a great time. I never played the American, always the German. I would draw German tanks in battle on my brown paper schoolbook covers and they always won the day. I would doodle Swastikas on my book jackets. The spell of Adolf Hitler and the Swastika had me fascinated even then. And it has never let go.

When I was older I grabbed every Third Reich related book I could find; my mom found them and .....threw them out! Anti-German hysteria was in full swing in our house, my parents having lived through the second Zionist war. Of course this incident increased my fascination with National Socialism exponentially. What is prohibited you crave more. Most of those books were written by the victors anyway so no great loss.

Call it what you want - Swastika, Hakenkreuz, Gammadion, Fylfot. It thrills me no end. It makes my heart pound. It makes my blood race. It pulls me in like a tractor beam. It brings visions of the past I would have preferred to live in (1933-39) before the second fratricidal war was forced upon a society-an innocent and progressive Aryan society-that actually worked. A society with an incorruptible Leader, the only Leader that the Aryan race ever had. A society free of the unworkable debt-money system and decades ahead of the rest of the world in medical and technical advances.

As I gaze upon the Swastika, I meditate on what a modern National Socialist society would be like. Diseases cured. No more cancer. No 'fast food' diets. Torture of animals and vivisection outlawed and punishable with severe penalties. (1)
No unrepairable, corrupt medical insurance industry. Free medical care. An end to welfare handouts. No non-White invasion of our once proud country. Unimaginable scientific advances and a real 21st century space program as envisioned in science fiction. No MTV. No rap. No crime. Beautiful, clean, safe, cultured cities. Work-my work!-seen as an honored thing instead of my being punished for working because my salary pays for Black Mama squirting out crack babies. Affordable home ownership for all. Ursury outlawed. (2)
An end to anti-White, racist affirmative action. No Jew banks and no Jew department stores selling junk that no one needs. Just imagine, Fifth Ave. in New York festooned with Swastika banners without Jewish influence. I love it! Places like New York and Washington restored to glory and free from the sewer-hell known as "diversity." An end to corrupt politicians. Non-whites relocated offshore, leaving the Aryan state in peace to live on its own and other races to live as they please. No HUD. No non-White housing projects. Sexual perversion outlawed. (Read: queers) The most powerful, masculine, de-feminized, technically advanced military in the world. Senior citizens honored and guaranteed care instead of being thrown away by the system because they can't be "ecomomic units of production." Top-notch education for all in clean, safe, and well maintained all-White schools. No school shootings. The end of the new tyranny-"political correctness." NO JEWS!

When I drive down the streets of local town and cities, I imagine Swastika banners flying from the buildings like Nuremburg in the 1930's. I envision a huge Swastika banner on the front of our building at work and a Swastika and eagle over the entrance flanked by beautiful nude sculptures on either side of the door. In my mind's eye I see an Aryan State advocate that would end the double standards at work and ensure everyone was treated equally, male and female. (3)

There's your equality, folks-women held in a place of high honor and emasculation of men ended once and for all.

When I see the Hakenkreuz, I see a restored, accessible, affordable and safe (read: all White run by Whites) public transportation system available to everyone and free of the competition of motor vehicles, working intermodally with, instead of against, the motor vehicle. I can see the end of "big oil" paying inventors to not produce internal-combustion alternatives. The Swastika lets me imagine that the new power plant would end dependence on petroleum, due to the technical advances put forth via National Socialism and the outlawing of corporate games, monopolies and strangleholds.

The Train Trip

I imagine that in a future National Socialist State I am going to take a train trip. I already have my ticket, thanks to the Internet, cheap and reasonable high speed online access available to all. I do not have to worry about leaving my house empty. Why should I? Due to the deportation of the non-White population, crime is almost nonexistent and I can completely trust my neighbors, knowing how we all look out for each other.

I get in my car-a turbine-electric hybrid-and head to the railroad station. It is a cold morning; I get instant heat. I turn on the news, which I do not dread because it is not depressing and the A.M. "National Socialist Science and Technical" segment always has some new breakthrough to announce. "....Today on our Mars base it has been announced that a process has almost been perfected that will make nuclear waste safe and neutralized. Safe atomic energy will become a reality...."

I get to the city-plenty of parking available because the congoid projects, crack houses and perverted XXX theaters have been razed to make room for the fabulous new train station-the State is proud of its transportation system, which it considers the standard by which all others are measured. I can leave the car without worry for as long as I need to-parking security staff are all young White men and women screened by the State, working their mandatory one year stint in the Labor Service. I walk toward the majestic building-enormous Swastika banners adorn the walls and two Arno Breker reproductions flank the entrance hall. More sculptures of various transportation people at work stand along the main hall-work is an honor under National Socialism, not something to be damned and debased. A reproduction of "Die Woge" (The Wave) by Fritz Klimsch rests in the center of the concourse. Aryans are not ashamed of nudity because raunchy, degenerate perversion was outlawed long ago. The whole complex is gleaming and spotless. Triple Swastika banners hang on one wall at one end of the concourse. Rail travel has made a huge comeback under the Aryan state and it is wildly popular.

No lines, no waiting-the State has made sure there is enough staff to handle the crowds. A Labor Service redcap hand-carries my baggage as I scan my ticket through the reader and I'm through the gate, just like that. My ticket tells me exactly which track I have to go to. I step on board the train-luxurious in the true sense of the word. Deep plush carpeting, really comfortable seating with soft toned fabric covers the extra-wide coach seat. No leather anywhere because animal exploitation has been axed. I settle in for the trip to Washington. No Top 40 crap or degeneracy here-soft classical music is playing in the background. The pretty blonde conductress scans my ticket one last time with a hand held computer.

The gleaming stainless steel train, pulled by the latest in high-tech, energy-efficient electric locomotives, glides out of the station and hits the main line. I head to the diner for breakfast-full diners are on every long distance train and not just "food bar" cars. No plastic or fast food atmosphere here! Beautiful mahogany decor, white tablecloths, fine dinnerware and silver. Soft classical music and attentive waiters serving my vegetarian breakfast. We hit the countryside. I head back to my seat; on the way I check the interactive computer screen in the lounge that tells me our ETA, weather at my destination, offers reservations for transportation to my hotel, and has a speed recorder that reads out our speed for passenger's entertainment. With the well-maintained trackage-the best in the world-the ride is silky smooth. I look at the speed recorder; we are doing 175 MPH creeping up to 180. I settle in my seat and fall fast asleep.

Ah, a wonderful dream! And the sight of the Swastika inspires me, fires me and lets me dream about these things. And yes, I enjoy it.

But the Swastika also sobers me, making me realize our responsibility, our mission, to get off our soft, fat slug white arses and PARTICIPATE, to do whatever we can individually to save our race and culture NOW. The bravest laid down their very lives, like the Führer, Randy Weaver, Robert Matthews and George Lincoln Rockwell. For others the migration to the Northwest is viable and personally I see that as the best plan so far. For some of us that is not possible right now, financially, familywise or whatever.
(Unfortunately I am in that position-paycheck to paycheck.) For others, dissemination of worthy information, not just news clippings, on the Internet is the way to go. (Thank God for those that do put up quality sites and information-that is how I got my (re)awakening call in 1999.) And for all of us, to read and study National Socialist ideology, which is everything. Without that there is no foundation at all and you fall. We should all be reading Hitler, Rockwell, Rosenberg, Goebbels and Covington.

But meditating on the Swastika also saddens me. When I read about the end or watch a documentary and see our Society getting destroyed in 1945 I grieve. Oh, what could have been! What saddens me more is seeing various present day Movement leaders and personalities at war with each other, wasting valuable time and energy smearing each other-White against White. Last time I checked, we were supposed to be working with, not against, each other. (The present campaign against Harold Covington immediately comes to mind.) The Fuhrer is probably laughing his arse off, Rockwell must be turning over in his grave, and ZOG and the Jews must have ear-to-ear grins because this is right where they want us. Enough said.

So the Swastika means many things to me but most of all it inspires me, gives me hope, it will never go away and it stirs my ancient Aryan genes to the core.

I think the best way to end is to quote Savitri Devi from "Gold in the Furnace:"

Men and women of Germany:

In the midst of untold hardships and suffering, hold fast to our glorious National Socialist faith, and resist! Defy our persecutors! Defy the people, defy the forces that are working to "de-nazify" the German nation and the world at large!

Nothing can destroy that which is built in truth. We are the pure gold put to test in the furnace, Let the furnace blaze and roar! Nothing can destroy us. One day we shall rise and triumph again. Hope and wait! Heil Hitler!


On the "socialism" suffix

Finally, let's deal with the "socialism" objection, which as I've said we don't get too much any more, but it still crops up on occasion.

Those who object to that term are demonstrating that they don't really know what socialism means; they are committing the common mistake of confusing socialism with MARXISM or Communism. Marxism is essentially Jewish materialism imposed by armed force as opposed to capitalism, which is Jewish materialism imposed with dollar bills.

Ours is TRUE socialism, by which we mean SOCIAL DUTY, the concept that no man is an island, that when one's neighbor's house is on fire one helps put out the blaze, that when Aryan children or elderly people are hungry we clothe and feed and shelter them. In the past every Folkish community practiced this kind of socialism, and they did it without mass murder, without confiscating private property or locking people up in barbed wire GULAGS. George Bernard Shaw once wrote that society deserves equal protection from the burglar and from the banker. That's our socialism.

--- Harold Covington

For the Parasites:

"Anyone who can walk to the welfare office can walk to work."
Al Capone

(1) from essay "The Spiritual Struggle of National Socialism: The Battle
Against Vivisection"

(2) The 25 Points of the NSDAP, Read it all.

(3) Leon DeGrelle, "Hitler's Social Revolution"