Here in England we have upon us the first Holocaust Memorial Day.

Why is the Holocaust myth so important to ZOG? Why are we told that me must 'never forget'? Why is Jewish suffering presented as being more unique and terrible than the suffering of any other people?

The answer is simple.

The Holohoax has become the most effective propaganda tool of World Jewry. It provides the Jew with a stick to beat the Goyim into submission with. It legitimises the bandit state of Israel and places the Jew on a moral pedestal so that no matter what crimes he may commit his position is unassailable.

The Holohoax is also a huge moneymaking enterprise, an endless gravy train of "reparations" and Government grants to museums, foundations and 'tolerance' centres.

In an increasing number of European countries debate about the historical facts of the Holohoax has been criminalised - and this is a pointer to how important the myth is to ZOG. Without it the whole rotten pack of cards would collapse within seconds.

IIt would be impossible for us due to time and space constraints to present a comprehensive debunking of the Holohoax here so we urge the reader to do his own research. Here are some questions you might like to explore :-

Why,when the number of detainees who died at Auschwitz was cut from 4 million to 1.5 million by the camp museum researchers, was the total of 6 million not reduced accordingly? Where did the the extra 2.5 million dead Jews come from to keep the magic number at 6 million?




HOLOHOAX MATHEMATICS :- 6,000,000 - 2,500,000 = 6,000,000


Why do the Jews own figures for their total European population pre and post Holohoax not show a fall in numbers ?

How can the 'confessions' from the Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal be regarded as authentic when according to Allied doctors who examined the German prisoners many of them had been tortured ?

How can confessions which state that Jews were variously steamed to death, gassed by non poisonous diesel exhaust fumes,beaten to death by pedal powered clubbing machines, electrocuted 25,000 at a time on giant metal plates and vaporised by a 'death ray' be regarded as evidence?

Why is the confession of the Auschwitz camp commandant written in English, a language he did not understand, and why are the pages spattered with blood?

How could the Germans have gassed one million jews at Auschwitz in 'chambers' which could never have functioned? Why would these chambers be designed so that they would have discharged highly explosive and toxic Hydrocyanic gas right under the naked flames of the camp crematoria and next to the commandants quarters? Did the Germans wish to poison themselves and blow the entire camp apart?

Why did the Simon Wiesenthal Centre exhibit a photograph on its website showing smoke coming from a 'crematorium' which was in fact airbrushed on and was coming not from a chimney but a fence post?

Why do 'survivors' claim to have seen smoke and flames and ashes issuing from crematorium chimneys night and day when reconnaissance photos show no smoke at all and the blueprints of the crematoria show that the chimneys were fitted with flame and smoke traps?

'Eyewitness' drawing of the impossible chimneys at Auschwitz

If there was a Concentration Camp at Treblinka where 850,000 Jews were killed then why does it not appear on wartime recconaissance photos - and why has a ground penetrating radar survey of the site revealed no foundations, no evidence of buildings and no bodies?

How did the Germans dispose of 1.1 million corpses at Auschwitz? The crematoria did not have anything like the capacity to dispose of this number.The alternative story of burning bodies in pits would have required so much petrol that the entire German war effort would have been paralysed. So how WERE the bodies disposed of?

Here is what happens when you dig a pit at Auschwitz, where the water table is only inches under the soil, how many bodies do you think could be burned in this pit?

How can 'eyewitness' tales of Jewish prisoners working as 'Sonderkommando' dragging bodies from the 'gas chambers' be true ? None of these stories mention gas masks and some even say the Sonderkommando were smoking cigarettes IN A CHAMBER FULL OF EXPLOSIVE POISONOUS GAS.

An 'eyewitness' drawing of a Jewish Sonderkommando and a German guard, both immune to Zyklon-B !

Why are so many 'survivors' tales, kept in museum archives, unavailable for public view?

If it is true that the Germans lined tens of thousands of Jews against what is called the 'shooting wall' at Auschwitz and blew their brains out then why can you visit this wall today and see for yourself that there are no bullet holes in it?

Sure the Jews were singled out to be removed from German life and deported, and sure, some of them died from disease and starvation when Allied bombing had wrecked Germany's infrastructure, but that does not constitute a crime - the JEW declared war first!