10th August 2002
After a three months break, a concert has been held in Belgrade again, which is certainly the best NS concert ever held in Serbia. Belgrade BLOOD & HONOUR UNIT had organized this great NS manifestation, which has created an excellent atmosphere, where approximately 110 comrades have attended coming from 15 cities throught Serbia, as well as brothers from Republic of Srpska Ė which have arrived in the greatest number ever. We also have to mention the presence of the brothers from B&H Bulgaria, Slovakia as well as English veterans.

The opening of the concert began with a short speech made by the host from the B&H security who presented this grand event in Ian Stuartís honour. After that our friend from England held a speech thanking the people who were on the concert in Ian's honour. He also talked about the Muslim invasion in England and Serbia as a great threat, the IRA terrorist group, as well as words to support  Radovan Karadzic, and Serbia against NATO/ZIONIST occupation, and all of this was accepted with applause and delight of all the present. He also greeted the brothers from B&H/C-18 England.

The first to come in front of the audience were "BATTLE FLAG" from Nis which performed, besides their own songs (old and new), others which included songs by "Skrewdriver", "Public enemy", etc. It was surely their best performance so far. 

The next to perform were the Belgrade's band"Trijumf Volje" which, besides their own ,performed old songs from "Drzavni udar", "Skrewdriver" and "No remorse". Towards the end of their excellent performance the police arrived, and after B&H security explained that this was private party closed for the public, the police left. "Trijumf volje" continued with their performance while the words "ACAB, ACAB!" echoed through the hall-room.

Finally, the old singer of " Providence" sang their old song "Radovan Karadzic" in support of B&H to  this Serbian hero, which was loudly accepted by everyone present.

Before midnight B&H legends "Razors Edge" from England were helped out by the guitarist and bassist from Novi Sad band "Razor 88", who entered the stage along with them. Well tuned, after  couple of songs, it was a few minutes past midnight when Andy announced three minutes of silence in Ian Stuart's honour. In silence, the honour was given to the founder and leader of B&H movement. After that, "Razors edge" continued their performance while the public burned the flag of Israel and shouted: "Smash the ZOG!"

After a few "Skrewdriver" number-songs, and a wild performance, they played for a second time the C-18 anthem "Whatever it takes". It was a first-class performance, even though their original guitarist and bassist from Germany were not able to attend. When the guys from "Razor 88" wanted to play 3-4 more songs by "Skrewdriver", beginning with the first song, 25-30 numbers of the special forces ZOG police,appeared with automatic weapons (with infra-red light), rays and pointed them at everyone present. This meant the end of this ,anyway a successful concert, where the police treated everyone as terrorist, which is the proof of absence of freedom of speech concerning racial nationalism. This  is another fact that dictatorship rules in Serbia and that demo(no)cracy is just a farce, and the weapon of Zionist occupations for creating their goal-multiracial chaos and destroying the national and racial identity.

However we shall continue to fight for our rights and the ARYAN survival!

Death to ZOG
B&H, 88!