The Blood and Honour movement celebrated this summer 13 years of existence and activism. After all these years of the oppression of the Zionist system towards Serbian National-Socialists, the battle for the existence of our race and nation takes place on all fronts. Our Brothers and Sisters, as longtime comrades, organized a closed circle National-Socialist gathering with educational speeches given by Serbian speakers as well as brother who came as a guest from Russia. We give you the speeches of our Serbian and Russian speaker, while the third was a polemic about future tactics of our NS movement. We salute all comrades that were present that great day for our movement and we thank everyone for their highend discipline and organization that only reflects real NS political soldiers.


National Formation in Gazimestan

28th June 2008. On Vidovdan, in the monastery Gračanica in Gazimestan, the National Formation marked the 619 years since the Battle of Kosovo in honour of prince Lazar and Miloš Obilić and all other fallen Serbian Martyrs, where there were gathered several thousand patriots.

We will never forget our Serbian heroes that gave their lives for our future. Hail !!

       8th June 2008. Although there was a strong police presence, the gathering of anarchists and faggots on the 6th and 7th of June in the Cultural Centre of Petrovgrad was constantly sabotaged. National Revolutionaries attacked the scum before, during and after the gathering, and on the second day the gathering was stopped because of a anonymous tip off of a planted bomb. The gathering of these sicko’s, masked as so called antifascists, was poorly visited as was confirmed by one of the organizers Milan Čergđžin: “This confirms the fact that 90% of the people here are people from abroad. The Zrenjanin people didn’t come because of the threats from the neonazi’s…The people here have come from Georgia, from Canada and it wasn’t a problem for them to come, but for the Zrenjanin people it is”.

The Serbian youth showed that there is no mercy towards the enemies of Serbianhood – Anti-antifa Serbia ! SERBIA FOR SERBS !

April 2008. The first independent issue of Combat 18 Serbia magazine “Obnova” (The Revival). A variety of political texts for education purposes and revolutionary character building, important for all NS activists. Get it through your local distributor.

Memorial Gathering in Belgrade dedicated to Serbian victims of NATO aggression of 1999

       24th March 2008. Despite the ban of the Serbian zionist occupied government, the Memorial Gathering was held in Belgrade. Threats, scare tactics and repression of the demo(n)cratic system didn’t prevent the National Formation from holding the gathering to commemorate the Serbian victims of the NATO aggression of 1999. About 100 National Revolutionaries attended the service dedicated to murdered Serbians. After that there was a gathering where Goran Davidović, Aleksandar Nogo and Vladimir Maksimović gave speeches. The City Centre of Belgrade, where the gathering should have been held, was under heavy police siege, as well as the rest of the city and especially all paths leading towards the American Embassy. The repression that the occupiers of Serbia practice towards Serbian Patriots, shows that in our country its illegal to be Serbian, that there is no freedom of speech, thought and association for those who love their country and people. That’s why in the name of Free Serbia we call upon all Serbian patriots to stand in the way of tyranny and bring back Serbia to the Serbs ! Hail to all victims of NATO terror !


The National Formation cell founded in Serbian Kosovo and Metohija, Kosovska Mitrovica

March 2008. National Formation Activists for Serbian Kosovo and Metohija




21st February 2008. The “Kosovo Is Serbia” protest took place in Belgrade where there were 500.000 people present. Serbian Patriots set alight and demolished the American Embassy. The Embassies of Croatia, Belgium, Germany and Holland and all others countries that recognized Kosovo and Metohija as an independent country were also attacked.

MacDonald’s was also set on fire and there were clashes with police at Soros’s traitorous television station B92. There were 200 people arrested and around 50 policemen were injured as well as more than 100 Serbian Patriots and Nationalists.

Serbian B&H/C18 video clips you can watch download for free from: