Blood & Honour - Romandie
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Dec. 2001 / # 9

Blood - Soil - Honour - Loyalty 
Cattle die, kinsmen die, oneself dies the same.
I know one thing only which never dies:
The Honour of thy name


Here we go again, after 4 months without any news from B&H-Romandie, some of you might have thought that we stopped our activities but NO, weíre back, to ZOGís great disappointment ! In fact, good old Edelweiss had some personal problems and a *@#§5¢´´ ! internet connexion which he just couldnít get working again ; anyway, now everythingís back to normal and we hope all you are OK too and still fighting for Race & Nation !

We all have seen ZOG showing itís ugly mug with the recent and ongoing war against Afghanistan. Of course the J.S.A., pardon me U.S.A. and its arse-licking allies have to show the « liberal » world how they deal with all opponents to their new world order and thus donít hesitate killing all those who dare to say no to them. Now the war isnít even over that the U.S. government is looking for new countries to attack, like Iran, Irak, Libya, Cuba, North Corea, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Indonesia, (the next on the list being most probably Irak). Well, none of those countries is home to Aryans but I  take my hat off to them, and give them all my respect for being « rebels » or at least for having enough « rebel citizens » who still dare to question the Novus Ordum Seclorum.

The sad part in this is that most whites are glad about the so-called « revenge » (a good way of gaining access to 25% of our planetís oil ! ) and what really makes me angry are the f*****g « stars & stripes » banners which have been raised everywhere, even in my own village ; no one gave a damn about Serbia, no one gives a damn about Irakian children dying of famine because of the U.N.ís embargo but all are manipulated to cry for some U.S. citizens they donít even know. The point is not that I think what happened is funny, and I sincerely regret the death of many innocent people BUT this is war, a war against ZOG and those muslim warriors (in case it wasnít the CIA itself which blew up the towers) killed members of an enemy nation of theirs, just like the U.S. Army kills Afghan citizens, killed innocebt people in Hiroshima, killed German civilians during WW II, killed Vietnamese peopleÖ This shows the power of the media : describe the act of destroying 2 towers as a barbarious and inhuman act, show photos of crying people and the whole (white) world will shed some tears and call for revenge; call the terrible war against Serbia an act of restoring law and order, occult most possible photos, and the whole (white) world will cheer the U.N., U.S. and European murderers.

Anyway, this just shows how important it is to think for yourself, not to let you guide by any media, by any spin-doctors and to always stay true to what your Aryan soul dictates you to be truth.

In this sense, keep critical, question power and authority and above all, stay rebel !

Edelweiss B&H-R


Notre nouveau magazine, díun style plus sobre que notre numéro 1, mais au contenu plus étoffé, sera disponible en janvier 2002 ; dorénavant, nous publierons 4 numéros par année et líabonnement est au prix de CHF 25.-- / FRF 100.--/DEM 30.- (port compris). Vous pouvez vous abonner ou commander un exemplaire en envoyant la somme indiquée (en liquide) ainsi que votre adresse, de préférence par lettre recommandée, à líadresse de B&H-R que vous trouverez dans líen-tête de cette feuille díinfo.

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Our new mag (french only), in a more sober style than our #1, but with more content, will be available in January 2002 ; from now on, we shall publish 4 magazines per year and the subscription rate is of CHF 25.-- / FRF 100.--/DEM 30.- (postage included). You can order one copy or subscribe, by sending the amount (cash) and your address, if possible in a registered letter, to B&H-Rís address which youíll find at the bottom of this info-sheet.
Swiss News

We would like to make it known that due to some problems (not personal ones but on an organisational level), we donít have any contacts any more with the Swiss organisation Allobroges Klan, which we used to support. People contacting them should do so with precaution.

« Swiss » ZOG is busy as ever and just recently our comrades of the revisionist asociation Verité & Justice (Truth & Justice), have seen their P .O. Box closed down and their bank account « frozen ». All the money is confiscated and given to the authorities ! The leaders of V&J will have to go to court in 2002 for an affair which has already started in 2000. We of B&H-R express our respect to the will and courage of those men and also our anger at ZOGís new attacks on free-speech and historical research. A special greeting to V&Jís president in exile, Mr. Jürgen Graf.

On December 23rd 2001, the völkisch and cultural organisation Avalon, organises a Solstice celebration, those interested should write to (site : .

October 23rd 2001 saw the death of a great man : Mr Walther Georg Stoll, a Swiss SS volunteer of th 9th Waffen-SS Panzerdivision « Hohenstaufen » ; he truly was an example to many young men, as he still made week-long bicycle tours at more than 70 years old, was politically active, writing and giving lectures and conferences. May many comrades follow this great mans example and stay true to the Cause until the end. Walther Georg Stoll : Seine Ehre hiess Treue !

Swiss NS militant and revisionist Mr Gaston-Armand Amaudruz who deserves all our respect for his long dedication to our Cause still publishes his simple but very interesting bulletin « Le Courrier du Continent » (since 1972 !) despite having to go to jail at age 80 ! If you speak french, support him by subscribing to his newsletter for CHF 40.-/DEM 55.--/ FRF 185.- (1 year, postage included) at the following address : G.-A. Amaudruz, Case Ville 2428, CH-Lausanne (in case you donít want to send the money by post, you can pay to the following post-account : CCP 10-20614-1, Courrier du Continent, CH-Lausanne)

News, Views & Events

Note : As this is an international B&H newsletter, there is not much reason to list all gigs and events going on in our region, youíd better rely on your local zines for that, but some events or news still deserve a mention so read on and spread the infos.

The French völkisch organisation Terre & Peuple has issued two new books, one called « Païens ! » (FRF 85.- or Euro 12.96 ), consisting of 13 texts of great authors like Robert Dun, Jean Mabire, Pierre VialÖ about our Pagan creed and way of life, and the other one being a song-book (FRF 75.-or Euro 11.43) with 100 texts of traditional celebration, march and heathen songs ; you can order both books together for the special price of FRF 150.- or Euro 22.87, or separately at : Les Editions de la Forêt, F-69380 St-Jean-des-Vignes

Musique & Tradition have sent us their latest distribution list, full of RAC, folk and NS-black metal CDís, vynils and tapes at very nice prices. Ask them for a list at : M&T, BP 2022, F-69227 Lyon cedex 02 or e-mail :

Important notice to all B&H sections and supporters : most of you will by now have heard about a boycott allegedly imposed by B&H-UK on record distributors, mainly on U.S. Resistance magazine and CDís, asking them to refuse to sell material and to promote bands like Razors Edge, Youngland, Providenje, Hate Society, Chaos 88, Blue Eyed Devils, Kraftschlag, Weisse Wölfe, Blackshirts and many more,  who are (truly or wrongly) said to support B&H/C18.

Now, really concerned about this rumour, we immediately wrote to both Resistance and B&H-UK ; Resistance magazine editor Erich Gliebe answered that they didnít intend boycotting ANY band or active NS organisation and a similar answer reached us from the Resistance CD department, stating that no boycott whatsoever was going to take place. Unfortunately B&H-UK didnít answer us. Now, B&H-Romandie is a neutral section (true to the Swiss spirit) and we donít care whether youíre a anti-C18 B&H section or a pro C18 B&H section, as long as you are active and working in a positive way in order to spread our belief and ideology. We ask all of you not to get caught in a new quarrel ; stay critical and think before you spread any rumour or gossip and donít get involved in unnecessary trouble. We donít know whatís true here, but we sure know that ZOG loves inducing internal fights and we all have better to do than to fight amongst ourselves.

Some proud white girls from Serbia recently contacted us to inform us about the creation of their site, which is great, with history and explanations about Slav mythology as well as photoís of kids (send yours too !) and Aryan women ; check it out at :

Blood & Honour-Spain invite you to their next gig on January 26th - 27th, for the 2º aniversary of their division.  Activities will be held on Saturday and on Sunday, with the gig and sports, in a camping near Madrid. They donít know exactly which bands will play but you can require further information at : They also need to know approx. how many comrades will be present, so please inform them a.s.a.p. Last but not least, it is important to mention that a part of the funds raised with this event will go to the members of well-known german band Landser, who, to say the least, have some trouble with ZOG at the time. A nice touch of european brotherhood.

Our comrades of B&H-Flanders (Belgium) have a new e-mail address :  as well as a brand new site : 

The Imperial Klan of America has sent us the following message :  Please stop by and view our new IKA web site :  (IKA  PO Box 271 Rainelle WV 25962) ; thereís not much too see, but weíre told itís in progressÖ

On May 18th  2002, thereís a gig planned in France, with the best french bands of the moment : Durandal, Celtic Cross, Bagadou Stourm, Panzerjäger, Fraction, with Trouble Makers being the only foreign band (Canada / Québec) ; the price will be Euro 35.-and you can enquire at or call : ++ 6 / 67 19 38 77

Wotansvolk and 14 Word Press, run by Katja Lane, announce us a change in address ; the new contact now is : 14 WORD PRESS / WOTANSVOLK Post Office Box 6493 Napa, CA 94581 - USA, e_mail : and internet site :  Check it out as theyíve got some really inspiring litterature and theyíre a true asset to our Cause.

B&H-Breiz band Bagadou Stourm recently changed their e-mail address, the new one is :

B&H-Romandie wish you a happy Solstice and a happy New Year! For 2002, letís all make the decision to be better fighters for Race & Nation, to be able to call ourselves proud Aryans and to spend a few minutes each day for a militant action as even talking in an intelligent way to a friend, a relative or a neighbour, explaining our point of view, is an action which can bear many fruits.

2002 = Year of NS activism !

Aryan brothers and sisters united in a holy battle against ZOG !

White Power - White Pride - White Unity

B&H-R, Case postale 1, CH-1110 Morges 1


If youíd like to use this newsletter as a platform for your news, be they political, cultural or just your own personal views and information , to be shared between international B&H sections, feel free to do so. Of course, we cannot print and send out a newsletter just because someone dropped us a line and we will have to wait to gain a certain amount of information before issuing no. 10. If you intend sending info, send it  by snail-mail or by e-mail (see 1st page) but we wonít print gossips or personal attacks against people without proof.
Copying and distributing this newsletter  is of course allowed, without altering its content.