Propaganda and the Third Reich
By Lilith88

The Third Reich is considered as the bleakest period of Europe's history. Most people, when hearing the name Adolf Hitler, think of an abject monster that was swimming in humanity's blood.

Schutzstaffel is a synonym of barbarism, Gestapo one of terror and there does not exist any word dreadful enough to describe the concentration and extermination camps. The glory of National Socialist Germany is broken down and those that are still following it are hated. Little children are learning at school how to hate Hitler and few of those are reading between the lines and are able to see his glory. And why? Why all this hate, why this general feeling of terror in front of "Nazi Germany" and National Socialism?

Because of propaganda...

At the end of the Second World War, the Allies discovered the concentration camps. What a fine subject for propaganda! Immediately, the information started to spread in all countries. The number of Jews that were "dreadfully mistreated and exterminated" was published, commentated, and even nowadays is monopolizing history books at school. The genocide is condemned and widely described. All this is done to make the Third Reich be regarded as a hateful bloodbath. And all this propaganda is making this time of history being hated by a large majority of earth's population. And thus, they are forgetting the glory of the Hitlerian government.

What is forgotten is the fact that Adolf Hitler was a visionary. A great Man that had seen the danger represented by Jews. He had foreseen the decadence of the West and of the Aryan nations through their mixing with the other human races and their cultures. Aryans, which have all the same type of culture, are nowadays the leaders of the world. They have the best medicine, they are the most advanced in the scientific field, and they are the power of the world. But this power is undermined from inside by the minorities that belong to other races and that are always trying to win some influence.

But the greatest danger is the plague that is the Jews. These subhumans are poisoning each government, disclosing their propaganda little by little, without any trouble, without being stopped. They are infiltrated in many of the key posts of each nation. This race hasn't any own culture, has no history apart of the Old Testament, which can't be looked at as a history in itself but only as a book with no value and no justification. So they are acting as parasites, sucking the blood of Aryan race, trying to make it collapse. They are pirating the culture of each country they are living in, learning its language and then calling themselves natives of that country. They reach different levels of power and then they can use their propaganda. They are presenting themselves as martyrs, and so the Second World War is an useful pretext. But isn't it told in the Bible that the Jews had to kill all that were not of their religion? They are presenting themselves as members of a religion, but if they were, they would have noticed that they are told to do to others the same thing they are reproaching the others to have done to them.

Isn't it said in the Old Testament: "If your brother, son of your mother, or your son, or your daughter, or the woman of your heart, or your friend, that is to you as your own spirit, encourage you in secret, saying: Let's go and serve other gods, gods that you haven't known, neither you, nor your forefathers, (…) you won't listen to him; and your eye won't spare you, and you won't take pity on him, and you won't hide him; but you will kill him certainly: your hand will be the first against him to put him to death, and the hand of the people after (…)" (Deuteronomy 13, 6-11).

How can they dare to criticize the politics of the Third Reich when they have these words in the book that is supposed to be their reference? Isn't it the proof that they are not representing a religion but literally a race? They're saying they are a religious community, but they don't know the commands of their own religion or they would remain quiet and not flaunt it! They are calling us racists, but they consider themselves as the elected race - The "Chosen People" - the only race that should survive, the race that is above all the others. And to succeed in their domination, they are acting as vampires of other cultures, widely using propaganda. When one of them is attacked, the whole race rebels against the "injustice" and protests that it is pure anti-Semitism. They're thinking that they can do whatever they like because they are Jews. All the so-called barbaric and unjustified "crimes" against them are given an over publicity in the media so the population of the state is standing behind them, saying that Jewry is martyred with no reason and that the Jews would have to be protected. And so their own crimes are concealed and their usurped country is protected by almost all the nations of the world. Nobody's looking at the crimes they're committing in Israel and in all the countries they are poisoning. They are accomplished propagandists, controlling media and politics. So all those that are standing against them are broken down and eliminated. And it is why the Third Reich is so hated.

Jews have used propaganda to instil into the people's thoughts abhorrence of Hitler. They have presented him as a monster and they have hidden his greatness. They have concealed the glory of National Socialism. They can't mislead us who have understood how the Third Reich was magnificent, all those in whose heart Adolf Hitler is living still. His power is forgotten because of this propaganda. His hold on German's hearts and doings is described as a total abjection: a regime of terror, with its bloodthirsty SS, its mortal Gestapo and its detestable informing. Added to it the abjection of extermination camps and genocide, we have the perfect picture of the most hateful time of Europe and of the whole world. The people were hypnotized by Nazi Propaganda and not by the charisma and the wonderful power of our beloved Führer. His personal greatness is obscured. But he is living still in our hearts and it is our duty to rehabilitate him, to pass and to outwit the Jewish propaganda. We must show the rest of the world that Hitler was the greatest Man that was ever on Earth.

And He was! He climbed all the political scale in little time. He fought for his ideas until the end, and he had justified them; and few are the politicians who are able to do it. He fought for the glory of Germany and for the glory of the Aryan race, and he has made them glorious. His empire will last for a thousand years, or more. He was a visionary who had organized his battle for succeeding. And why hasn't he succeeded?

Because the so-called Allies hadn't seen how his opinions were legitimate, because they were blinded by Jews, because the veil of propaganda was obscuring their eyes. But the glory of our Führer was a true and an irrefutable one. He was the hope for mankind, the one who could have saved us all, who could have made the world become healthier. And the Jews don't want to let us make him rise from his ashes because they want our Aryan culture to crumble and because the collapse of the entire civilized World will be beneficial for them. It would serve their design and they would be proud of the fact that they would remain the only "Chosen People". Which culture would they exploit then, that is the question. But our world would have crumble and it's what they really want.

So we must fight against their propaganda and their influence for the great glory of the memory of the Third Reich which has given us our reasons and our strength for fighting. And we will fight against the Jewish plague again and again until we will succeed !

Der Sieg wird unser sein!

Heil Hitler!