Have you ever sat down and thought of our reason for being? Not you as a person - I'm sure your Mum and Dad had some good reasons for bringing you into this world; neither our people or race (if you do not know any reason for their existence and have to sit down and think about one, I suggest you retreat to your sofa and MTV show). No, what I mean is the reason for our existence as an organization, as Blood & Honour generally and Combat 18 particularly.

It should seem like an unnecessary question. Of course we all know what B&H is, what C18 can/should do and why we are in this kind of outfit. Or?

Unfortunately, I feel that the years of feuds within and pressure from outside have made a lot of us forget the basic purpose of our organization. Keeping Blood & Honour alive in a society hell bent on wiping it out, and separate from the loony tuners who constantly try to transform it to a fan club of rock n roll groupies, have not only taken that much of our energy, but also forced us into a bunker mentality where survival of our "side"  has overshadowed the struggle for survival of our people.
It is not meant as a criticism - or self-criticism, for that matter. It is just stating a fact. The battle against the pseudo-political music mediocre was and is necessary. If we are not constantly alert to the dangers threatening the organization as such, we risk losing one of the most important tools in the battle for White survival. The music peddlers´ gain would be the Aryans´ loss.

But this perpetual war against the enemy within can make us lose our sense of direction, apart from draining us of our energy and already limited resources.
The real B&H, as opposed to the wankers´ Bullshit & Dishonour, has won many a battle against the peddling polluters, but always by proving to the White world that we simply were better: more political, more active, more brave. Fancy rhetoric's alone never did the trick. This is not a shouting competition or swearing contest. Actually, the biggest big-mouths are the first to open up to the Zionist delicatessen.

Neither will mayhem and random violence, inspired by 88 bottles of booze and beer do the trick. Hoodlums and thugs are active too. What makes them activists of our kind is the sense of their activities.

I know that many of our veterans have started to feel utter despair (and sometimes disgust) because of some of the attics of the so-called “our” lot. They have withdrawn, but sadly enough not to the drawing board but rather to the warmth and security of their private lives. It is an understandable reaction. But it is also a wrong reaction, as far as B&H´s interests go.
Just as we cannot let the entertainment business soil our scene, we cannot let that scene develop into a freak-show of (at best) miscalculated and (mostly) mindless mischief.

We must realize that we are not in this movement for the movement's sake. Rather the movement is there for our race's sake. It is a tool to benefit the work for the future of our Folk. If that tool gets broken or becomes outdated, then it is time to renew it.

With this renewed/renovated, highly operative and efficient tool we shall build our New Order. But doing so, you must also be capable of visualizing this future construction. And not instead spending time bickering with your co-workers or taking an indefinite coffee break from the construction work.

Playing is for kids and plotting is for those who do not have the guts to make an honest confrontation. Planning and performing, however, are the signs of great craftsmanship.