National Socialist world unity is now a viable and attainable goal

Yep, it's such a small and simple word isn't it? Unity. It's something the National Socialist Movement has been striving for since our glorious banner was once again held high by Commander Rockwell and Colin Jordan.  But sad to say its been an uphill fight with all the different personalities and groups fighting for different "power positions"!

Under Rockwell and Jordan we had the first forming of a unified National Socialist fight with the formation of the World Union Of National Socialists (WUNS) in the 1960's.  A formal organization, which brought together NS groups from many countries of the world.  Under the powerful leadership of Commander Rockwell as the sole leader of this organization, he was able to unite the many groups, personalities, etc. and mould them all into a single worldwide National Socialist-working cadre.  It was only when Commander Rockwell was gunned down by a traitor in 1967 that the WUNS started to founder and in the end sunk into oblivion.

Can we do the same thing today?  A formal group like the WUNS I think not. Within our Movement we have again many personalities, groups, parties, organizations in different countries with slightly different objectives because of their "geo- political" situation.

With the advent of the Internet we have a tool which is our best chance yet of uniting all National Socialists the world over.  Not as a formal organization, but as a loose "web".  It is becoming more and more obvious that the NS movement is different to the geo-nationalist groups throughout the world.  These groups are plainly only interested in their own countries and people, hence the term "geo-Nationalists" (Geographical).  On the other side of the coin us National Socialists are not any longer blindfolded with our own country's situation any longer.  Our movement is, being a racial creed, fighting for white kind everywhere in the world.  A White National Socialist German is my comrade just as a White National Socialist comrade from Sweden, Denmark or wherever.

With this loose web of NS movements throughout the world, and we can see this right now, are now slowly working together for the betterment of the movement and our people in general.  We do need a magazine, a worldwide glossy publication that all the NS movements of the world can input ideas for the movement to be either sold on the streets or given away free to our people. A world NS publication putting forward our ideas to the world as a single movement. This is something the worldwide National Socialist movement must now work towards, we have the people, talent and drive to achieve this goal let us now work towards its attainment.

The racial fight as National Socialists understand is that the fight we are involved in is a global fight.  Our race is in the battle for survival or total annihilation.  The National Socialist movement is the only vehicle able to bring the fight in a global sense to our enemies.  They fear us; they fear what we stand for.  We can stay loyal to our particular groups; parties and organizations but this loose web can bring us together as a united movement fight for the survival of the White race the world over.

Let's grasp our old swastika flag, hold it aloft and say -