On the 27th of September the fine lads and great gals of Småland Blood & Honour, along with Club 28 and Sniper Records, organized this year´s Ian Stuart Memorial concert in Sweden . The police tried in vain to stop the gig, even offering bribes to those who had information about it! They knew what and when but not where. In desperation, to save face before their masters and the media, the police even sent out a press release that the gig had been “stopped” – several days before the actual event! 

Thanks to a few dedicated comrades´ work and planning in secret, we still managed – against all ZOG´s odds – to pull it through. Four o´clock in Växjö town we gathered outside the railway station where the coppers too appeared in strength. Sad to say there was no chance of another battle of Waterloo (Station…) like in 1992. Just one pinko-mobile appeared with reds trying to make a film… 

Instead they had to roll on to the nearest garage as suddenly all their windows were broken! As for us, we started our caravan and headed for the village of Tannåker outside Ljungby. There our people had prepared the concert since ten o´clock the same morning, and the cops still had no idea where we were heading!

But of course, they tailed us and came along as highly uninvited ”guests”. 

The concert itself started with the trubadours LOB and they were superb. Skrewdriver covers are never wrong and we kept on enjoying more of Ian´s great songs when Angelina took the stage. She mixed Skrewdriver hits with her own impressive material. My oh my, that gal can sing a tune!

Then it was time for the main attraction: German Race War. What a performance! They were simply great and just as good live as in studio. (If you don´t have their CD, then buying is the order of the day. You can get it from Club 28.) A silent minute for our martyred hero and then the singer of Race War gave a short speech in Ian´s memory.

As we had made it clear that no victory salutes could be allowed (in order not to provoke a ban) all the police could do was to stand and watch and a few actually even digged the music! Whether it was due to the serenity of the occasion or the discipline of the audience we do not know, but the police were in fact quite OK this time.

Conclusion: A great success and a victory for our Swedish B&H movement. We were all very satisfied and happy with our doings and for sure you could vision Ian smiling down at us from his table in Valhalla. 
We thank each and everyone who made this great event possible and promise to be back soon with another musical show of White Pride and Resistance. And that´s a White Man´s guarantee! 

Hail Ian Stuart!
Hail Blood & Honour!
Jimmy C 


On the first of October the anti-fascist ZOG-financed group eXit soiled the town of Växjö in order to try and influence Swedish youth to deny their national heritage and keep them from NS activism. 
This because of our growth in this particular area. Unfortunately the treacherous ex-chairman of NSF Anders Högström was conveniently “ill” and could (would) not attend, so we had to settle for a planned confrontation with another Judas feeding on ZOG´s sticky silver coins: Carl Wennerstrand. 


Eight o´clock a small band of nationalists gathered at the railway station in Ljungby – both NSF and B&H members. As a troop we marched up to the meeting hall, but surprise, surprise! The coppers would not allow us to enter. Obviously people with open eyes and healthy Swedish instincts had no place. The seats were reserved for brainwashed ZOG zombies. 

It is high time to organize a counter-movement to eXit, namely ENTER!


Club-28 Website

B&H/C18 I.S.D. MEMORIAL - 13th September 2003

Well once again it was that time of year when comrades from across the globe joined together in memory of our fallen comrade and inspirational leader Ian Stuart .

The scene was set for a great evening with almost 300 comrades in attendance and many more refused entry into the uk at ports and airports everywhere, There were Poles, Danes,Germans, Austrians, Russians, Lithuanians, Finns, Americans, South Africans, Swedes, Italians, Serbs, Ulstermen, Scottish and Welsh (sorry if anybody was missed out !)

The hall was decked out with flags and banners from almost every white nation on the planet, the beer was cold and the bands were hot .

First up were London's finest CHINGFORD ATTACK blasting out old favourites as well as some new stuff, it didn't take long before the crowd were jumping all over the place going mental to songs such as Chingford Attack, Gerry and Dirty White Whore to name but a few, an hour of pure hate had just set the crowd up to what went on to be the best gig the movement has seen for a while.

The BLACKSHIRTS were to follow and once again they did not dissapoint the crowd, now with a new vocalist after the expulsion of their former singer, they now have a front man who can really sing!

The next band up were comrades from the fatherland, Germany's RACE WAR and this is a band to look out for - powerful no holds bard lyrics pure 100% white pride and totally committed to the C18 cause and the crowd showed there appreciation - as the band left the stage to a standing ovation

Next followed a minutes silence for the great man himself - IAN STUART. 300 comrades joined together under the C18 banner, heads bowed reflecting on passed glories and old friendships , then glasses were raised and right arms were in the air with chants of sieg heil bellowing out .

Next band up should have been the world famous RAZORS EDGE but the ZOG machine stopped their fellow band members from entering the country thus throwing a huge spanner in the works !

Would we let ZOG beat us? Would we fuck!

NATURAL BORN KILLERS were the next band in the limelight, new to most, but not anymore! This is a band to look out for, good lyrics and a tight set gave the crowd what they wanted to hear, their opening song aptly named Natural Born Killers is one to remember and a band not to be forgotten !

All in all an evening to remember , old faces aswell as new faces old friendships rekindled, new friendships made. As usual the lads from OLDHAM were out in force as were the EAST LONDON Barmy Army.

Thanks to all the lads on security who had to work harder than usual and well done to the organisers who put on a show that wont be forgotten in a hurry!

NICK - East London C18

Sorry, no photographs due to security reasons, tough luck Gable, nothing for Searchlies this time!

R.V.F. comrades pay respect at the site where martyr Ian Stuart Donaldson & Stephen Flint (Boo) were tragically taken from us.


Ian stuck by these words and may we all follow his example until our day when we too shall join all our fellow warriors in the hallowed halls of Valhalla.

Until then HAIL VICTORY!

A White


We invite all Aryan NS comrades to Serbia at Vinland warriors gig, 29th November 2003

Bands include:
Vinland Warriors (Canada)
Battle Flag (Serbia)
Other Serbian Bands

E-mail  B&H Serbia for further details.


Humanitarian gig in Rakovac - Jun 2003

 After two years of peace in Novi Sad and his neighbourhood, Serbian Skinheads are got together again for and unforgettable gig.

The gig was made for humanitarian reasons, in small town Rakovac. It is on the other side of Danube from Novi Sad.

The humanitarian reasons are: One of our white Serbian sisters was abandoned because she was pregnant, by her boyfriend  (Modern boy) and her uninterested parents.

The Blood and Honour division Rakovac /Serbia took care of her problems with this gig.

The money from tickets was for her and her future white child.

The gig was videotaped and photographed, and soon everyone may have this for their own collection.

At the gig there were two B&H Band from Serbia (Battle flag and Revolt) and 200 White National Socialists / Skinheads. There was lot of comrades from other side of border, like from Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech rep., Poland, England and Serbian rep. (Bosnia)…

The first band Battle Flag (from Nis) was kick ass for all time they've ever played.

All new kids (little skins -ha-ha…) were satisfied like the old folks (BIG SKINS  -ha-ha), for this bend I don’t have comment because they are really GOOD.

Second bend was Revolt (from Belgrade) and this is there second stepping up on Novi Sad / Rakovac gig. They also left a good impression, just like the band before them.

Because this gig was registered in police, the gig was over in the midnight (00:00h), but when the concert was over we play music on CD player and gig was continued till down.

The Blood and Honour division Rakovac/Serbia for the second time proved that they could have everything what they want if you do it well, I hail them.

And I specially regards all brothers from other side of border for their coming on the gig and


I don’t have anything else to say, the pictures are saying everything….


Reclaim The City?!
On the 24th of May it was time again for the Red scum to infect Växjö town. What they didn´t anticipate, was the resistance they encountered. We had made it known both through the media and the net that we were not there to cause riots. On the contrary, we were there to see that the outburst of nihilistic Red violence like in Gothenburg and Stockholm was to be avoided. We wanted to show the public that you can present your views, although radical, in a civilized and proper manner. Not only did we show that we do not accept their so-called ”street parties” – a pure excuse for primitive destruction, but that we also actively stopped them from living out their aggressive neuroses.
Early afternoon on Saturday the 24th we gathered in the Linné park in Växjö to show our contempt for the Red scumbags, and to stop them from having their sicko party in our beautiful park, which, by the way, is a memorial to the perhaps most well-known of all Swedes, the scientist (and racialist!) of
old, Carl von Linné. We held the park for a considerable period of time, but then decided to move our troops to another city park, as we did not want to cause added problems for the already strained police force which was there to keep the Reds from retarding to their basics. After being promised that there was no way the “Reclaim the City” punks would be allowed to enter the Linné park, we marched off under the Swedish banners. But while still in the park, we were met by supportive enthusiasm from both young and old locals.
At most we had about 60 national activists out that day, and we had a great, civilized and sober time opposing the pinko punks and their poor excuse for town orgies. Important contacts and ties were made between activists from various organizations, as this gathering was a “multi-party” one. We were all united in our hatred towards the anarchist Reds and hell-bent on not allowing any contamination of our beautiful old town. The Reds soon showed their bloody colour as the police were busy diarming them of all sorts of pokes and pikes. Instead they roamed the streets, desperately seeking confrontation with every decent Swede they met. So much for party spirit!
Though we were outnumbered, we showed that we wouldn´t back down. Proudly marching to the central railway station in Växjö, we there gathered to listen to speeches by Jäsä from Blood & Honour and Strand from National Socialist Front (NSF). They both presented us with hard-hitting outbursts against the invading hordes of red misfits, and the necessity to confront this menace now, instead of letting them continue their destructive ways to the silent and secret sympathy of their parents and admirers in high red places.

We showed courage and discipline and were not provoked into mindless confrontations with the scum. After the speeches we marched back to the Strandbjörk park where we previously had gathered after leaving Linné´s park. There the demonstators split up, some deciding to stay in town and get a decent meal after good work well done.

We had achieved our goal despite being outnumbered. “Reclaim the City” (or “Reclaim your brains” as we called them) did not get a chance to soil the city with their perverted poor excuses for politics, and the town was litterary saved from Red destruction through the valiant opposition of national revolutionaries and national socialists.

I conclude this report with thanking all participating individuals and organizations. And next time we are out there confronting the Reds I want to see everybody who call themselves activists present. It is time to go from words to action, like the brave troops who took part this time. Surely, I do not have to remind you of the importance of the stormtroopers of old who helped fight the way for Adolf´s victory. They were doers, not talkers. And don´t for one second think that we have stopped the Red vermins for good. It´ll take many and most likely tougher battles than this, demanding all our
courage and will to sacrifice in order to stop them permanently! And thereby securing our streets, our cities and our once beautiful country from this Red plague.

Hail NSF!
Hail Blood & Honour!
Jimmy Carlqvist, Blood & Honour Småland

 Click here to watch the movie filmed by B&H in Växjö

B&H SWEDEN'S 18 MEMORIAL 20.4.2003

On the 20th of April we gathered at a social hall in situated in the middle of Småland, central Sweden, to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler.

In honour of the event we had invited up-and-coming White Power band WHITE LEGION (Vit Legion in Swedish) to play, and we hoped for a fair turnout. And I was positively surprised to see what a really great interest there was among Swedish patriots to attend this gig and to celebrate the Führer´s birthday.

No less than 110 comrades from Sweden showed up to our concert there in the dark forests of Småland.

We organized this gathering not only for the natural reason of honouring our spiritual leader, but also to show that despite all the bullshit and treachery which soil the Movement, positive forces can and will co-operate. And that is simply not just a lesson, but a must in order to build a successful White counter-force in Sweden.

I have said it before, and I´ll stress it again: we need to co-operate - even if our methods may differ, our final goal is still the same: the survival of our race.

The evening started off well, without any cops in sight. But just after seven o´ clock a small convoy of ZOG vehicles rolled up in front of the concert hall. Their lame excuse was “rumours” (read: self-made fantasies) that the place might be attacked by “Reds”. Of course, no reds were in sight, just the boys in blue. And they multiplied in an astonishing speed. But so did the Whites of Yellow & Blue, and dispite the presences of the univited guests, the mood was getting better and better. And how could it not? Comrades gathering to celebrate the Fuhrer bring only good spirits.

Vit Legion should have started to play at nine, but due to the late arrival of some comrades (some having to travel more than 500 km), we decided to postpone the event with half an hour. But when they finally entered the scene, the atmosphere went from great to thrilling.

If you have not listened to, or better still, purchased Vit Legion´s new CD, I recommend it wholeheartedly. This band is soon to be stars on the WP music´s heaven!

They gave their all and the crowd too it in with joy and enthusiasm.

And now to the sad bit. Around ten the Zionist watchdogs claimed they had heard the magic but oh so forbidden words of “Sieg heil”. I asked the crowd to calm down a wee bit, though the only shouts I´d heard were those of “Skinheads”. The police, in return, decided to “wait and see”. Well, they waited about two hours when they obviously wanted to see more, as they stormed the place like wild beasts. Jimmy and Tommy who had organized the meeting, were hauled off to the nearest town´s dungeons (Växjö county jail). There they were interrogated by just every variety of brass after being charged with “Racial hatred” (surprise, surprise!). In their historical and cultural ignorance they claimed a war banner from the old Emperor´s Germany and a viking Celtic cross banner were expression of racial hatred! One can wonder what substances they had inhaled before smashing up our party…

Those who claim we live in a free democracy, ought to seek medical help. Or at least study the police when they commit forced entry and then force every patriot to lie down. Thereupon filming them and taking their identity, for “future references”. Bizarros to say the least. Democracy? Maybe if your last name is Marx…!

They took all they could lay their sticky hands on. Whatever looked like patriotism, satisfied their ACAB lusts.

But as you most likely have gathered from the start of this report: they can never stop us. Because such experiences just give you more motivation and anger while preparing the next do, which will be an even bigger blow to the eternal forces of darkness that rule this country.

Finally I want to thank all those who helped out and made this evening a great White experience. Most impressed I was with the newly established “Band of Comrades”. They were like professional guards with that little bit of  national revolutionary extra! Get in contact with them if you plan on organizing a patriotic meeting.

Hail Blood & Honour!
Hail NSF!
They can never stop us!


Jimmy C, Blood & Honour Småland

German Nationalist folk singer gaoled

German folk singer Frank Rennicke was sentenced to 17-month's imprisonment with three years probation. His wife Ute received 5 month with three years probation. All of their confiscated materials (CDs, Master tapes, 2 Computers, with a so called replacement value of 70.450, - DM) has been withheld by the Authorities. The argument for the case against Frank and Ute of incitement of the people were based mainly on the lyrics to the song "Das Heimatvertriebenen Lied". In some lines of the song he insinuates that foreigners have taken over German land. This, so the leading judge said, is a malicious and unwanted slander. The judge found Rennicke guilty of writing a song that "shows parallels to the race ideology of the nazis".... which is against the multicultural society and promotes the racial propaganda of National Socialism - which leads to crimes and so he faced the full severity of the law.

It was also claimed that he only sung his songs to make foreigners contemptuous of Germans and to promote hate crimes. It was put forward that his lyrics disturbed " the public peace and harmony between foreign fellow citizens and Germans". ALL applications for the display of evidence to prove his innocence were refused. So the lawyer Horst Mahler mentioned that the former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt for example also makes critical remarks about foreigners but the court replied Schmidt stands in a "democratic context" within the law while Frank Rennicke does not.

Ute Rennicke stood morally and mentally with her husband and for this loyalty the court found her to be supporting his "illegal" attitude. The severity of her punishment rose because she would not disassociate herself from her husband or his actions. Over 9000 people have visited Frank Rennicke's homepage on the Internet and combined with his concerts and cds showed just how popular and influential he was becoming. The State decided he must be stopped. His success, growing popularity and numerous concerts only helped to intensify the charges against him. The sentence handed out to him, was twice the amount his so called offence warranted! It is plain to see, this was a political test case to convict an attitude, and make it a violation of the law. Frank Rennicke stated to the judge " the guilty verdict of this case was an injustice and was the oppression of an opinion". This case has been very hard on the Rennike family. And on a man who has worked so hard and achieved so much in the field of cultural and national revolution. To show your support to a persecuted, loyal and dedicated nationalist send an email to: or visit his homepage at: or write to him at: Frank Rennicke, Postfach 11 45, 71135 Ehningen, Germany. The latest news is that Frank Rennicke and the Public Prosecutor's Office have both lodged an appeal. The state has lodged an appeal on political instructions for its own political ends, while Frank Rennike has lodged an appeal for his own freedom, and for the justice and rights of self-determination for the German people.

1600 patriots march through Salem [2002-12-07]

Salem/Sweden. Two years have passed since the tragic loss of a Swedish patriot, Daniel Wretström, who was brutally slain by a mob of immigrants. Two years in a row Swedish patriots have heard the calling and gathered to honour the memory of a fallen comrade. This year was no exception.

Several months before the annual march, leftwing communists and anarchists made an effort to mobilize a massive counterdemonstration in order to stop the memorial march through Salem. An similar attempt to block the march was made last year, their massive mobilization collapsed and only 300 masked misfits tried to hold the train station until police dragged them away – approximately two hours before patriots even started to arrive. This year though, an “unified” leftwing promised to totally stop the march and make Salem a “Nazi-free Zone”.

The police had granted permission for both sides to manifest in Salem – the patriots against brutal and anti-Swedish violence. The reds demonstration cheered the murder of young Wretström, screaming for more Swedish blood.

The organizers of the march, Salemfonden, a political and ideological neutral fund which purpose is to raise money for the march and the wide information campaigns, have made Daniels destiny and the situation in the Swedish suburbs well known throughout Europe and the world. Salemfondens website ( has been translated into no less then 16 different languages – this has generated a massive response from comrades all over Europe.

And so, on the evening of the 7th December, patriots from all over the nation left their homes and workplaces to travel to Salem, a dark suburb of Stockholm, to honour for them a unknown young boy who bled to death on the side of the road two years ago. Brave comrades from, among other countries, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium, England, Switzerland and France also travelled long distances to honour Daniel Wretström.

As patriots started to flow in on the left-hand side of the train station in Rönninge, the small communist “blockade” on the other side of the rails got more and more quiet, until absolute silence – the patriots had arrived in Salem. The long formations rolled up and down on the parking lot and small roads around the station. More than 1600 patriots had gathered. Each person was provided with a torch, and slowly the raised torches were lit and a spectacular show of unity and discipline was on display for the nation and the world to see.

Slowly the firing torches started to move, lead by friends and relatives of Daniel and wreaths of the represented organizations and parties, towards the bus stop where Daniel was beaten and stabbed to death. On the place of the murder a large podium were rigged, revealing a proud rune of life as a mark of the place where Swedish blood was spilled on Swedish soil, the place where the multicultural society craved yet another victim.

As the flowers and wreaths covered the wooden podium, people gathered around the rigged truck from which speeches where held to the masses. First out was Robert Almgren who welcomed the crowd and introduced the first speaker, Angelina, Daniels cousin, who held an emotional speech about her own impressions of Daniel and how she felt when she received the message about her cousins death – as Angelina tried her best to keep the tears away filthy anarchists and communists danced and laughed that yet another patriot was slaughtered...

Next out was Thomas Ölund from Blood & Honour. Thomas attacked the coward politicians and the deceiving media who carries the ultimate responsibility of the murder in Salem. Thomas was followed by Garreth Hurley from Final Conflict, England, who expressed his condolences to Daniels family and comrades.

Speeches were also held by Björn Björkqvist from National Socialist Front, Marc Abrahamsson from the Swedish National Democrats and Jonas DeGeer. Christian Worch from Germany also entered the scene and gave his condolences.

As the participants began to stand up in formations once again to walk back to the train station, we could state that Swedish patriots once again have carried out what the communists, politicians and media was out to stop – once again we marched through Salem and manifested our grief, sorrow and anger on the place where immigrants “thanked” Sweden for their hospitality.

We left Salem promising ourselves, our enemies and our martyrs that we will stand our grand the following year, that we will come to Salem and honour Daniel Wretströms memory. Next year even more patriots from Sweden and Europe will walk the same long, dark and cold path Daniel walked before Khaled Odeh slashed his throat and left him to bleed to death, alone in a cold ditch.

For more information e-mail you need footage of the march, contact them)

A friend and ally of Charlie Sargent, Karsten Chapanski (excuse spelling if we're wrong) was up in a German courtroom recently giving evidence against a fellow comrade. Chapanski, now with long hair and moustache, feared for his safety as he stood witness wearing a bullet proof vest and flanked by armed police. Chapanski was exposed for being a police informer and went into hiding fearing for his life!

Nis, Serbia 26/10/02
An excellent skinhead (Blood & Honour) evening, with a great gig took place in the town of Nis (Serbia). It was organized by the local Blood & Honour unit. About 120 young Nationalists and National Socialists from Serbia and Bulgaria gathered.


Helsingborg, Sweden 11/09/02
On Saturday the 9th of November, about 200 lowlife Red scum from out of town  invaded Helsingborg to mark the “crystal night” which took place 64 years  ago. Scum will not walk our streets unnoticed; a car-full of representatives from Club28 took the reds by surprise.




One half-month ago one our comrade was arrested. The militia has seized him during the Zhitomir pogrom about which I wrote earlier. We have done everything that we could and on last Friday evening  they said they would let him out. But in the morning of Friday the State Office of the Public Prosecutor of Ukraine has given out the decision about excitation of criminal affairs about service abusings in militia. The militia has decided to write off all sins on this guy, having accused him in the organization of mass disorders and having given to business a loud resonance. Now our comrade is threatened with imprisonment of 6 to 8 years. The Militia has isolated him completely: does not allow visits to him or to transfer enclosures. In Ukraine the new wave of the arrests has passed, many members of the Patriotic organizations have received a summons in court. On Saturday I was delivered in a police station where I was interrogated within 5 hours and ! showed me videoshots of "excesses of the Right Radicals ". Danger has hung above Ukraine again. We should rescue our comrade at any cost, you see he is only 19 years old!!!   Now we require money for the lawyer.

Therefore I address to you all in second time in my life: help us, please! Any sum which you will send, will help us very much!


E-mail B&H Ukraine -



It is a sad fact that after the tragic death of comrade Marcel Schilf, the Blood & Honour movement in Scandinavia (as well as, we dare to proclaim, the whole White world) has suffered considerably in terms of organization and activities.
The brighter are the news of a no-nonsense, straight forward Blood & Honour march through Marcel´s old town Helsingborg on Saturday the 31st of August 2002. Through the narrow streets of the southern part of city, filled with bazaars and blacks, the contingent of about 50 B&H warriors from BH Skåne, Blekinge and Småland proudly marched to the town library park. There comrade Kim F. from Klippan made clear to the patriots and all else who dared to listen to the good word of the New Order, that BH would never accept the presence of pathetic pinkos and wayward wimps of the Marxist kind, polluting the beautiful town of Helsingborg. The marchers were not only confronting the Reds with their ridiculous claims of “re”-capturing” a city which they never held in the first place, but also with strength proving those who have claimed BH Sweden to be dead as cowards and liars.
The combatants of Ian´s movement had already proven themselves the night before, when they were out to cleanse the town of Red scum. The sorry lot of wanna-be revolutionaries of the lunatic left quickly hid behind the shields of the local police force, who in order to protect the bogus Bolshevik bull-shitters arrested about thirty of our comrades who were not let out till the punks and posers had gone to sleep. Let this be not merely a warning to the traveling gang of Red misfits, but also to all others who for various reasons have ignored the potential of the Swedish BH movement. Blood & Honour, in the spirit of Ian and Marcel, marches on, whatever our enemies think and whatever it takes to build Sweden´s national revolutionary strikeforce.

Max Hammer.

10th August 2002

 The article below was published in the Ballymena Guardian on Wednesday 24 July 2002. NB The spelling is exactly the same as that used in the newspaper article!!
The events took place early Sunday morning, 21st July 2002. NS activists recently distributed copies of the latest Razors Edge CD in the area which has nothing at all to do with this activity of course...

Klu Klutz Klan riot terrifies pensioner

A mural printed on the wall of a house at Clonavon Road which caused upset to residents.

Residents in South Ballymena awakened in the early hours of Sunday morning when around 100 rioters took to the streets causing four hours of destruction.

According to an onlooker, youths, "wearing Hitler style emblems and scarfs to cover their faces", brought
North Street to "a complete standstill" when they erected a bonfire barricade across the street at around midnight. Police landrovers were pelted with bottles and breeze blocks as officers arrived to investigate.

One elderly Clonavon Road resident told the Guardian that around 70 more people who, after leaving local pubs at closing time, joined the Klu Klutz clan type group in the onslaught against PSNI officers that lasted into the early hours of Sunday.

The Grandmother, who does not want to be identified for her own personal safety, said: "it was unbelievable.
"About 30 youths, I think some as young as 15 or 16, built a fire across the North Road some time after 12am.
"They used whatever they could get their hands on to fuel the fire.
"The whole place came to a complete stand still'"

She added: "They wore Hitler type emblems, like the Klu klutz clan, and scarfs around their faces to hide their identities."

Obviously concerned for her personal safely, the pensioner revealed that she and many other North Road and Clonavon Road residents, hid behind closed doors in fear that their homes or themselves would come under attack.

She said: "I was frightened. This is a very mixed area and nothing like this ever happens around here.
"When the police came to investigate, a riot broke out.
"The youths starting throwing bottles at the landrovers.
"They even broke up stone slabs and hurled them."

She added: "After leaving the pubs at closing time, around 70 more people Joined the rioters.
"The riot continued until about 4am on Sunday morning."

The Fire Brigade's Divisional Officer, Jim Guy, confirmed that one appliance was sent to North Street in the early hours of Sunday morning.

He told the Guardian that the police had moved the people away and all was quiet when the firemen arrived at the scene.

Once the fire had been put out the DOE cleared of debris.

A spokeswoman for the PSNI said that police officers arrived at North Road on Sunday morning officers were confronted by 30 to 40 people who were rolling tyres on to the centre of the road and setting them alight.

She confirmed that the events are still under investigation.

The resident told the Guardian that she believed that youths were from outside the area that had been "brought in".
"Some Portuguese people have moved into the area a few months ago.
"Since coming here, some have had the windows of their home put in, I feel that this in all interrelated.
"The Council were due 10 come on Monday to paint over an intimidating mural on the back wall of houses on Clonavon Road.
"Locals have heard that a larger mural is due to be painted on the side of another local properly, and I for one am not happy about this.
The grandmother added: "I do not want my grandchildren growing up with this type of hatred.
"This area is a quiet mixed area.
"Protestants and Catholics live side by side.
"So, we do not want this kind of behaviour happening in our area.
"If people want to put flags up they can.
"In my opinion you do not have to put a flag out to know what religion you are.
"There are a lot of pensioners living in these streets and the events of the weekend Must have caused them and other residents to be concerned that events tike this could happen again in the future.
"Next time some could be hurt or even worse."

On visiting the North road after the Sunday riot, pensioner, Jack Robinson, 66, was horrified to see the burnt
traffic lights and the scarred tarmac.

The grandfather of four said: "I was away in Manchester at the weekend and this is the scene that has greeted
me on my return.
"This is a peaceful area and the people are very friendly.
"I have lived in Ballymena all my life and my home is not far from this scene."
He added: "I am shocked and dismayed to see property destroyed in this way."

By Steven H.

Hubert (Hub) Kendall Danielson IV (below right), age 18, an activist with Blood & Honour/Combat 18 Missouri USA, was stabbed an unknown amount of times on the 22nd of July in Fort Scott Kansas.

Hub was trying to get another person to pay a debt of $20 that was due to his friend Adam. The guy was refusing to pay Adam because he knew that he was not a confrontational person and he could take advantage of him. Hub had seen this going on and stood up for his friend.  Hub confronted him and, as I understand it, the person started arguing and the Spic got into the argument. A fight ensued and the Spic fatally stabbed Hub. The Spic was later picked up by the police and sent to Southeast Kansas Juvenile Holding Facility in Girard Kan.

Hub was a friend of mine that I cherished very much. I really did not know him for a great amount of time, but during the time I did I came to know him very well. He would never turn his back on a fellow comrade. He was smart, brave, strong and devoted to the movement and his friends. There are not enough men in this movement like him; if only there were, we would not be in the shape we are in. He was a father of two; if you could see Hub look at a child you would be reminded what we are fighting for. Every day Hub was out there, never afraid or intimidated, always standing up for what he believed in. I have had the pleasure of having Hub by my side in a few altercations and there is not a person who will ever be able to replace him in ANY situation. He was a true Aryan Warrior, most men would run away from a large man swinging a log chain with a padlock attached at the end - NOT HUB! He would run straight in to the fury.

The movement has lost a true warrior and Valhalla has gained a welcome new resident.



All 4 members of 'nazi hate band' Landser have now been released from ZOG's dungeons with 2 members being released 3 months early because they co-operated with the ZOG machine, the members went against C18's motto of "no comment" and in doing so they both got lesser sentences.

We salute all who have given their lives and / or liberty in this struggle that we fight and all who support our cause


A trip was made to Aarhus, Denmark, to see our comrades from WHITE PRIDE. A small group of WP lads visited a local night club in Aarhus; The place was huge and spread out over several floors with no sign of any scumbags! Before long about 30-40 mixed-race mongrels and Turks had recognised the WP lads. Knowing what was coming and despite being out numbered, the Aarhus boys stood their ground and waited. By now the bouncers had realised what was happening and moved in, the Turks took their chance and attacked. It didn't take long for the first of the dogs who had come over to run off yelping with their tail between their legs. By now the local mentally disabled cops had turned up and as usual they only nicked the WP lads. The Turks couldnt believe there eyes as their was only 6 WP lads left, The WP lads walked towards the Turks and came across a builder's skip that gave the WP lads "insurance". The Turks were soon on their toes. After a quick search of the area, the Turks WERE nowhere to be seen. As for the cops, next time YOU had better watch out! YOU are gonna get what YOU fucking deserve!

WHITE PRIDE, we salute you!!



It has come to our attention that a journalist by the name of Stephen Gordon who writes for the 'Sunday Life', a Northern Ireland newspaper, is carrying out a campaign of lies against an Ulster Combat 18 activist, Ian Thompson, who is currently serving 9 years in prison following a set-up by the security services.

Mr Gordon, in an article in the Sunday Life newspaper on the 3rd February, implied that Ian Thompson was no longer in touch with the Loyalist Volunteer Force, suggesting that there are no longer links with C18 and the LVF. As anyone attending the recent C18 rally in Lancashire will testify, those links are stronger than ever and Loyalist Volunteer Prisoners' Welfare is currently raising funds for ALL LVF prisoners and their families and that includes Ian Thompson (see for details of how to help out).

Gordon claims that his information comes from a 'jail source'. What that means is that Gordon has concocted the story himself. The article goes on to describe Ian as a 'fanatic' when he is just a true Ulster Loyalist serving time for his loyalty. Gordon says that Ian receives many visits from C18 activists in the London area when in reality he has not had any visits from anyone outside his immediate family for the past 18 months.

This man Gordon has his own views and the right to express them but he should not be libelling a man who cannot reply to his allegations because he is behind bars.

As ye sow...

This is the article concerning Ian Thompson in the Sunday Life:

Sunday Life, Sunday 03 February

Shamed squaddie’s Nazi Prison visits


A FANATICAL right wing ex-RIR soldier - who was jailed for storing arms for the LVF - has kept up his links with the racist Combat 18 group.

Co Armagh man, William Ian Thompson, has been receiving regular prisonvisits from London-based members of the neo Nazi group.

Sources at the jail say fellow ex-squaddies have been among the 'whitepower' extremists, who frequently visit the 30-year-old former lance corporal.

Thompson was jailed for nine years last April, for possessing an Uzi sub-machine gun, a sawn-off shotgun, cartridges and pipe bomb parts.

Police, who raided his Hamiltonsbawn home, also found a massive collection of hate-filled Combat 18 material, including CDs, literature and posters.

Passing sentence, Mr Justice McLaughlin said some of the materialproduced by C18 "made the blood run cold".

The judge described the group as a "fascist organisation which glorifiesin its association with the thinking and philosophy of Hitler".

But the 10-year Royal Irish Regiment veteran was hailed as a heroby C18 supporters, who placed messages of support on the group's website.

One read: "The only crime of William Thompson was loyalty to hisrace and nation."

Said a jail source: "There are a few members of C18, including a couple of former squaddies, who travel over from London regularly to see Thompson.

"It seems he hasn't changed. He's just as fanatical as ever. But he doesn't seem to have much contact with the LVF, they don't bother with him."

Thompson was known to have a huge collection of CDs by racist, skinhead bands such as Warhammer, No Remorse and Razor's Edge. Bands whose 'whitepower' anthems include The Niggers Come Over and Barbecue In Rostock - glorifying the mass murder of Turkish workers in a German hostel.

In 1998, Thompson travelled to Wigan, Lancashire with other loyalists for a C18 rally, where they were pictured giving the Nazi salute.


We started the year off with a social in the north of England. Considering ZOG was out in force in riot gear there was no trouble and comrades from as far away as Denmark, Germany, Poland, Holland, Ulster and Scotland attended.

It was also good to see comrades from C18, NF, BNP, etc. all standingtogether having a few beers. We have always said that C18 have no problems with BNP members, it's Griffin who has the problem with us!

That will be his downfall and we look forward to the next one.


October 2001:

A C18 firm from England took a trip to Aarhus, Denmark, to join up with comrades from White Pride.

Two doormen from the Sherlock Holmes pub got a taste of English Combat 18 on the Saturday as they tried to evict two White Pride comrades over their NS links. The doorman where soon on their toes, one waving a cosh as they ran to safety behind the pub's closed doors.

Sunday was the match! Aarhus were playing Brondby, who's firm is made up of dirty reds and filthy left wing scum.

ZOG heard C18 were in town as did the TV stations and the papers. The press photographers soon lost their bottle when C18 comrades starting taking pictures of the scum. The arrival of C18 was big news, with the lads even making the national news!

The southside firm of Brondby heard about the arrival of C18 from the radio, and for some reason they lost interest.

A full report will soon be available, watch this space!!


The arrest of German NS comrades from the band Landser is a sign of the times we now live in ever since theNYC attack.

Anyone deemed a threat to the New World Order is now a legitimatetarget for their aggression and oppression. ThatLandser have paid the price for being too outspoken intheir beliefs is a reflection of this policy.

While the general population of the western worldfeels so threatened by the possibilty of "terrorism"(who are the REAL terrorists anyhow? the IRA?, USA?maybe Israel??) they are easily manipualted by the NWOinto going along with whatever methods that the powersthat be choose to employ to protect the so-called"free" West.

So the time is ripe for the erosion of all manner ofcivil liberties: the people are scared and want tofeel safe and it is the NWO they look to forprotection.

It's catch 22 in a way: the more that differentorganistions threaten the NWO in an attempt to makegains for themselves and their own cause, the more theNWO clampdown on freedom for us all:

Hate singers rounded up as police swoop in three cities

By Kate Connolly in Berlin

Police arrested the entire line-up of a skinhead rock band at the weekend, following an investigation into the group's racist and anti-Semitic repertoire and other alleged crimes.

The five members of Landser, one of the best-known groups in Germany's far-right music scene, have been charged with inciting hatred and violence towards minorities. Landser is an old-fashioned German word for low-ranking soldier or private.

The band, which is officially outlawed, was previously called Final Solution, a reference to the Nazi plan to eliminate the Jews.

The arrests in three German cities followed a 15-month investigation by federal prosecutors. It involved searches of 22 flats in Berlin, Potsdam and Chemnitz, and the seizure of weapons.

The men, aged between 26 and 36, are suspected of forming a criminal organisation, incitement to murder and involvement in arson attacks.

Their arrest, which is widely seen as part of a national police clampdown on suspected terrorists after the September 11 attacks in the United States, reflects German police fears that Islamic fundamentalist and neo-Nazi terrorists may try to work together.

A spokesman for the federal prosecutor's office said Landser's songs called for attacks on foreigners, Jews, Gypsies and political opponents and were "marked by racist, nationalistic and anti-Semitic hate tirades".

The band records its music in Germany, but has the CDs manufactured abroad, mainly in the US and Canada, police said. The music is then distributed by underground dealers. Their first CD was called The Reich Will Rise.

At the few live concerts they have performed, all the band members have appeared heavily disguised.

On the band's latest CD, Ran an den Feind (Get the Enemy), one of the tracks contains the lyrics: "Someone told the niggers they are free to vote here. Well that's true, they can vote: either for a rope round the neck, or a bullet in the stomach."

Police said album sales showed that the band has tens of thousands of followers."

National Socialism is the only hope that the White Aryan Race has to survive the new Millennium.Forget the 'Patriots', the flag wavers and the grovellers to Kings and Princes. They are weak and stupid and worship the forces which are pledged to keep them in chains. Forget the politicians and the 'democrats', they exist only to dilute and divert our movement. Their Gods are their Egos and the Shekels that their Jew masters have bought them with.Forget the 'entrepreneurs' and money-makers who have become rich from selling trinkets within the movement. They have cast away their Aryan birthright and have become as the Jew.Forget the apologists who cry "If only we show ourselves to be nice, respectable people then the Enemy will allow us everything we want". They are weak and stupid and do not understand the Eternal Laws of Nature. The new Millennium must be one of struggle for if we do not destroy the Enemy then He will destroy us. The final battle is approaching, the last chance of the White Aryan Race. If we are found wanting then surely we do not deserve to survive and all our achievements and history will be forgotten and pass from the Earth forever.
The Time of the National Socialist Warrior has come !

Adolf Hitler Sieg Heil !