I chose to write about this topic simply because Loyalism on the whole is stuck in this belief that to be part of the Loyalist Community one has to be accept The Monarchy, Vote Conservative and dare anyone else who steps out of line with a different way to the norm!

As some one who has mixed Class Politics with Loyalism I want to show you why I believe The Monarchy has sold the people of Ulster down the river.

To begin with I can't remember the last time any member of the Royal Family spoke out publicly in defence of keeping Ulster part of The Union - Can you?

Some Loyalists may claim that it is not the right for The Monarchy to get involved in such matters and my response to that is they have done when it has come to Australia.

Now one has to ask themselves why The Monarchy will speak out in public about keeping Australia part of the Commonwealth and not speak out in favour of her most Loyal Subjects in Ulster?

The Monarchy for years has done nothing for the people of Ulster but it hasn't stopped the British Government collecting taxes from these people to prop up an out-of-date institution like The Monarchy.

While The Monarchy will be sleeping safely at tonight I just wonder how they have the conscience to sleep when it's subjects in Ulster have to put up with acts of intimidation and violence day after day?

And let's not even go down the path of 'God Save The Queen' especially if you happen to be of religious faith too?

Do the Orange Order and other people involved in religion will really believe God will save The Queen and her family? While most of you have done one's best to bring up your families and made sure they're educated and have good values instilled into them why should you then expect them to look up to The Royal Family?

Marriage breakdowns, affairs, drug and alcohol abuse, abusing family connections to prop up failing businesses and lets not forget the sad and sorry state they dealt with the death of Princess Diana.

Are these the people you really want your children to look up to and be proud of?

The Monarchy is  now an out of date institution and I cannot believe in this day and age we have to prop up a family simply because they are Royalty.

This brings me onto Class Struggle.

Ulster has the largest unemployment rate in the British Isles and there is quite a bit of poverty in Ulster and not just affecting The Protestant Community either - The Catholics whether you like it or not suffer the same deprivation in some of their areas.

Instead of paying taxes towards the Royal Family (who are happily enough to support themselves) I would like to see that money invested into the poorer areas of Ulster as well as creating some employment and self respect for the people resigned to living on state hand outs amongst other things.

Ulster is also a very beautiful country and money should be used to bring overseas tourists in which would also increase employment.

And the people of Ulster deserve something positive happening in their communities and I for one would like to see this happen. I want the people of Ulster to have the same opportunities as we do on the mainland and not just left to rot by our Government and ignored by The Monarchy.

Loyalists need to accept no matter how much they sing 'God Save The Queen' and wave the 'Union Flag' both the British Government and Royal Family would like to wash their hands of Ulster and the Protestant Community within it.

They need to get with the times and look at things from a working class perspective and then begin to put their priorities in order - Putting their Community first and dealing with the problems within those communities and putting things right.

NB This article was written by an anti-fascist Loyalist who has no support for the politics of White Nationalism and National Socialism but as we found absolutely no disagreement with the sentiments expressed we decided to publish it. Obviously some Loyalist supporters of Combat 18 will strongly disagree with some, if not all, the contents of this article but we will happily publish any relevant replies.