A Message to All Comrades
Who Visit this Site

This site is not just concerned with the music scene. This is a 100% National Socialist site and we welcome articles, news, views, CD/Gig reviews, etc. relating to the White Resistance scene worldwide. To put it bluntly - WE NEED ARTICLES THAT KICK ASS!

We want to hear from those in our movement who know that playing the ZOG system's games by participating in their elections, distributing leaflets to an apathetic public and holding gigs where everyone gets pissed and then goes home to do nothing until the next one is only for part-timers and reactionaries. The "democratic" Nationalist movement has failed, we all know that, and we need to build a radical alternative based on the concept of LEADERLESS RESISTANCE.

We don't want or need those who are happy to continue being a pressure valve for the system. We don't want or need the whisperers and malcontents that have plagued our movement for decades. We don't want or need the money-makers who leech off us with their "merchandise" but never do one constructive thing to try and save the White Race. WHAT WE NEED ARE DEDICATED MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE PREPARED TO DRAW A LINE IN THE DIRT AND MAKE A STAND FOR OUR RACE.

Ian Stuart spent more than his fair share of time in ZOG's jails and was always there when it mattered on the streets. As I write this, it's just over five years since he was martyred following a car "accident" in September 1993. Ian Stuart was a unique individual and his talents will not be surpassed by anyone, either now or in the years to come.

We all know the British State murdered Ian in order to stop the rise of his movement, Blood & Honour, from offering White youth an alternative to the mind-numbing crap they pump into their heads 24 hours a day. Their plans failed and Ian's murder has only strengthened our resolve. We are now more determined than ever to smash the corrupt system that has kept the White Race in chains for centuries. By spreading Ian's message of White Pride and White Resistance we are planting the seeds of the forthcoming revolution, the revolution that will completely expose their evil racket and bring about a new dawn for our people.

But we must aim to live in the way Ian Stuart did: He never wanted fame or fortune. He never wanted to be a media star worshipped by millions of mindless zombies. Ian only wanted to safeguard the future of his White racial brothers and sisters around the world and the future of those yet unborn. His memory shines like a beacon in the twilight world in which we are now forced to exist. We must ensure that that beacon lights the fire of White Revolution.

To those who want to increase their bank balances by using Ian's memory - Fuck Off! We won't lower this tribute to our spiritual leader by mentioning your names but you know who you are. You can carry on selling your CD's with their watered down lyrics, you can carry on counting your shekels, your thirty pieces of silver, because one day it will be as worthless as you are. Ian Stuart rejected you - he rejected and fought against everything you stand for, because you're not even fit to utter his name. We are Ian's heirs - the people who live for the movement and not for the money!