God or Money - Not Both

    The bankers have been able to get the majority of people to believe a range of false propaganda because their agents have gained control of the press and broadcasting media. That intention had also been spelt out
in 1864:

"No one shall with impunity lay a finger on the aureole of the infallibility of our government. The pretext forstopping any publication will be the alleged plea that it is agitating the public mind without occasion or justification. I beg you to note that among those making attacks upon us will also be organs established by us, but they will attack exclusively points that we have pro-determined to alter", [e.g.: At the 1992 Edinburgh 'Summit' there was a "victory" for those seeking to repeal some of the non-essential EC directives.]

    It is interesting that the 'Bible' of the usurers and bankers should be described as the 'Babylonian' Talmud. When one makes due allowance for the imagery of the Apocalypse (the Book of Revelation) one finds that
money-power is named "Babylon the Great" the great prostitute. She is enthroned beside abundant waters (17,1), those waters being "all the peoples, the populations, the nations and the languages" (17,15), "with
authority over all the rulers on earth (17,18). "Prostitution" here would seem to mean treating money foolishly or illicitly, and at present all the nations of the world are in debt to the international bankers debts that they cannot possibly repay while with the growth of credit many individuals are in debt. Again, merchants "have grown rich through her debauchery" (18, 3), and traders "made a fortune out of her" (18, 15).

    "Prostitution" is also used in its more literal sense. Babylon the Great is "the mother of all prostitutes and all the filthy practices on earth" (17,5), while she has become "the haunt of devils, and a lodging for every foul spirit and dirty, loathsome bird" (18,2). Increasingly during the last century and a half, and particularly during the last few decades, every sort of perversion has been described and encouraged by the press and other media and in the proliferating "video nasties". The cost of organising all this is considerable. Promotion of perversion and moral filth, as with race-mixing, would seem to be calculated to reduce the physical and moral quality of the nations to a level where effective opposition to a take-over would become almost impossible.

    Any decent person would surely agree that the spread of evil induced by the implementation of the plans described in the Protocols should be exposed and opposed. Such opposition is at present being condemned as "anti-semitic" by the non-semitic promoters of that evil. It is really opposition to theplans of the international bankers, and it would be more correct to describe it as "anti-bankerism". There is nothing in the Public Order Acts, or any other Acts, which says that valid criticism of the bankers and their associates, or for that matter people following any other trade or profession, is unlawful.

    The intention of those Acts, instigated by Zionists, follows the 1864 declaration: "The pretext for stopping any publication will be the alleged plea that it is agitating the public mind without occasion or justification". But there is every justification for warning people of the evils that have been planned and that are being carried out. This has been a Christian nation for almost two thousand years, and we were warned that we could serve either God or money, but not both (Matthew 6,24). Yet at present our leaders are busy serving "money". The fact that they are
attempting to prevent people finding out the real implications of the Treaty on European Union is in itself an indication that their activities are treasonable (under the Treason and Treason-Felony Acts). It is even being referred to as the Maastricht Treaty to help hide its objectives.

    The conclusion is inescapable. For almost two millenia Britain has had a Christian civilization. In the 20th Century alone our people have taken part in two major wars to defend this. The attacks that we have had to repel have been primarily a blockade to prevent imports of essential foods and raw materials, destruction of our industry, a threatened invasion and attacks on morale;

    The international bankers Mammon have mounted similar attacks, directly and through their agents, but using non-military weapons. Thus, implementation of European Community legislation is resulting in external control of our food supplies, that could easily be cut off, while steadily destroying our agriculture. At the same time the Merchant Navy and Royal Navy have been cut down to far below a viable strength.

    After Mr. Edward Heath (advised by Victor Rothschild) and M. Pompidou (a former employee of Guy de Rothschild) met in Paris in October 1972 to discuss the terms of Britain's entry into the European Community, Mr. John Davies, who had been present as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, reported that these terms included the run-down of our science, technology and industry (now almost completed), and the eradication of the Monarchy (which is under increasing media and parliamentary attack). In return, London would become the
financial centre of Europe. (The recent IRA attacks would seem to cast doubt on that. Other contenders are Frankfurt, the original home of the Rothschilds, and Paris, their present headquarters).

    The threatened invasion and attacks on morale are also practically completed. Without consulting the British people an estimated 15 million people with few or no ties of loyalty to this country have been brought here. (The populations of other "white" countries are being similarly diluted.) Forcing on us a multicultural society is helping to carry out the command to "destroy all things traditional". Among these newcomers and their offspring are many who could, if other methods are unsuccessful, form the "cannon-fodder" for the meticulously planned
"revolution". One intelligence officer described this to me as "the most completely documented revolution in history, and we aren't allowed to do a thing about it". Quite the reverse the police are under attack,
while not only have the armed forces been run down, but control of those that remain has been handed over to the "United Nations", for use in the wars that they are instigating in the process of setting up the One
World dictatorship.

    A pressure group allied to the Bilderberg Group is the Trilateral Commission. This was the group that arranged for the collapse of the Soviet Union. At their meeting this spring (1993) they have
decided that there should be a United Nations World Army, with NATO taken over and all national forces disbanded. In place of the present "peace-keeping" role of the UN it would be empowered to
intervene in the affairs of sovereign nations. The most important policy that they wish to enforce is race-mixing, with a planned "migration regime". Such a policy is already embodied in the Treaty on European Union. If successful it would make effective opposition to the planned dictatorship seem impossible.

    All these factors help to reduce morale, particularly as they are being accompanied by repressive legislation designed to suppress dissemination of knowlege of the plans and legitimate criticism. It does not help
that many of the bankers' agents are in Parliament, the Privy Council, the Civil Service, and also the Churches all these being the enemy within while the news media is under tight control designed to prevent essential information, such as that in the previous paragraph, being revealed.

    It has been mentioned that Zionist pressure groups seek to "investigate", and then to smear or in other ways attack, not only people who show that the 'Holocaust'was bogus, but also all those who are patriotic or who oppose any of the schemes of the bankers. They are in a strong position, as evidenced by the fact that the Board of Deputies of British Jews (now taken over by Zionist agents) and their agents are for all prac-
tical purposes immune from prosecution. These have been responsible for setting up Anti-Fascist Action and the Anti-Racist Alliance in this country.

    A member of the ARA is about to lay before Parliament a Bill purporting to outlaw racial and religious "harassment", that could well bring the police to a stand-still if it became mandatory for them to investigate all the malicious complaints made possible by the Bill. Already laws based on lies and falsehood have to be enforced more rigorously than laws based on Christian morality, and when they are mutually exclusive the former take precedence. An equivalent organisation in the United States is the Anti-Defamation League, which has now been exposed as having as one of its main functions acting as a major spy ring, channelling information to Mossad the bankers' intelligence organisation.

    Dishonesty, corruption and sheer evil abound, so that it is no wonder that for a successful Federal Europe and One World dictatorship those responsible should have realised that the eradication of'Christianity, with its insistence on Truth, is necessary. But perhaps the most important component of the attack on morale apart from the use of hypnotic techniques by TV has been to inculcate a defeatist attitude, so that people make no attempt to halt these evil plans. But they were made in the first place by only a very small number of individuals, and are dependent on large-scale financial support for their implementation. If any major nation could turn out the traitors within and then act decisively, the whole edifice would collapse like a pack of cards.

    In Chapter 18 of the Apocalypse we are reminded that Babylon, the money-power, will be overcome and destroyed. She is not invincible.
Sooner or later God will triumph, with Mammon routed, and a Christian way of life restored. We can help to make it "sooner".

"And I say unto thee, That thou art Peter, and
upon this rock I will build my church and the
gates of Hell shall not prevail against it."
(Matthew,16, 18)

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