Undermining Civilization

    The implementation of this propaganda would seem to have two motives. One is to inculcate beliefs that, when acted on, are to the financial advantage of the international bankers. Anti-apartheid propaganda has already been mentioned. The attack on South Africa would ensure that they obtain control of strategic minerals. The implementation of most environmental propaganda would result in the complete destruction of our industry and almost all our agriculture. False dietary propaganda, such as the bogus suggestions that red meat and other sources of protein are bad for us helps to mask the extent to which agriculture is being run down as a result of European Community legislation. A lack of energy, industry, and agriculture enfeebles the nation, so that it will be less able to fight back when the people eventually realise just how they have been betrayed by the politicians who are seeking to have us ensnared in the intended Federal Europe.

    Both the "global warming" and ozone layer scare campaigns are based on fallacies, but are having the effect of harming industry. Similarly, the bogus anti-smoking campaign (diesel smoke causes lung cancer) and the equally bogus "lead in petrol" scare campaign (the symptoms cited are those of overdoses of tranquillisers) are designed to promote diesel at the expense of petrol, this leading to higher profits for the oil companies. The anti-smoking campaign has the added 'advantage' that other statistics can be 'weighted' for smoking, thus obtaining more desired but incorrect 'results'. And in research, having to accept these falsehoods means that there is a rippling-out effect with spreading errors. To help hide this the United Nations has arranged for almost all scientific definitions to be changed, to make it more difficult to understand older, but more correct, work.

    The other motive is the introduction of factors which have led to the downfall of previous civilisations. Population planning groups investigated these in the period immediately after World War 2. The main factors identified were:

    Since then each of these factors has become enshrined in our legislation, and the results are now only too apparent. Bureaucracy has become rampant since we entered the European Community, and this shows up
in the level of the debt that the Government now owes to the international bankers:

1694: ................. £1,200,000

1815: ............. £800,000,000

1919: .......... £7,000,000,000

1945: ........ £21,000,000,000

1970: ........ £33,700,000,000

1979: ........ £95,100,000,000

1980: ........ £95,300,000,000

1981: .......£112,800,000,000

1984: .......£142,000,000,000

1990: .......£171,000,000,000

    The interest payable on the £1.2 million borrowed in 1694 was at 8 per cent. After 298 years the total interest payments on that original loan were approximately £29.0 million.

    In 1980 the interest paid to the bankers was £9,000 million, this being 10.6 per cent of the total government expenditure. In 1992 the interest paid to the bankers was £15,400 million.

    Eike the banker who gave the 1864 talk, Communists have advocated setting up a Federal Europe, as a stage on the way to the One World State. In 1928 the Communist International presented a three-stage plan for achieving this:

    The 19th Century Satanist, Moses Hess (the mentor of Karl Marx) advocated divide and rule tactics, workers v management was one of the planks of Communist propaganda. Coloured v white and female v male, that he thought would be even more effective, are enshrined in United Nations anti-discrimination laws and recommendations, followed by inclusion in national laws, so that these prejudices are now deemed to be "politically correct".

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