Bankers Shelter Behind the "Jews"

    Very few Jews would knowingly go along with the stated intention:
    "... it is indispensible to stir up the people's relations with their governments in all countries so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissention, hatred, struggle, envy and even to use torture, starvation, the inoculation of disease and want, so that people see no other course open to them than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else." Thus the escalation of these evils during this century has not been due to "chance". Also, the bankers would not wish the majority of members of the Jewish religion of whatever race to know that:
    "... if any States raise a protest against us it is only pro forma at our discretion, and by our direction, for their anti-Semitism is indispensible to us for the management of our lesser brethren". That is why they have spent so much effort in attempting to have publication of The Protocols banned.

    The policy of race-mixing, particularly of genetically incompatible races, is one of the more important methods being used to destroy the opposition, by physically and morally enfeebling those nations that might be a threat to the establishment of the intended bankers' dictatorship. It is something that has been known to be wrong ever since God dispersed those attempting to build the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11, 5-10).
German Jews were very unpopular with the Zionists, because they refused to let them hold the first Zionist Congress in Germany in 1897, and so they became the target for the carefully orchestrated series of events in Germany in the 1930s, that included a well-publicised campaign for "racial purity", and culminated in the bogus 'Holocaust' arid "gas chamber" propaganda. The evidence against this is irrefutable.

    The claim is that six million Jews had been killed in gas chambers in Germany and Poland. The original claim at the end of the war was that there had been execution gas chambers (as distinct from fumigation gas chambers) in all the concentration camps. Those in Germany, however, were open to inspection after she surrendered, and careful investigations showed that there had not been gas chambers or mass killings in any of
them. A large number of concentration camp inmates did die. The Times Central Europe correspondent put the total at about 750,000. The largest single racial or national group was the men from the Soviet Union who had gone over to the Germans in the hope of being allowed to assist in the liberation of their own people from the Stalin terror regime. Most of these starved to death because they received no food parcels. Apart from them, the Times correspondent found that the deaths were proportional to the numbers in each racial group. Most of these deaths occurred in the last few months of the war, when Allied bombing played havoc with food distribution.

    The cause of death was primarily a virulent typhus epidemic that affected both camps and the surrounding countryside. The Allied intelligence officers who first went into Belsen were surprised to find that the Jewish inmates there knew nothing of the alleged killings in gas chambers. The typhus epidemic resulted in the piles of bodies that were photographed while awaiting mass burial, and it would seem to be those photographs that have since been produced as the bodies of "gas chamber" victims. Given this use of the photographs one might even wonder about the source of that virulent infection.

With the German camps eliminated, that meant that the "six million" had to be accounted for in camps located in Poland. Four million deaths were allocated to Auschwitz, although in 1989 the Zionists downgraded that figure to 1.6 million. To try to intimidate people who were questioning whether there had ever been gas chambers several prosecutions were initiated by the Anti-Defamation League during the 1980s, including that of Ernst Zundel in Canada. It was alleged that to deny the validity of the "Holocaust" was a criminal offence. Three tech- nical lines of evidence among the overwhelming amount assembled for the trials are sufficient to show that there could not have been gas chambers or mass killings.

    Because Zyklon B was used in the camps for delousing purposes it was chosen as the "gas" to be "used" in the alleged "gas chambers". It is a cyanide preparation that requires heating to drive off the cyanide, while a 24-hour ventilation period is needed before it is safe for operators to enter an enclosed area containing it. Yet it is claimed that the crystals were merely dropped through vents, whereupon the victims died almost immediately, and then a very short time later their bodies were removed for cremation. That would have been a technical impossibility.

    Some States in the USA use cyanide chambers for executions. Fred Leuchter, the engineer responsible for the design and construction of such chambers investigated the "gas chambers" at Auschwitz and Birkenau. He found that the alleged chambers had not, and could not have been, used for the purpose. It has now been admitted that those "gas chambers" shown to tourists are fakes, produced by the Soviets after the war. Mr. Leuchter also found that there were no means at either camp to dispose of those large numbers of bodies in the manner that had been described. Since he produced this evidence he has been under virulent personal and professional attack by Zionist pressure groups.

    The third, and conclusive, line of evidence has been produced by John C. Ball, an expert in the interpretation of aerial photographs. He obtained from the US National Archives Air Photo Library wartime aerial photographs of the camps in Poland where the alleged killings had taken place and also, for comparison, photographs of the Katyn Forest, Belsen and Hamburg, where mass burials had actually taken place. These
photographs make it abundantly clear that in none of the alleged sites could mass burials have taken place.

    Particularly interesting was the photograph taken on 25 August 1944. A publication in 1979, The Holocaust Revisited, reproduced an aerial photograph for 25 August 1944 which showed marks alleged to be vents used to insert Zyklon B crystals, groups of prisoners, and so on. These marks were not present on the original photograph. Ball provides evidence that the crucial marks were later additions to a copy of the original photograph. For example, the marks did not have shadows, like the rest of the structures on the photographs, while some marks, alleged to be groups of people, overlapped onto the roof of the adjacent building.

    Now that almost all of the people who originally investigated it are very old or dead, the 'Holocaust' propaganda has been revived and has become the excuse for denigrating people who oppose race-mixing policies. As a result, it becomes all too easy to equate patriotism, and hence other opposition to the bankers' schemes, with "racism", "fascism", "Nazi-ism", "neo-Nazi-ism" and then "anti-semitism", even though this last consists of the non-semitic accusing the Semitic of "anti-semitism". Not long ago the Council of Christians and Jews even branded an intended talk on The Threat to Christianity from Europe as "anti-Semitic". That was rather a give-away. Federal Europe will have laws rather like those of Stalin's Soviet Union, where Christianity was outlawed.

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