Pressure Groups and Terrorists - a Private Army

    In 1846 a leading French banker had given a talk to a Freemasons' meeting in Paris. In it he outlined plans, both financial and non-financial, for gaining world domination. The text of his talk was acquired by the
Imperial Russian intelligence service. At the turn of the century, when the implementation of those plans was well on the way it had been said that Russia was an obstacle whose destruction was essential they gave it to a Professor Nilus to add as an appendix to a book he was writing. It was he who gave it the title The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, even though it predated the launching of Zionism by over 30 years. The bankers' main agents in World Jewry are Zionists.

    Their financial plans are now well on the way to completion (see Annex B). With them are the political moves intended to culminate first in a Federal Europe the crucial step and then in a One World State, with the dictator of the Federal Europe (the President of the Executive Council of the European Central Bank) apparently being the person to take over as the One World dictator. That One World dictatorship is now referred to as the "New World Order". There was also the question of preventing effective opposition. The plans for this are also in the process of being implemented. Prominent among them are the policies of race-mixing and racial hatred, and the spread of perversion and moral filth.

    In any nation or community there are always a certain number of criminals, even though the majority are law-abiding. The Jews are no exception. Here the bankers and their associates may be looked upon as
the major criminals, in the same way that the Pharisees and Sadducees were at the time of Christ. They wish to embroil the rest of the Jews, so that any criticism of the bankers could be treated as a criticism of all Jews. We saw one technique in action in December 1983. As the 'Anti-Fascist Action' race-hate campaign was being launched, a Jewish Youth meeting was held in Oxford. From the report in the Jewish Chronicle we learnt that these young people had been told that if their parents objected to what they were doing they should "do the dirty on their parents". In his book By Way of Deception Victor Ostrovsky has written that in London alone there are about 2,000 "sayanim" (Mossed agents) and another 5,000 in reserve. He records that they are taught to build
hiding places for their weapons. Here we need to remember that Mossad grew out of the pre-Israel bankers' intelligence operation, and that it operates almost independently of the Israeli government.

    Anti-nuclear pressure groups have already been mentioned, and 'Anti-Fascist Action' would seem to be another pressure group, but of a rather different kind. Since World War II a complex network of pressure groups has developed, ranging from the apparently innocuous, such as the Ramblers Association, through the anti-nuclear groups that attack the financial targets of the bankers (such as Sellafield), to overtly terrorist groups such as the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the African National Congress (ANC). Within this network an important group are theenvironmental pressure groups. They could be said to be pseudo-moral, and seek to gain members by working on the emotions. Their activities are aimed at harming industry and agriculture. Sometimes groups such as the animal "rights" groups and even Christian Aid use violence, while the terrorist groups have violence as their main occupation.

    There is close co-operation between the various terrorist groups. At the time of the Geneva Conference on Rhodesia there was a week's adjournment, during which time the Foreign Office arranged for Mugabe and his colleagues to fly to Dublin for an international terrorist conference. While in Ireland they recruited 15 members of the IRA to go to southern Africa to train terrorists in the use of explosives. Annex C gives details from a terrorist training course that was run in Angola. Periodically riots are organised as rehearsals, or to try out techniques.
Members of the public who join in enthusiastically are recruited and sent to one of a number of camps around the world for training.

    When Henry Kissinger went to South Africa in 1978 to the meeting that forced the Rhodesians to agree to a "multi-racial" government, he stopped off in Nairobi. In a speech there he assured the terrorists ("freedom fighters") that they would receive help from the multi-national companies in return for handing over to the multi-nationals all the mineral rights as they took over in southern African countries. More recently we have learnt that the ANC received $200 million per annum from the multi-nationals for their services in helping to overthrow the South African government. At another level it came out at the Windscale Inquiry that the whole of the anti-nuclear case was being financed by a cousin of the director of the rival French firm. There would seem to
be a real sense in which many terrorist and pressure groups can be looked on as comprising a private army for the bankers and the multinational companies that they control.

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