"War Crimes" Used as a Weapon

    According to the media Saddam Hussein was a ''war criminal". There would seem to be no hard facts to support that statement. Yet there has been no suggestion that the massacres carried out by the American forces should be described as "war crimes". It would seem that there is a peculiar selectivity about the events that are and are not described as "war crimes". The selective attacks on hospitals, in December 1961, by
United Nations forces (during their attack on Katanga an African state with valuable mineral deposits) were never so described. Similarly, in the civil war in the Sudan there have been large scale massacres of
Christians in the south. Again the suggestion that these might be "war crimes" has not been raised.

    Yet the imaginary 'Holocaust' is so described. Germany, the victim of that fraud, has even passed a law making it a criminal offence to produce evidence that it was indeed a case of obtaining money under false pretences. The British Government has forced through a War Crimes Act (after it had been rejected by the House of Lords as being contrary to fundamental principles of English law) to promote the persecution of
elderly men alleged to have committed such offences, while the Secretary of State for Education has made the teaching of the 'Holocaust' mythology in schools mandatory after the evidence that it never took place
became conclusive. And now we have the allegation that some Argentinian invaders who died fighting in the Falklands War were the victims of "war crimes". (The motive for that invasion would seem to have been that the Falklands should be taken over preparatory to becoming part of the South American Region of the intended One World.)

    Could it be that "war criminal" is really a term used for peoplewhom the bankers wish to denegrate, and like "anti-semitism", is not used with its ostensible meaning? The planting and spreading of false rumours is a recognised weapon of war, and papers recently released by the Public Records Office give details of a variety of rumours launched by British Intelligence during World War II. Another example has been the disinformation put out by the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, that resulted in the bombing of Libya by the United States Libya being another independent oil-producing state. Wartime intelligence reports from Auschwitz included mention of rumours that swept through the camp (but no mention of gas chambers or mass killings), but after the war we learnt that the Zyklon B used in de-lousing chambers "was used for gas chambers" was one such rumour.

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