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Blood and Honour - the Way Forward is a very special project to this author. The topic had been on my mind for a long time, working its way outwards but never quite reaching my hand.

When it did happen, the circumstances were peculiar and not without significance. The book was written more or less in one day, after a seemingly endless weekend of heavy partying. Now , that doesn't sound very proper or glorious, I know. But it was this very party which made me realize that the job just had to be done - never mind that my hand was shaking.

That weekend, far away from the "mainstream" of Europe, in a country where national pride is the order of the day, where the graffitti more often than not display our scarred symbols, where the barbers must have a booming business from the nation's young men, and where a pint of Europe's very best beer will set your back about 30p, I spent more than a few quid with a bunch of young men and women who have formed their own branch of Blood & Honour. They had few resources if you only look to their wallets. No 88 glossy pages wrapped in a colour here. But when it comes to will-power and determination the colourful Playboy-patriots of JewSA and Nerdland can eat their hearts out. The zines may have been photocopied but they were plenty and political. And they were written, published and distributed in a spirit of optimism we Westerners are sadly lacking. Their questions reflected this attitude and their urge for information, contact and co-operation was only surpassed by their exteme hospitality and friendliness.

I not only personally owe a debt hard to pay back to these good comrades. We all the veterans of the Movement owe these young berserkers and valkries something which we simply must deliver. No longer can we serve them up non-stop stories of intrigue, gossip, splits and accusations, or allow them to repeat the mistakes we have made in the past and paid dearly for. These are our fresh troops and very likely our last resources. They must be sent out to war well-equipped. Relying on our guidance and assistance, they shall have it!

I have mentioned one particular country simply because that is where I had my personal experience. But a similar scenario exists in many, many other places (though the power of ZOG may be stronger and the prices of beer higher). With this little book I hope that I will have contributed at least a bit towards informing and guiding both veterans and the young blood about our Movement and how it should lead its troops into the next century, the millenium of total White power.

I dedicate this book to my late and great comrade IAN STUART for inspiration, and to my good friend KATARINA for taking care of me through the partying and its aftermath.

Chapter One: Farewell to the Arguments