At Combat 18, one thing we suffer no lack of is media coverage. Read any newspaper article on the issue of race or any report of a so-called "racist attack" and it is certain that our name will crop up sooner rather than later.

From the newspaper coverage we receive, it is clear that journalists all share the same limited vocabulary. For every mention of Combat 18, there is always a corresponding appearance of the same key words and phrases - "violent", "neo-Nazi", "terror", "skinhead", "hooliganism".

Those of you who have made it to this page are, of course, unlikely to believe everything you read in the newspapers. You will however never have seen, in any newspaper, any explanation of our motivation. You will never have seen any answer to the simple question "Why?"

Why is it that we are so committed to our cause? Why is it that we are so convinced of the righteousness of our cause and beliefs that we are prepared to go to jail for them and, if necessary, die for them.

We have posted our Code of Honour on this website to answer these questions.



Our Code of Honour


The concept of honour is central to National Socialism and all National Socialists are obliged by their honour to act in certain ways: with nobility of character. Furthermore, to live by honour means that one is prepared to die rather than be dishonoured.

As National Socialists we have duties and obligations. We have a duty to fight for our race and for the cause of National Socialism itself. We have an obligation to strive to make the ideal of honour real in our own lives; to make that ideal live within us. In this way National Socialists embody all that is best in our race and in the civilizations that our race has created over millennia.

It is no coincidence that the motto of the SS was "Meine Ehre heisst Treue", "My honour means I am loyal." For the warriors of the SS, their honour meant that they were and would be loyal to Adolf Hitler unto death. The oath that each member of the SS swore meant something deeply personal and significant to every person who took that oath: they meant it and were prepared to live their lives in accordance with that oath and, if necessary or if it was required of them, to die because of it. To do anything else was dishonourable and ignoble - a sign of weakness - and totally unbecoming of a National Socialist, never mind a member of the SS.

Many who call or have called themselves National Socialists since the immolation of Adolf Hitler have either not understood the concept of honour or ignored it. It needs to be stated and repeated as often as possible that unless a person is prepared to strive to be honourable - and to take a real oath on their honour to the Cause and the Leader - then they have no right at all to call or describe themselves as National Socialists. An oath on honour means what it says - to break that oath is dishonourable, a cowardly act, and as such deserves death or everlasting ignominy.

Of course, mere supporters of our Cause are not expected to live and die by this hard code of honour, but we activists are, we who aspire to represent National Socialism and all that it stands for. And if some so-called present-day "National Socialists" do not like, or disagree with this, then they simply do not understand National Socialism and had better leave, for the Cause is better off without them. At this critical time in the history of our race and civilization, only the best will do. We National Socialists are, or should strive to be, an example for others to follow: an example of the nobility, idealism, heroism and self-sacrifice of our race.

Accordingly, National Socialists will strive to be honourable and act honourably in all that they do. Of course, this is an ideal and would be difficult to achieve even in better social conditions than exist in the decadent societies of the System today. What is important above all though is that this ideal exists and is aspired to: only in this way can the excellence of the National Socialist spirit be forged.

What this means on a practical level is that each National Socialist will set themself standards - of behaviour, dress, conduct and so on - and then strive to attain and maintain those standards.This means that each National Socialist will also not compromise on those standards: we will not accomodate ourselves to the many and varied forms of decadence and degeneracy that exist today. Most importantly, our honour means that we will not undertake - to further the cause or otherwise - any acts or actions which are dishonourable.

True National Socialists will already possess an instinctive sense of honour and will instinctively know what is right, even if they cannot express it in words. In the same way, someone who does not already possess this instinct for what is honourable and noble cannot be or hope to become a National Socialist.

There can be no excuses for breaking our code of honour, however dire the situation. The honourable person always acts honourably, whatever the circumstances. To do otherwise, is to betray one's self and to betray what one believes in and is prepared to die for. It is individuals of such noble character who have made our race and our civilization great and it is individuals of such character who form the essence of National Socialism.

It is to preserve and advance this ideal that we at Blood and Honour/ Combat 18 reject the approach of those organised Nationalist parties who operate an open membership policy in which the only thing that matters is the number of people joining up and paying over their annual subsription. By operating such a policy, these organisations willingly sacrifice all control over the quality of their membership and open the door to a membership comprised of people whose merit is completely untested and whose suitabilty is never questioned.


This is not, and never will be, our approach. If we allow into our ranks those of a dishonourable nature - for whatever reason, be it to gain more followers or income - then we destroy what we fundamentally believe in and are fighting for. This, like being honourable and doing one's duty to the race, is hard, but it is a fact of existence.


To live and act honourably, to be a National Socialist, takes courage. National Socialism and honour are inseperable for the greatest honour is to have fought for the race with honour, courage and devotion to duty.