No. 45       MARCH 2002        VOICE OF THE VANGUARD

An occasional report by Colin Jordan

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    Shortly following our last issue in September of last year; there came the spectacular attack on the citadel of America's economic globalism, its World Trade Centre, and on the headquarters of its military arm the Pentagon, in retaliation for America's worldwide interference and influence, including its sponsorship of Israel, the persecutor of the Palestinians.
    George Bush, that puerile performer in the razzmatazz which characterises American presidential politics, was instantly supported in his pitiful display of blusterous bravado by Britain's posturing pygmy of a prime minister, Tony Blair, intent on proving all the promptitude of some Pavlovian poodle to the stimulus provided by his master.  These human twin towers of political trash and trickery hastened to vow vengeance in unison, declaring in duet a world war on 'terrorism', meaning any forceful manifestation of resistance to economic or political or military aggression lacking the seal of approval of the high priests of Anglo-American globalism in their self-righteous domineering of the world through their 'New World Order' of dollar democracy.

    These terrible two have in so doing presented themselves in the spurious raiment of saintly warriors for civilisation engaged in a crusade against 'evil', to quote the ludicrously simplistic designation of braggart Bush, the constant buffoon, who initially christened as 'Infinite Justice' - their escapade in defence of deranged 'democracy' and all other things bright and beautiful,  later revising it to a similar pomposity of 'Enduring Freedom'.  To this twisted end they have laboriously built up Osama bin Laden as some gigantic global bogey on the basis of florid and flimsy allegations, highly suggestive of fabrication.

    On this tenuous and tendentious basis, they have proceeded to indulge in another bout of Anglo-American terrorism, following up their bombing and invasion of Iraq and Yugoslavia with their bombing and invasion of Afghanistan, here as there slaughtering hundreds of innocent civilians, including children, in the process.  British taxpayers are now left to luxuriate in the knowledge that, after paying heavily for the destruction in Afghanistan; they are now to have the further pleasure of contributing £200 million towards rebuilding the ruins, as just a small part of the colossal cost of foreign purposes entailed in the enforcement of the New World Order of Blair and Bush.

    The key to an understanding of all this weird procedure lies in the perception of the trouble spot of Israel as a foreign body in an Arab world, and the legitimate hostility in that world to an America and Britain who have allowed the foundation of that foreign body, upstart in its aspirations and tyrannical in its treatment of displaced Arabs, and upheld it despite its wrong doing, due to the power and pressure of their exceedingly powerful Jewish populations.  Blair and Bush in their association thus with Israeli terrorism against the Palestinians are progenitors of Arab counter-terrorism.

    Our proper cause and concern is not to function as an appendage of Bush's New World Order in association with American and Israeli terrorism against the Arab terrorism they have provoked, but as an independent entity of national and racial self-interest. Our ultimate enemy is not such as Osama bin Laden but Blair and Bush and the like.


    The World Trade Centre, pinnacle of American globalising stood in the midst of almost two million  Jews who inhabit the city of New York according to the statistic of the London Jewish Chronicle (9 November, 2001).  Their outgoing mayor is being replaced by 'Billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg' according to the same source.  The World Trade centre itself was owned by Jewish property developer Larry Silverstein, here pictured.
    The huge and immensely powerful Jewish population of America is organised as the country's dominant pressure force: an outpost of Israel ensuring support for Israel firstly by cash, secondly by control of state policy. They have caused the greater part of American overseas aid to go to their ultimate motherland, totalling $133.142 billion since 1949 (Insight, Canada, December 2001). Without this subsidy and their own contributions Israel would collapse.
    They have caused the American government continually to champion Israel in world affairs, invariably using its veto in the UN Security Council to protect that errant country from punishment.  While Israel's opponent, Iraq, has been bombed by America on the pretext of breaking UN resolutions, Israel's violations of UN resolutions go on unchecked, and it continues to maintain
and expand Jewish settlement on the West Bank in former Palestine.
A decade or so ago George Bush's father, as then president, went on the warpath against Iraq, then also with Britain in tow, in a venture of American globalism advertised as inaugurating his New World Order as the term he coined for such.  A great pretender like his son, he solemnly asserted 'our way of life is at stake'.  He put troops into Saudi Arabia which have stayed ever since, pushed a dozen resolutions against Iraq through the UN Security Council, and with bribes and pressure created a 27-nation coalition against Iraq which he then proceeded to bomb barbarously, killing many civilians.
    He did this not for any star-spangled ideals but for the combination of oil and the favour of the Six Million, meaning not the alleged death toll of Jews in concentration camps but the extent of live and voting Jews in the U.S.A.  Oil, through his Midland Oil Company of Houston, had made him a millionaire, and when it merged with Harken Energy Corporation of Dallas the latter signed an agreement with Bahrein, near to Kuwait, for a monopoly in the development, production and marketing of all of Bahrein's offshore oil worth billions. He thus had a private interest of his purse in contesting Iraq and its oil, and this had a happy concurrence in the interests of expansionist Israel and its Six Million adherents in the U.S.A.
    Now his son sees in the attack on the twin towers a great opportunity not only to get into Afghanistan - a pipeline through which would enable control of the oil and gas resources of the Caspian basin, the greatest source of untapped fossil fuel on earth - but also to pursue further his
father's design against Iraq, and ambitions elsewhere; all under the banner of saving the world from 'terrorism'. Preparing his take off, he told Newsweek back in November that 'Saddam is evil ...', shortly followed by a pronouncement that 'Afghanistan is just the beginning of a war on terrorism',
reported in the UK Guardian (27 November, 2001) which spoke of 'US ambitions to be the world's super-enforcer, whatever the problems'.
    The US Deputy Secretary of Defence, the Jew Paul D. Wolfowitz, was identified in the New York Times (12 October, 2001) as heading 'a tight-knit group of Pentagon officials and defense experts' who are 'working to mobilize support for a military operation to oust President Saddam Hussein ,of
Iraq as the next phase of the war against terrorism.'


    The attack on the twin towers of American globalism last September has  to be understood in its genesis in the war of terrorism conducted by Jews in the Arab land of Palestine against both the British and the Arabs and resulting in Britain's relinquishment of her rule there, the dispossession
of the Arabs, and the seizure of the country by the Jews.
    Even while Britain was still fighting the Jews' enemy, Germany, assassins of the Stern Gang - an organisation of Jewish terrorists headed by Itzhak Shamir, who later became a Prime Minister of Israel - went to Cairo and murdered Lord Moyne, Britain's Colonial Secretary for Palestine, on 6 November, 1944.  Caught and hanged, Shamir in 1976 had their remains returned to Israel for a hero's funeral.  Shamir was also behind the murder four years later of Count Foike Bernadotte, the UN envoy seeking a peaceful solution of the situation in Palestine.
    Between 1944 and 1948 the terrorists of Icgun Zvei Leumi and Stern Gang, with the tacit connivance of the Jewish authorities and their population, pursued their murderous campaign.
    In 1944:- 14 February, British police inspector and a constable fatally wounded.  2 March, British police constable shot.  23 March, chief clerk and 2 constables killed at Tel Aviv District Police HQ, and at Haifa 3 British constables killed in bombed Police HQ, and in Jerusalem an Assistant Police Supt. shot and killed at Police HQ. 8 August, 10 British constables killed in attempted assassination of British High Commissioner who was wounded.  29 August, senior police official assassinated on his way to his office.  29 September, Assistant Police Supt. shot and killed.
    1946:-  25 April, attack on a guarded car park at Tel Aviv: attackers went into the sleeping tents and killed 7 soldiers in bed.  22 July, explosives detonated at King David Hotel in Jerusalem, British Army HQ offices, 91 killed.  13 November, 2 British constables killed by bombs. 18 November, British captain and 4 soldiers killed by bombs.  Same month 9 killed or injured in a bombed government office.  2 December, 4 British soldiers killed by mine.  At Xmas police headquarters blown up killing 6.  26 December, 4 Britons whipped with 18 lashes each.  29 December, a Brigade Major of 2nd Parachute Brigade kidnapped, stripped and flogged, and at the same time 3 British non-commissioned officers also flogged elsewhere.  Casualties in 1946 were 49 soldiers killed and 122 wounded, and 28 police officers killed and 34 wounded.
    1947:-  12 January 2, British constables killed and others wounded in explosives attack on Haifa Police HQ.  1 March, Goldsmith Officers' Club in Jerusalem destroyed with explosives and other outrages the same day, altogether killing 18 and injuring 85.  18 April, attack on 61 Field Dressing
Station in Nathania killing a sentry and blowing up the medical inspection room.  20 April, bomb  thrown at Red Cross Convalescent Depot cinema injuring a number of  British soldiers.  22 April, Stern Gang attack on Cairo-Haifa train killing 5 soldiers and wounding 23.  26 April, police supt. murdered in Haifa by Stern Gang.  9 June, 2 British policemen seized, stripped and flogged. 31 July, discovery of the bodies of the two British sergeants, Paice and Martin, seized on 13 July, whipped and hanged and their bodies booby-trapped.  In August a government building blown up and 3 British constables killed. 26 September, 4 British policemen killed. 29 September, Irgun attack on Haifa Police HQ killing 9 policeman and 4 civilians. At the New Year a British officer and an Arab policeman murdered and 4 British  soldiers seriously injured.

Above: Left and right, 2 of Israel's terrorist premiers.

    1948:-  In February 27 British soldiers and airmen were killed and 35 wounded in attack on a train at Rehovoth and on the 23rd of that month Jews broke into the Wallach Hospital in Jerusalem and shot two wounded British policemen in bed.  At the same time others broke into the Hadassah Clinic in Jerusalem and killed another British policeman.

    By the time Britain terminated its Mandate in May of that year and withdrew her Forces, 150 British soldiers and 70 British policemen had been murdered by the Jewish terrorists who founded the
gangster state of Israel on the theft of Arab land. Bush's USA declares war on Arab terrorism while in
league with Jewish terrorism then and now.

PICTURED ABOVE, SUMMARISING THE WAR AGAINST BRITAIN BY THE JEWISH TERRORISTS, ARE THE DEAD BODIES OF BRITISH ARMY SGTS. PAICE AND MARTIN LEFT HANGING IN A EUCALYPTUS GROVE IN NATHANYA IN 1947 -  Menachem Begin, head of the Jewish terrorists of Irgun Zvei Leumi, later admitted responsibility, but was nevertheless allowed into Britain in 1972 as Israel's Prime Minister, guarded by the British Police whose men he had had murdered earlier on.  Now British Forces are being sent out and British citizens taxed in consequence of Arab retaliation for Israel's continuing terrorism.

AMERICAN JEWS BACK TERRORISTS AGAINST BRITAIN. "Every time you blow up a British arsenal or wreck a British jail, or send a British railroad train sky high, or rob a British bank or let go with your guns and bombs at the British betrayers and invaders of your homeland, the Jews in America make a little holiday in their hearts." - Jewish playwright Ben Hecht in P.M.  New York, 1947.  The New York Herald-Tribune (15 May, 1947) had a full-page advertisement, signed by Ben Hecht, calling for funds to equip the Jewish terrorists in Palestine.  The American government, now intent on scouring the world for terrorists against Israel and Zionist USA, never lifted a finger against the funding of terrorists then against the British.
THE SPIRIT OF JEWISH TERRORISM.  "For the Lehi (Stern Gang) on the other hand, an Englishman would always be a filthy Goy, who could be killed for this reason alone." - from "Memoirs of an Assassin - confessions of a Stern Gang killer" by 'Avner' (Blond, London, 1959, Page 79).
JEWISH COMPLICITY-  The British Colonial Office White Paper on Palestine (Cmd.6873) exposed the collusion between the Stern Gang and Irgun and the Jewish Agency, the representative corporate body of the Jews in Palestine under the British Mandate, whose executive chairman was Ben Gurion who became later a Prime Minister of Israel.  In a speech to university students in 1950, Prime Minister Ben Gurion is reported to have said: 'You have to strive ardently by conquest or by diplomacy to establish the Israeli Empire which must cover the whole territory from the Nile to the Euphrates.'

    Having used terrorism to induce the British to quit Palestine the same people used similar means  to cow, stampede and evict and overthrow the Arab inhabitants of Palestine.  On 10 April, 1948, Irgun and Stern gangsters massacred the people of Nasr el Din.  On 5 May they performed the Khoury massacre, machine-gunning the people of this village, killing and mutilating women and children, beheading the aged and cutting off their hands and feet. Young people were put in a petroleum drenched house and roasted alive.  Eight days later on 13 May they repeated their methods at Belt Drass, slaughtering the villagers, bayonetting pregnant women in the abdomen, and mutilating bodies.
    At the village of Deir Yassin in the same year and for the same purpose they excelled themselves. The Irgun Zvei Leumi gangsters of future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin slaughtered 250 of the men, women and children of this Arab village.  Of these, 52 children were maimed, slain and their heads cut off in front of their mothers who in turn were killed and their bodies mutilated.  25 pregnant women were bayonetted in the abdomen while still alive. Mutilated corpses were thrown into the village well.
    Britain's Secretary of State for the Colonies said in the House of Commons 12 April, 1948, "This barbarous aggression was a proof of savagery. It was a crime that added up to a long list of atrocities committed by the Zionists to this day and for which we can find no words of revulsion and grave concern."
    The state of Israel having come into being, made by terrorism, it continued to manifest the methods of its makers.  And so we come to its present ruler, the murderous Ariel Sharon.  Back in 1953 he set up a special unit responsible for an attack on the Jordanian village of Kibbiya on the night of 14 October whereby 69 Arabs - men, women and children - were killed. Sharon thereafter rose to earn the title of 'The Butcher of Beirut', having been made Minister of Defence by the then terrorist ruler of Israel, none other than Menachem Begin of Irgun.  The Israeli Army having at Sharon's direction invaded Lebanon, on 16 September, 1982, army units were' surrounding the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camps.  With Israeli connivance, Lebanese Phalangists allied to Israel passed through the Israeli units, who aided them with flares and later tank and mortar fire. They shot and stabbed to death up to 1,500 unarmed Palestinians including mothers and children and elderly people, and this after the fighting men of the Palestine Liberation organisation had fled.  The man ultimately responsible for this butchery, this terrorism, is the present Prime Minister of Israel who is invited and received with amity by warriors Blair and Bush in their one-sided, deceitful and supremely hypocritical 'War on Terrorism'.

JEWS CONTROL AMERICA, BOASTS SHARON.  The terrorist in charge of Israel, Ariel Sharon, recently told Shamon Perez, his accomplice in government, "...don't worry about American pressure on Israel.  We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it!"; reported Kol Yisrael radio station in a news report on 3 October, 2001.

MOSSAD: ISRAEL'S AGENCY FOR TERRORISM.  Following the theft of Palestine and the eviction or suppression of its Arabs, the terrorists of Irgun and the Stern Gang escaped redundancy by incorporation in other forms of terrorism such as the new security agency, Mossad, which has proceeded to establish a record and reputation for ruthless roguery second to none.  The Lavon Affair in 1954 was one of its early operations of skulduggery which happened to become known because of its failure.  Mossad 'sleepers' in Egypt were activated for 'Operation Susannah'.  This sweet name applied to a plan to discredit the new government of Arab nationalists in that country by bombing of American and British institutions, along with cinemas and post offices, to be blamed on Arab nationalists and arouse British and American opposition to the regime.  For instance, bombs were placed in the Cairo and Alexandria libraries of the US Information Centre. Egyptian police caught two Egyptian Jews about to enter a building, carrying bombs, who confessed.  Orders for organising and directing the terrorist unit had been signed by Sharon's predecessor as Israeli Minister of Defence, Pinhas Lavon.
    Yitzhak Shamir, original name Itzhak Yezernitsky, the former Stern Gang leader who graduated to Prime Minister, rose by way of joining Mossad in 1955.  He "ran some ad hoc operations usually involving assassinations" according to the book 'Israel's Secret Wars' by lan Black & Benny Morris (Hamish Hamilton/ London, 1991), Page 196.
    Much disclosure of the terrorism of Mossad is contained in the books of Victor Ostrovsky, a former agent of Mossad, one of them 'The Other Side of Deception' (Harper Collins, 1994) and the other 'By Way of Deception' (St. Martin's Press, New York, 1990).  He revealed that its London department owns more than 100 'operational apartments' and rents another 50, and makes use of hundreds of auxiliaries in London's Jewish community.  Another source of information, 'Every Spy a Prince' by Dan Raviv & Yossi Melman (Houghton Mifflin, USA, 1991) reveals on Page 92 that in 1962 Mossad liaison officers in London signed an agreement of formal co-operation with Britain's security agency, M I 6.  So much for Britain's claim to be free from the taint of terrorism!
    Mossad is known to have already organised violent action against opponents of Israel and to have more in mind, and has declared as much.  Its former director Yis-ar Har-el was reported as follows (Daily Telegraph 26 November 1992): "The founder of Mossad, Israel's secret service, said yesterday that Israel should wage an underground war against European neo-Nazis", so, knowing something of what these gangsters mean by an underground war, let all activists among us watch their backs!  The defector Victor Ostrovsky has revealed that Mossad has a 'Komemiute' department with an internal unit called 'Kidon' which specialises in assassinations; that as examples of its handiwork Mossad in 1980 murdered in Paris an Egyptian-born physicist working on behalf of Iraq's nuclear project, and the next year killed in Brussels, Nairn Khader, the PLO representative in Belgium. It was in 1981 that Israel in an unpunished act of aggression used US-made fighter-bombers to attack and destroy Iraq's nuclear complex at Tuwaitha just outside Baghdad.
    Bush/ warrior against all terrorism other than his own and that of Uncle Sam's offspring Israel, declares Iraq's nuclear potentiality to be a cause, for American interference and aggression.  In stark contrast, demonstrating his hypocrisy in the service of Israel, he utters not a word against Israel's nuclear proliferation.  On Page 11 of 'The Samson Option' by Seymour M. Hersh (Faber & Faber, London, 1991) we read "By 1981 Israeli scientists and engineers had been manufacturing nuclear bombs for thirteen years at a remote site known as Dimona, located in the barren Negev region south of Jerusalem.  Victor Ostrovsky on Page 188 of 'The Other Side of Deception' identified the Nes Ziyyona facility in Israel: "an ABC warfare laboratory - ABC standing for atomic, bacteriological and chemical.  It was where our top epidemiological scientists were developing various doomsday machines..."  London's Sunday Times in 1998 spoke of the laboratory there as the main research facility for Israel's chemical and biological weapons.  Its sponsors and staff need have no fear whatsoever though that America's political cowboy from Texas will include these Israeli premises in his war on terrorism.

THE IMMIGRANT'S IMPUDENCE OF YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN. Regularly regaling readers of The Independent with her views as a feature writer is an Asiatic woman married to an Englishman: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. In that paper's issue of 10 December last she hit the high notes of that impudence of immigrants who not only come here as intruders but then proceed to dictate how we should adapt to their presence.
    She informed us that seven years ago she "finally decided this place was my place ... This did not make me any less black, Asian or Muslim - those identities are in my blood, thick and forever. But it made me kick more vigorously at those stern, steely gates that keep people of colour outside the heart of the nation ... A number of us broke through ... we are in now and, bit by bit, the very essence of Britishness is being transformed." She then went on to declaim against the idea "that people of colour entering this country are coming into someone else's home", and commended the Canadian government for now putting out a leaflet for immigrants headed 'Welcome to your Home'.
    Arriving at the zenith of her impudence, she told us: "If this is my country, and it is, I will criticise what I believe to be wrong/ reject "norms" that I find adhorrent, take what I admire, and spend my life helping to make a more inclusive and dynamic new nation, instead of making do with the decaying remnants of a long gone past."

The War on Terrorism waged by Bush and Blair is a colossal fraud because only really concerned with the type of terrorism which menaces Israel and those who support Israel.
THE IRA: TOLERANCE OF TERRORISM.  Exhibiting their fraudulence, Bush and Blair have accomodated, not crusaded against, the IRA which is terrorist in its disregard of innocent civilians, so many of which it has wantonly killed with its indiscriminate bombing.  Bush and his presidential predecessors have harboured these gangsters and their fund raisers and weapons suppliers, shaking hands with such as their instrument, Gerry Adams.  Blair and his ministerial predecessors have for years allowed 'no go' areas to the terrorists and held back from really making war on them.  Now Adams and those behind him and alongside him have proved that terrorism pays, thanks to our spineless prime ministers.  The terrorist IRA is winning its objectives by force or the threat of force.  Its murderers have been released from prison en masse - while those such as your editor have been relentlessly pursued for upholding our nation and speaking out for our race.
    A trifling pretence of 'decommissioning' has been taken as sufficient tomerit an amnesty for terrorists still at large, the removal of major security installations, and Adams and his accomplice Martin McGuinness and two others to be received at Westminster to take up offices granted to them at the House of Commons with allowances worth £107,000 a year to each of the four emissaries of terrorism.  We taxpayers pay for this absurdity while paying for Blair's phoney war on terrorism. What a costly confidence trick!
TERRORIST MUGABE TOLERATED.  The brute Mugabe who is the dictator of Zimbawe is a terrorist both in background and present behaviour, presiding over the invasion of White farms by Black terrorists intent on ousting the owners by murder or fear.  Blair and Bush have not spared a single bomb from their onslaught on Afghanistan to include Mugabe in their war on terrorism.
TERRORIST MANDELA APPLAUDED.  Nelson Mandela of South Africa was in 1964 arrested convicted and imprisoned for terrorism.  We have a picture of him attending and grinning his approval of a speech by Joe.Slovo, delivered with upraised clenched fist in the communist manner.  Slovo, a Jew, was Mandela's friend and colleague in the African National Congress, a communist front organisation in which Slovo, general secretary of the underground communist party, was a senior official.  The old terrorist Mandela is today lauded as a saint of democracy by those supposed to be waging war on terrorism.
UNCLE SAM'S MISCELLANEOUS ACTS OF TERRORISM can be seen as including his attempt to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, and the invasions of Grenada and Panama, and involvement in Nicaragua.
BRITAIN & AMERICA: ALLIES OF STALIN'S TERRORISM. Today's crusaders against terrorism, Blair and Bush, are the descendants of the British and American leaders who blithely and without compunction joined hands in alliance with the greatest system of terrorism the world has ever seen, the communist one of Stalin's Russia and the other communist states.  Neither those leaders of the 1940s nor those of now have ever, even now, denounced and acted against the terrorism of communism in any way remotely approaching their denunciation of Osama bin Larden and the Taliban, and their bombing of Afghanistan.  The difference responsible for this is that communism was initiated by Jews and favoured them.
    Something of the bounds of the terrorism of the Red Holocaust was detailed in our issue No. 37 of December, 1997.  Estimates of the victims range between 21.5 millions and 70 millions.  This puts the disputed 'Six Million' of the Jewish 'Holocaust' and the few thousand of the New York Twin Towers far far behind, though endlessly cited and memorialised.  A recent addition to the accounts of the Red Holocaust is 'Stalin's War of Extermination' by Joachim Hoffman (Theses & Dissertations Press, USA, 2001) available from Ernst Zundel's new address at 3152 Parkway, Suite 13, PMB 109, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, USA.  Send an International Reply Coupon, obtainable from any post office in any country, with any enquiry, so as to prepay the reply postage.

'MERRIE ENGLAND 2000' by Colin Jordan, the book the Thought Police believes to be so dangerous to multiracial democracy that they want it banned, available in an American reprint, $4 postpaid from NS Publications P.O. Box 188, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267, USA. Please distribute! A $20 note for 5 copies can be bought at the foreign currency counter at all main banks.

    Our last issue reported on developments in the three-year-old case up to yet another preliminary hearing on 3 September of last year.  On 4 October yet another such hearing was adjourned till 25 October to allow the Crown Prosecution Service to consult the Attorney General, the government's highest law officer, as to what should be done in the light of my own cardiac consultant, Dr Williams, having in the second report required from him confirmed that I was still unfit for trial, conducting my own defence in accordance with my right and intention, and the Crown Prosecution Service's own consultant, Dr McLenachan, invited to comment on Dr Williams's updating report, having agreed that I was still unfit.
    On 25 October the hearing was abandoned because the judge had become ill, and postponed till  23 November.  It was then announced by the Crown Prosecution Service that the Attorney General, who just happens to be the Jew Lord Goldsmith pictured on the right, had stated that it was 'in the public interest' for a trial to go ahead.  However, the judge had to face up to my submission that a trial despite my proven incapacity could not conform to Article 6 of the UK Human Rights Act requiring it to be a 'fair' one, and he therefore had to give way to this and declare a 'stay' on the prosecution, thus preventing a trial.
    Nevertheless he tried to get round this by imposing conditions, one of which, thoroughly objectionable and unacceptable, is that if I engage in 'any activities either political, social or personal which demonstrates to the satisfaction of a court' that I am able to stand trial irrespective of medical condition, one will follow.
    I immediately told this judge that never, at any time in any court in the country, would I accept such  a condition. He made no answer.
    I told him that I would be seeking at High Court in London a Judicial Review against this condition and I have already put in an application, contending in so doing that this condition is an attempt to by-pass Article 6 of the Human Rights Act by avoiding medical opinion as to fitness or unfitness for trial as the measure of a fair or unfair trial, and substituting simply the opinion of a court. I have added that, in the political surveillance implied in the condition's concern with 'political' activities, Judge Norman Jones's condition amounts to a violation of Article 10 of the Act, laying down "freedom of expression".
    The process of application for Judicial Review takes months, so we now wait to see whether and how the authorities get round the matter. Meanwhile, as this issue of GR, late though it is in the slowness of old age and other commitments, clearly shows, whatever the consequences I am not going to be intimidated and deterred from continuing my writings without negating compromises.
    I asked the judge in court, after he had uttered his conditional 'stay' whether it was to be taken that a continuation of Gothic Ripples (issues of which had formed part of the indictment) would be considered by him a breach of the 'stay', whereupon he remained silent, anxious not to commit himself one way or the other, but to leave an overhanging possibility intended to frighten off, and thus without a trial achieving its purpose of suppression.
    Thus to all readers - including the snoopers of the Thought Police as associates of Leeds Crown Court, and the Jewish intelligence network co-operating with the official agents of suppression - I here take the opportunity of affirming that only death or the handicaps of old-age will stop my writings for British freedom and racial survival against alien suppression and racial ruin.

'NS BULLETIN',  official newsletter of the New Order, in its recent No. 341 carried a whole page on my case.  It is issued free to its registered supporters and associates.  For others the subscription is $35 for six issues, $60 for 12. - P.O. Box 270486, Milwaukee, WI 53227, USA.  Payment can be sent by a bank's international order.

ANOTHER COLLABORATOR, Simon Sheppard of Hull, has continually put news of my case on the Internet. He operates The Heretical Press at P.O. Box 1004, Hull, Yorkshire,  HU3 2YT, valiantly continuing his fight despite a recent term of imprisonment for his good work.

A READER, A.L.B. of London has put my 'Way Ahead' series on the Internet at a service much appreciated.

TRIAL BY JEWRY     The Jewish attempt to silence the voice of Gothic Ripples
Contradicting all they say as to how inconsequential is the little voice of this bulletin and the other writings of its editor, stands the many thousands of hours and many thousands of pounds spent by the Thought Police and the Crown Prosecution Service and the courts, and by the Jewish community who has stood behind them, in trying to suppress this person and his pen over many years.  In 1991,  a decade or so ago, after earlier action, the Jew Gerald Kaufman insigated action against him which rebounded against them.  Faced  with a Judicial Review, the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire admitted to the court that the search and seizure had been illegal, although the then Attorney General, knowing it, had nevertheless given his sanction to a prosecution.  The Chief Constable abandoned the prosecution, returned all the seized property, and was brought to pay £10/000 damages and £4,000 costs.  The Police, Crown Prosecution Service and the Jews and their accomplices behind the prosecution never forgot their humiliating defeat, and hence, as an act of revenge, staged a further search and seizure, in 1998 and again in 1999 out of which the further prosecution, just halted, came about.
    The array of forthcoming witnesses for the Prosecution showed beyond a doubt its Jewish background.  In the forefront was to be Michael Whine Director of the Defence & Group Relations Division of the Jewish Board of Deputies the Jews' own parliament (pictured below in session) and Gerald Gable of the Jewish 'anti-fascist' magazine Searchlight, and Faye Belman, receptionist at the  offices of Eldred Tabachnik, then president of the Jewish Board of Deputies.  They were joined to the chairperson of Redbridge Racial Equality Council; M.J. Gapes MP, a lickspittle of Jewry who a while back tried to bring in a law to penalise doubting or denying Jewry's 'holocaust'; a couple of other MPs eager to show their devotion to Jewry; a news editor named Olivia Kass overflowing in her denunciation of free speech unfavourable to Jewry; a reporter under her direction; and the proprietor of the Cumbria Press.  There was not a single ordinary member of the public among them.  Behind this array as backstage organiser of Jewry's further bid to silence me was the then Home Secretary Jack Straw whose Jewish ancestry was disclosed in the London Jewish Chronicle (14 February, 1997).
    Eleven items of mine formed the charges against me as being 'threatening abusive or insulting,  intended to stir up racial hatred or likely to do so contrary to Section 19(1) of the 1986 Public Order Act.  They were Gothic Ripples Nos. 28, 29, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37 and 38; the leaflets 'Jack Straw's
Jewish Justice' (which showed how the Jews get away with literature of racial hatred against non-Jews, namely their disgusting 'Talmud'; 'Election Special' (1997); 'Our Stephen Lawrence Report'; 'Only a Change of Management in a Regime of Ruin'; and the book 'Merrie England 2,000'.  During the month of April 2002 only, a complete souvenir set of these Prosecution items can be
supplied for a specified donation of £10, or $20 USA, postage included.
    Initial proceedings took place at Harrogate Magistrates' Court beginning in August 2000 under two local magistrates.  No doubt upset by the big and beneficial press publicity I then obtained for my detailed denunciation of the Prosecution as a revenge for the downfall of their case in the 1990s, they then arranged for an adjourned continuation in November and for a district judge to be brought down from distant Liverpool, a David Tapp, who, incidentally, was subsequently named in the London Daily Telegraph (17 November, 2001) as one of a number arrested in Liverpool in respect of allegations of corruption.  Tapp committed me for trial at Crown Court and this was subsequently set for Leeds instead of York despite my repeated applications that I could not expect a fair trial in the former city, a principal centre of Jewry where Jews could be expected to be on the jury and dominate the proceedings.
With the collapse of the case at Leeds before trial, Jewry has for a second time in ten years been defeated in their plans to gaol me.

SEARCHLIGHT'S CRY OF PAIN                  Gable groans in frustration over trial  

Aptly summarised as 'scurrilous' by a Birmingham stipendiary magistrate in a case I brought against it years ago, the Jewish Searchlight magazine lived up to this description in its January 2002 issue.  Its publisher, the Jew Gerry Gable, defecates monthly in columns captioned 'News from the Sewers' to be taken as an admission that it is in these subterranean quarters that his material originates.  Most of his January output was taken up with a plaintive cry of pain, being a groan of frustration at the halting of proceedings in the case against me.
    Gable had good cause for his wild diatribe in that his efforts to silence me over many years have so far come to nought.  In the latest onslaught he came out of his sewers to proffer his rattish frame and nature to the Thought Police in their efforts to down me, communicating with them, being extolled by them, and being adopted by them as a leading witness, all as befits one of their auxiliaries, even sitting on an advisory body set up by the Metropolitan Police.
    His desire was to take advantage of my old age and the infirmity of my heart condition and memory failure to get me either imprisoned or massively penalised financially, or both, and his overwhelming disappointment and ensuing fury lies in the fact that, much as I would have relished in better circumstances utilising the case and the court as a platform for the denunciation of Gable and his fellow tribesmen/ and all those who stand beside them in their ruination of my country and race, I decided - I am sure wisely - to deny him and them this pleasure by making use of my unfitness in the framework of the Human Rights Act.  In this he and they have in effect been defeated, and it is this defeat which is reflected in his intemperate invective in his January emission of effluent.
    This understanding of the situation makes all of Gable's ordure quite tolerable, even welcome,  along with the memory of the saying of the greatest champion of our race in all history, Adolf Hitler, to the effect that if he did not wake up in the morning to find himself denigrated in the enemy press he had reason to feel he was failing. So thank you Mr Sewer Man for your demonstration of disappointment and defeat!
    So now that we are here on speaking terms, it can perhaps be said to him - by way of the GR subscriber who keeps him supplied - that in the language of the ladies regarding undergarments not meant to be seen: 'Gerry, your slip is showing!'  This is particularly the case where he explicitely admits that it was in consequence of what he calls "threats' to Searchlight and its associate Aamer Anwar, the vandal of the Hess memorial, that 'As a  result, the police raided his filthy hovel and seized thousands of documents', a reference to my home and property, not that of the Asian.
    In his desperate anxiety to make up for the lack of a trial so far, he tries to have it both ways, on the one hand accusing me of persisting despite the prosecution ('He has continued to repeat time and time again the offences with which he has been charged.') and on the other hand accusing me of cowardice ('Secretly, he was proverbially crapping himself and decided to cry off on the grounds that he was very ill.').  He discloses his own inside interpretation of the current state of play, saying 'In November Leeds Crown Court agreed to  put the case on hold until his health improves, a very unlikely event.'  He added to this: 'The court has ordered Jordan to take no part in politics, even socially, until he is deemed fit to stand trial.'
    He even has to resort to the ancient and discredited story of the false accusation of shoplifting concocted by his tribe's supermarket Tesco 30 years ago concerning a purchase for my mother, as if anyone other than an utter fool would imagine that, if inclined to such dishonesty, I would pick of all places a Jewish store under constant surveillance in an area where I was facially well known.  This silly smear was exposed in detail in GR 38 of March 1998, Page 15, just before the Gable-incited police raid.
    The man from the sewers concludes his eruption of hate with the words "When push came
to shove,  Jordan has always been good at urging others to go out and break the law while
he has stayed safely at home on his smallholding.  More chicken than farmer I would say, Herr Jordan."  To this erroneous attribution of agriculture, he adds the closing advice: "In the meantime watch this space to see if he puts pen to paper again."  Well, he cannot say that I have kept him waiting longer than this issue of GR for the answer!

GERHARD LAUCK PROSECUTION COLLAPSES.   We are delighted to note the collapse of a similarly tenuous case against veteran National-Socialist leader Gerhard Lauck simultaneously.
Gerhard  had been prosecuted for refusing to declare himself a 'convicted felon' in applying for a gun permit because of a conviction in Germany for the publication of 6 issues of his paper, The New Order, in the USA, resulting in 4 years gaol in, Germany imposed in 1995.

W a n n s e e

(First in a series exposing Big Lies)

    As part of all the intensive indoctrination sustained to render us docile and pliant subjects of the kosher New World Order in its terrorism of thought, each January now sees Holocaust Memorial Day, not to call to mind the greatest holocaust the world has ever seen, that of the red terrorists of communism, but instead and exclusively the alleged sufferings of the Jews at the hands of the freedom-fighters of the Third Reich.
    In this depiction a prime point of reference is the word 'Wannsee', relating to a lake-side villa in a Berlin suburb where it is alleged by the directors of the public indoctrination that the deliberate extermination of Europe's Jews was officially deliberated and inaugurated.  A number of high-ranking Nazi and Reich government officials - the number varies in different accounts: 13 or 14 or 15 - met there on 20 January, 1942, headed by Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the Reich Security Head Office, to deal with Europe's Jewish problem.
    That much does not appear to be in dispute.  What is decidedly in dispute is what went on at Wannsee regarding that problem.  According to those afoot to damn National-Socialism for all time as a homicidal conspiracy those present proceeded, without inhibition, to discuss and plan in at
least general outline the removal of Jews in general to the territory acquired in the east, there to be disposed of permanently in one way or another.  Adolf  Eichmann is supposed have drafted the official record of the proceedings; and he was subsequently and conveniently kidnapped from Argentina by agents of Mossad/ Israel's agency of state terrorism, and brought to trial in Israel.  After receiving there whatever persuasion was necessary, Eichmann readily testified that the participants at the Wannsee conference discussed methods of mass murder including gassing.  No doubt you or I, after months in the custody of those practitioners of terror, would confess to virtually anything and everything required.
    Contrary to this embrodiery, the facts are that Heydrich received a letter from Hermann Goring instructing him to bring about a 'final solution' to the Jewish question by means of 'emigration and evacuation'.  It was dated 31 July, 1941, and is reproduced on Page 32 of Wilhelm Staglich's book 'Der Auschwitz Mythos'.  The minutes of the meeting state:- 'Meanwhile in view of the dangers of an emigration during the war and in view of the possibilities in the East, the Reichsfuehrer-SS and the Chief of the German Police has forbidden the emigration of Jews.  The emigration programme has now been replaced by the evacuation of the Jews to the East as a further solution possibility, in accordance with previous authorization by the Fuehrer . '
    The document contains nothing about extermination, while to the contrary Page 8 of it refers to the eventual release of the Jews.  The statistics of Jewish population on Page 6 are questionable to the extent of suggesting possible fabrication, and reminding us that the last, still continuing, bombardment of World War II has been that of the vast amount of items, forged one day and 'found', the next.  One account has it that only one copy of the minutes survived to be accidentally discovered in a German foreign office file in 1947.  Another account, given on Page 210 of the book 'Racial Hygiene' by Robert N. Proctor citing the New York Times of 21 August, 1945, has it that a copy was discovered in the file of Philip Hoffman, head of the SS Race & Resettlement Office.
    The Wannsee villa, as birthplace of a big lie vital to the 'Holocaust' legend, has also been made into something new: a 'Holocaust' memorial centre costing over £2 initially and £0.5 million yearly to instil guilt in Germans.

    Gerry Gable is a man of false pretences who has been convicted of the criminal offence of pretending a false identity with a stolen Post Office warrant card in order to obtain entry to the home of David Irving to misappropriate his documents.  His proclivity to deceit shows itself in his writings from the sewers which are his literary home.
    Gerry Gable has associated with criminals including his Jewish friend Manny Carpel, the convicted arsonist, who sought to burn down the premises of a firm printing literature for British nationalists.  Another associate of his was from the sewers of Soho, the gangster Harold Sidney whose thugs cried 'kill him' as a dozen or so of them leapt on me and battered me to the ground at a Leyton by-election meeting in 1965 before the police rescued me.  Gable hailed him as a hero when he died in 1984, but the London Daily Telegraph (6 August 1977) reported the hero as being convicted of living off prostitutes while the London Evening Standard of the day before reported this Jew as engaging an employee to procure a youth for the sexually perverted pleasure of Gable's homosexual crony.
    Gerry Gable is a communist masquerading behind a front of 'democracy' and 'anti-fascism'. He is in fact a former communist party election candidate/ and a journalist for its Morning Star newspaper; and others on the staff of his Searchlight have communist connections. The magazine is thus a pretence/ proved by the fact that/ as against its constant denunciation of the alleged repression and persecution of National-Socialist and Fascist regimes, it has never once in all its time similarly attacked the repression and persecution of Stalin's Soviet Union and the other communist regimes, as exposed as the 'Red Holocaust' in our issue No. 37 of December 1997.  It is not dictatorship or secret police or concentration camps or denial of freedom which worries Gable and his gang, but only such features of non-communist states.  The man is thus an indisputable fraud. Every single National-Socialist and nationalist in Britain today should, as targets of the Gable Gang, now on make common cause in henceforth doing everything possible to expose these people, as above, to all the newspapers and public bodies who are being hoodwinked by them into quoting them.

THE DEATH OF A LOYAL SON: WOLF RUDIGER HESS.  It is with great sorrow that we record the death last October of Rudolf Hess's son, loyal to the last to the memory of his martyred father.  Unlike some offsprings of German NS leaders who have abased themselves before the authorities of 'democracy' who murdered their fathers, besmirching their memories in their efforts to ingratiate themelves. Wolf Rudiger never for a moment lowered himself in this way, and instead throughout the years stalwartly and ably defended his father in many media interviews.  Your editor maintained correspondence with him for some 20 years, having before then spent some days at his mother's guest house in southern Germany.
    He came and saw the memorial that veteran National-Socialist Tom Graham erected in Scotland on the spot where his father landed in 1941 in his most gallant attempt to end the fratricidal war between Britain and Germany out of which all our present degradation has resulted.
    He wrote a revealing book, published in English as 'My Father Rudolf Hess' in 1986 by W.H. Allen of London, 414 pages, cloth bound with illustrations.  He followed this, on the death of his father, with a second book, 'Who Murdered My Father, Rudolf Hess?'.
    He fought the good fight in defence of 'The Prisoner of Peace', and we salute this fine son of a wonderful father.  His own son, Wolf Andreas Hess, a 23-year-old student, has now established himself in the family tradition, being fined at Munich for putting on the Internet what his grandfather said denying that there were gas chambers at Dachau concentration camp and revealing that the Americans fabricated them after the war.

RECOMMENDED READING  Part 3   Here are 5 books on lost Aryan civilisations:

'IN  QUEST OF THE WHITE GOD' by Pierre Honore, 228 pages, Hutchinson (London) 1963.  In
a fascinating survey the author relates to the past civilisations of Central and South America the legends which abound there of the ancient arrival of White men as the founders.
'THE ATLANTIS MYTH' by Hans S. Bellamy, London, 1948.  A principal exposition of the arresting legend of an island of spectacular civilisation off the mainland of Europe which sank below the sea some thousands of years ago.
'THE CITADEL OF AMERICAN MAN' by Arthur Poznansky, New York, 1945.  The author details the
amazing prehistoric ruins of Tiahuanaco in South America built of enormous blocks of stone fitted together with great precision.  Another book on Tiahuanaco is 'BUILT BEFORE THE FLOOD' by H.S.Bellamy.
'THE OTHER ATLANTIS' by Robert J. Scrutton, Neville Spearman, 1977, is noteworthy for its
inclusion of the 'Oera Linda Book', reputed to be an ancient Frisian record of Atland, a fabulous island submerged in 2193 BC.

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