Chapter 2:

This is no doubt the most important chapter in this book, and also the most difficult to write. Not only because the topic has been so neglected, but also because the content may be so decisive.
We should first deal with our own ”mother” organization, namely Ian Stuart's Blood & Honour movement. It now has branches - or divisions, if you like - in most White countries. In some nations it is strong, in others it's little more than a PO Box and a couple of bravehearts. In a few countries it is more or less banned, and in at least two states it has split into opposing sections (one for mainly political reasons and the other for mainly personal reasons).
As a rule, the Blood & Honour movement is organized as a network which activities to a large extent is based on leaderless resistance. (The exception being Germany, where - probably for ethnic and cultural reasons - the B&H comrades have chosen the classic and traditional organizational structure with officials and membership.) This loose form of organization is both B&H's strength and weakness. While it ensures individual initiative and makes any crack-down by ZOG difficult, it can also easily cause conflicts and confusion. Its founder, Ian Stuart Donaldson of Skrewdriver fame, was a natural-born leader. But he led the movement more through his personal charisma and idealism than through paragraphs and orders. When he died (most likely assassinated by ZOG) no-one could really match his style. Ideological as well as personal strife was the result. It did not make things better that pop ”stars” and profiteers used the organizations for their own sleezy purposes.
Today, Britain has two opposing B&H groups, both claiming to represent the political heritage of Ian Stuart. Although the split certainly involves personal disagreements, it is basically a political one. The "moderates" see B&H as a mere music organization assisting populist nationalist parties, while the radicals - linked to Combat 18 - stress the political profile of B&H itself as a National Socialist organization. Certainly, there are many famous WP rock groups linked to the moderate faction and in numbers - at least for the moment - it seems to have the upper hand. However, numbers in the region of hundreds matter little and rock stars come and go. More important is the political influence and the quality of the manpower. The radicals have a strong base in Scandinavia, as well as all over Eastern Europe, while the moderates have a working relation with the Germans (who are not against the radicals per se) and the remnants of a Swedish splinter group. Despite that a lot of good people - for not so good reasons - gather in the safe comfort of the music mania of the moderates, I have little time for their entertainment business. They may think themselves lucky in the calm back-waters of nationalist politics, but when ZOG decides to rock the boat - like they have in countries like Sweden and the Czech Republic - the majority of their performers and audience will reel from fear and roll away quicker than the speed of pop sound.
The purpose of the Blood & Honour movement must be to attract and activate young Whites through White Power music and other White Pride cultural activities along National Socialist political guidelines. These followers should then be led into existing political parties/organizations of the NS kind. Where no such groups exist, the B&H should either create its own, or continue working solely through the B&H apparatus.
Despite its flaws, the network model is still the best and proven alternative. No self-styled "leaders", no membership cards; guided forward by an elite of active idealists and united by a common bond of purpose and goal.

National Socialist organizations

We have touched the organizational questions briefly in the first chapter on ideology. Here we further develop the theme.
While B&H is primarily a fighting unit of youth, the NS organization to which the B&H division is bonded, must cater for all ages and concentrate on traditional political work: education, propaganda, building national and local chapters and engaging in the general political life and strife of "our" society. These types of organizations have been around since the end of WW2 but have seen little or no progress. How come?
The main reason for the lack of progress among overt NS organizations and parties is their naive trust in their own righteousness. Despite their hatred towards democracy, they still believe in its opportunities and possibilities. And when the inevitable happens: ZOG strikes back, the groups meet the State terror with impotent indignation and pathetic moaning and groaning. Losers do not attract winners. And ZOG runs a fixed, no-win game. When this fact dawns on the NS parties, they either fall apart in frustration or try to distance themselves from their own ideas, betraying their ideals for a few blessings from the demonic democracy. Naturally, it is all in vain. People are not that stupid. If they fail to support an honest National Socialist, they are not more likely to embrace a dishonest one. And if, against all odds, they were about to, then ZOG's media moles will make damn sure that their background and cheating ways are thoroughly exposed to the masses to which the diluted "NS" group tries to cater.
A National Socialist organization must avoid the lure and entrapment of democracy. As National Socialists we must know that today's so-called democracy does not work and never was intended to work in the first place. It's a ZOG thing. We are neither invited nor welcome. And even if we were allowed to join the masonic/Mosaic tribe of demonic mobsters, we have a custom written "history" as well as all the weapons of political terror ZOG could ever muster, against us. We don't stand a chance. At best we lose all our resources in a futile and damned effort to "win" a handful of votes. At worst we lose both credibility and honour in a fatal bid to trick the eternal trickster. Either way we not only lose - we are lost, and our race with us.
Our organizations should concentrate on quite other things than playing by the Talmudic book of the democrats. Our tasks are enormous and our resources limited. Again getting our priorities right is of the utmost importance.
In the "old" days (1945-1975) NS and Fascist organizations were exclusive places (unfortunately in numbers and not funds...) where newcomers were looked at with scepticism and distrust. The fear of Secret Service or Red infiltration kept the recruitment on a low level and the political "incest" degenerated these organizations and "parties". Obsession with enemy persecution and own perfection (sounds rather Jewish...) were the order of the day. And when they didn't dry out due to lack of funds, die out due to death of leaders, or were banned due to either acts of frustrated violence or use of forbidden symbols, they are still around as private clubs for ageing and bitter men of the past.
This was all to change with the populist progress of the British National Front, from which both WP rock and B&H were spin-offs. Now anyone (and anything) was invited to join. Little education and even less discipline. This was the numbers game. But easy comes, easy goes. Following internal quarrels, both due to lack of ideological orientation and private feuds over funds and power, the NF collapsed. A "new" party was launched (the BNP) with same troubles to follow.
In Sweden, an openly National Socialist organization, the National Socialist Front (NSF), has experienced the same symptoms. The NSF is undoubtedly the most successful NS organization in the world since the assassination of the American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell. Recruitment among youngsters was legion and at the various meetings and concerts (arranged by B&H) between 100 and 200 supporters between the age of 15 and 25 were sure to turn out - despite internal secrecy and external police harassment. A steady flow of new young and expectant faces could be seen. However, apart from the more ritual-like gatherings and WP concerts little was offered the individual member. Now, this boy or girl would most likely be under constant attack from parents, companions, work mates or whatever due to his/her political involvement. Such people need a sound fundament for their belief, which on a political level means ideological education and on a personal level the comradeship of brothers- and sisters-in-arms.
It is a fact that most recruits were won to the movement rather through influence from friends than from a thorough political stand. Here lies the risk of a domino effect. If the friend decided, for one reason or another, to revoke his or her membership, then there was a big risk that he or she did not leave alone. Unfortunately, except for the regular fiery speeches at the regular memorials, there was and still is no organized ideological and political training. And the social bonds needed to keep the comrades together were (and are) mainly consisting of private parties and pub rounds. And it takes only the fall-out of one central figure in these private do's to leave the flock in wilderness as easy prey for angry parents, negative boy- or girlfriends and non-political friends. Lately the Swedish ZOG papers have run a series of hateful articles in a campaign to crush the growing tide of National Socialism in Sweden by trying to socially stigmatize NS activists. It has resulted in unlawful sackings, expulsions from unions and down-right violence against the "exposed Nazis". In such times, a strong belief and the support of fellow National Socialists are essential.
If the NSF survives this ordeal, they must learn their lesson for the future. And all other NS organizations should study the case carefully. Because it clearly shows the need for a combination of the togetherness and ideological awareness of the old-time NS organizations and the active recruitment strategies of the modern-day NS movement. One without the other just don't work - at least not in the long run. And our battle for final victory will not only be a hard one, but just as certain a very long one.
Social activities, such as concerts and parties, must be organized on a regular basis to keep the comrades within the flock, so to speak. Such activities do not only minimize the lure of the "outside world", it also attracts new recruits. But these, as well as the "old guard", need more than just fun and games and pompous memorial rituals. Education through ideological courses, as well as battle assignments in the form of demos, marches etc. are not only needed for the sake of the organization as such. It is vital in forming the individual member into a real political soldier.
Building an organization is one thing. Knowing what to do with it, is another. We have made it quite clear that the purpose of an NS organization is not to play house of parliament with the "democratic" bunch. That would be both futile and self-destructive. Then what exactly are we to engage in?
The primary task of an NS organization right now, would be to recruit, keep and activate those National Socialists who already exist in their nation. Of course figures may vary from country to country, but they can certainly be counted in the thousands even in the more "under-developed" countries. Many have found their faith through own efforts - loners waiting for a serious alternative. Others have been let down by barely existing or folded NS outfits - disappointed comrades who have retreated to (at best) leaderless resistance or (at worst) the ordinary, defeatist life of the common man. These people can only be won over by strength and professionalism. But when they do find their way back, they make up a strong back-bone of experience and will power. Young and arrogant attitudes towards these people as losers and quitters, are understandable but often both extremely unfair as well as signs of utmost hypocrisy. Many loudmouthed "Nazi" youngsters in leading positions have run off like rats when the going got tough - most of them never to be seen again, if not in the gossip pages of ZOG's media.
Building a new NS organization from scratch is not an easy task. But it is often preferable to trying to breathe new life into a stale and half-dead outfit. This "party" may already have driven people away or alienated others through its inactivity (or, unfortunately, stupidity) and has for certain a mummified leadership not willing to make any changes that might involve either lack of own power or the risk of actually doing something real. However, in some cases there is already an existing and relatively well functioning group which deserves support and has a potential for the future.
Both to assure the influx of new and ”old” recruits and to keep them there, building the infrastructure of the organization is just as important as the external activities of meetings, marches, demos, paper sales, leafleting etc. Getting an own HQ, printing press and so forth saves the movement from boycotts - be it printing of propaganda or renting a meeting hall - and ensures a smooth operation relatively independent from any sources that may be influenced by ZOG pressure. Unfortunately, few organizations take the "business" part of the operation seriously. This has opened the way for profiteering parasites who are motivated by greed and not burdened with the political work or "Nazi" stigma. Naturally, it is important to rid the Movement of such leeches, but in all honesty it must be said that often the Movement itself opens up to these gold-diggers and fortune seekers by its own lack of interest or capability in money matters. In some cases it might be wise to seek an alliance with the more honest entrepreneurs where both sides may profit. The products of private initiative are mostly of high standard and of a certain propaganda value. There is no denying this. On the other hand, these businessmen live both on and from the supporters of the Movement. That goes for both security at their lucrative concerts as well as the consumers of their "Nazi" goods. It is only fair that a part of these funds finds it way back to the Movement. In the mobster vocabulary it may be described as protection money, in religious circles as blessed offerings...
Anyway, there is no stopping the NS Movement from producing their own merchandise. Blood & Honour Scandinavia controls both printing companies, publishing houses, record companies and mail order outlets. These have come to good use in assisting organizations like the aforesaid N.S.F. In its latest glory days, the British division launched both its own political organization (the National Socialist Alliance) and the first British-owned and politically controlled record company (I.S.D.). Due to the "English disease" of gossip, intrigues and internal warfare, the NSA collapsed. The ISD, which launched artists like Warlord, Ken + Stigger and Squadron, were sabotaged by the greed of certain wannabe pop stars who rather toned down their messages to enjoy the slick covers and the fat royalties of more commercial firms. With the British WP scene back where it started (in the hands of German entrepreneurs) the Scandinavian B&H division is assisting the radical faction of the British B&H in reconstructing the ISD. A telling tale of the ugly conflict between personal greed and political amateurism.
In several countries the Blood & Honour movement has come a long way in building a commercial service. This is quite natural, as the B&H's main target is youth and its main activities revolves around the White Power music scene. This should not be seen as a conflict of interests. On the contrary, the main object of the B&H is to assist the NS organizations, and a strong and vital B&H division is a great asset to that country's NS party.
Not everyone sees it that way, however. A tragic tale of broken ties between the party and the B&H comes from Denmark. Here the local chapter of Blood & Honour actively supported and assisted Denmark's National Socialist Movement (DNSB). The Rudolf Hess marches in Köge and Greve 1997 and 1998 could not have taken place without the manpower from B&H (both Danish and Swedish). In totally unfounded fear of the B&H "taking over" the DNSB, its leader, Jonny Hansen, demanded that B&H Denmark should disband. When this did not happen, he expelled members connected to the B&H and stopped all further contact with the B&H leadership - including comrades who had worked and sacrificed for Hansen and his organization for years. The result was that the B&H quickly emerged as the only active and growing NS group in Denmark, while the DNSB dwindled into a dwarf-like existence of pathetic inactivity. In 1999 the B&H held its own successful Rudolf Hess march, while the DNSB was forced to cancel all plans due to a total absence of marchers. Aware of this, the Reds decided to make an all-out attack on the DNSB HQ in Greve. True to their cowardly nature they had saved their strength till the House was virtually emptied of NS activists. Spotting a brigade of armed terrorists preparing to storm the house after unsuccessfully trying to poison the guard dog, Jonny Hansen himself was forced to literally drive the Red mobsters off the area. Four communist foot soldiers were severely injured when Hansen in a tank-like attack drove straight into the Red mob with his private car! Now he is charged with attempted murder and might be locked up for years. His "crime" was defending his property but he can expect little understanding and even less mercy from ZOG's legal eagles.
The moral of this sad story is clear. If DNSB had not foolishly broken ties with their friends, they would still have enjoyed the manpower needed not only for demos and marches but also for guarding the party's HQ. As it turned out, Hansen was forced into a lonely existence and the burden of defence were put on the Leader's own shoulders. An unacceptable situation with tragic consequences. We hold no grudges and our sympathy and solidarity go comrade Hansen. But we cannot help wondering if Jonny in his cell-bound solitude does not miss the legions of C18 gladiators, B&H skinheads and patriotic hooligans whom he himself denied the chance to give their muscle and time to the DNSB...

Organizational structures

Network, leaderless resistance, education, social activities. These are really all pretty abstract terms. When you get down to the day-to-day running of an organization - be it Blood & Honour or an NS party - you need structures as well as ideals, ideas, strategies and tactics.
In the beginning of the post-war era there were mainly two kinds of organizational structures. The intellectuals, the social clubs and the PO Box organizations mostly had a sort of board of directors with a "leader" more acting like a toastmaster than a classic Fascist Fuhrer. Some times his (seldom, if ever, her) credentials were some academic title, other times it would be his bank book. Many small operations, mostly on the cellar or brain level, were actually financed by the leader himself. (One notable case which rose above the average flops was Sir Oswald Mosley's Union Movement - thanks to both to his bravery, charisma and experience as well as his social position and private wealth.) Then there was the so-called "lunatic fringe" with self-styled, tin-pot "Fuhrers" who appeared, caused shock waves and then disappeared - either back to the safety of ordinary life, custody of the prison system (and sometimes actually lunatic asylums!) or the underworld of KGB, CIA and MOSSAD. There are, of course, some important exceptions. One being George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party, and another being the Swedish Nordic Reich's Party (NRP) led by the faithful and staunch National Socialist Göran Assar Oredsson. Anyway, both categories failed to make real headways, though organizations like the ANP, the Union Movement and the NRP certainly have made an imprint on NS history and served as a recruiter of today's NS veterans.
The notion of a Fuhrer was last time tried out in Sweden, by the NSF. The efforts to create a cult around the young ”Nazi” Anders Högström failed, partly because Swedes are not the Fuhrer-kind-of-people but mostly because Högström was sort of ”chosen” as Fuhrer, rather than actually getting to this unique position through own credentials and ambitions. It all collapsed when the ”Fuhrer” was exposed in a massive newspaper campaign against Swedish National Socialists. Despite former bravery Högström made a dishonourable retreat and the NSF is now led by a committee of proven activist - sadder but wiser.
Organizing an NS movement of year 2000 around an all-ruling leader is not recommended. Our people neither hold the qualities of a real Fuhrer nor the mentality and acceptance of such an absolute ruler. While the Blood & Honour by its very character and activity is best suited for an extremely loose form of organization, the NS party must be organized along traditional lines - at least as long as it can operate on a legal basis. While I personally don't find the Fuhrer-style of leadership suited for today's NS organization, there is no need to go to the opposite extreme. Unfortunately, our kind of people tend to be some of the worst fuss making grumblers around once the democracy bug gets a foothold. Admittedly, this is mostly a plague infecting the non-NS populist style patriotic parties, but nevertheless one should be on the guard. A drop of healthy Aryan democracy is more than sufficient. We don't need to make a parody out of an already tragi-comical system. It is beyond the purpose of this book to analyse and work out the exact balance between authority and democracy. Each organization should work on this, taking all aspects - tradition, situation, character of membership as well as leadership, local laws - into consideration, with efficiency and strength being the key-words.

The years ahead

If consolidating our positions by recruitment of already existing National Socialists and building a modern infrastructure are the tasks of today, what's to be done in the future? Well, the whole idea of running a National Socialist organization - Blood & Honour or an NS party - is to gain influence and eventually total power for our Movement and its ideology. Not exactly an easy job and definitely not one which is over in the foreseeable future. Any dreams of quick success - be it through the ballot box or the barrel of a gun - are as false as they are dangerous. Hoping to win people by easy solutions (= illusions) might gain you popularity in the very short run, but soon people will either see through your fantasies or leave in disappointment and frustration over lack of significant progress. As National Socialists we must face the reality and learn to live with it. We have a long, long way to go. And we better have the right footwear from the start, and that means boots rather than loafers!
There is no telling for certain if we win or lose. That's the sad fact. The only comforts are that whatever happens, we have done our duty, and if we fail, then the whole world will lose. There is no way the Zionists can run a world without the civilizing and stabilizing effect of the Aryan race. The Chosen ones too will drown in mud. And the earth will be inherited by a dying breed of sub-sapiens, ridden by disease, stunned by the awesome burden of a crippled civilization and challenged by the return of jungle power.
But we still have a chance of winning. We have the remedy for the earth's disorders. If we can find the recipe for progress and power-grabbing, then it's just a matter of holding out till the final battle. Whether the NS movement will act as an inspiration, a catalyst, a spearhead or as the main force behind a national revolution, is impossible to say. Just as there is no certainty as to where this revolution first will break out. No matter what, each White nation's NS movement has a duty to carry on its work, and while seeking support from and sharing knowledge with other countries' national revolutionary forces, concentrate on building its own movement and creating a strategy that fits its own home scenario.

Religious/cultural organizations

There are many of these around, both of the ”heathen” and the "Christian" variety. Mostly and for obvious reasons they do not work very well together. However, you find supporters of both camps united in political organizations and parties. I am myself perhaps what you may describe as an agnostic and it is fortunately not the purpose of this book to dwell on religious matters. In USA there is a long tradition of Christian Aryans as well as a popular trend towards modern-day Odinism. Though the first category may be politically stronger and more active, the second is of a higher cultural value to our cause, rekindling our old instincts and values and leading our people back to their roots. Some of the very best NS zines are devoted to various aspects of religious or cultural ”Wotanism” (the term used very loosely, I must point out). This being said, I shall not minimize the important role groups like the Identity Christian Aryan Nations and Ku Klux Klan have played in uniting White activists from all over America as well as many Europeans.
These religious and cultural organizations both play an important role in the overall NS battle. However, neither religious fanaticism and fantasies, nor historical obsessions and cultural myths should take our eyes away from the very essence of our struggle, namely the political fight to secure the existence of our White race.

Non-NS organizations

There are basically four ways for National Socialists and national revolutionaries to deal with non-National Socialist patriotic or nationalist organizations:
1. Ignore it.
2. Oppose it.
3. Work with it.
4. Join it.
The choice depends on the politics in your country. Are NS organizations legal or banned? Is there a successful non-NS organization operating that is of any interest to us? Is it friendly or hostile towards us/our ideology? Is it merely populist, is it strongly patriotic or is it in fact nationalist?
If NS organizations are still legal, I would strongly suggest that the NS movement concentrates on its own activities and ignores the non-NS "alternative". Mostly because all manpower and concentration are needed in one's own camp. But also because the NS organization is most likely much smaller than the System-approved patriotic party, and too much attention on it, might actually lead weaker souls away and into the bigger and more "glamorous" and definitely more safe alternative - despite all NS arguments against it. What is said here, mostly apply to the many populist parties around in both West and East Europe.
There might be exceptions, though. If the non-NS group is (openly or secretly) friendly towards our own group, some sort of co-operation should be established. Most likely it would be a very discreet one, as any non-NS patriotic party would seriously damage their "image" in the eyes of democracy by flirting with the "evil Nazis". The National Socialists should also be wary. Too intimate relations could, as suggested above, lead more opportunist elements away from National Socialism and into the warmth of democratic society. The most well-known examples of parties which might fall into this category are the British NF and BNP(?), the French FN(?) and the German NPD and Volksunion(?).
If the non-NS organization is obviously not only not National Socialist, but in fact actively opposed to that ideology and riding on a wave of pseudo-Nationalism, it goes without saying that an active stand against such a party is of paramount importance. The more successful it is, the more necessary it is to expose it for what it is: a political hoax led by political bootleggers and con men. The party of Austria's Jörg Haider is such an example. From the start he cleverly abused Nationalist sentiments and arguments, but when he rose to a powerful position, Haider quickly sold out. Before exposing himself totally, he actually fooled plenty of honest Nationalists - both of the NS and the non-NS variation.
There may come a time when total collaboration is inevitable. If National Socialism is banned and there are no other - more underground like - options, actually joining a non-NS organization may be acceptable. There is of course the possibility of creating one's own alternative organization - bordering on National Socialism. But running such an outfit may prove difficult. You lose the unique attraction and inspiration of the NS factor and the possibility of new bans is always there. ZOG may "define" National Socialism more or less as they choose.

Additional notes

Just a few more words on structural matters. ”Democratic” parties love to split up their organizations according to age and sex. In theory youth divisions and women's groups should not only concentrate on these specific groups but also act as special recruitment vehicles. Personally, I feel that such segregation rather tend to separate the youngsters and the females from the main organization and thereby also from the more important political activities and decisions.
In the B&H movement a separate youth organization would simply be impossible. The great majority of its supporters are young in the first place, and the small minority of veterans - despite their youthful surroundings and perhaps their own ”young” character as well - would not be suited to run the daily operations of an organization like Blood & Honour.
Should there be a special women's group? At this stage I think not. We have a lack of educated and professional leadership, among men as well as women. There is always the risk that people who are really needed in the central organization are commissioned to lead a women's organization - or a youth front for that matter. Especially the women's group will need a lot of hard and frustrating work due to the sadly low numbers of girls and ladies within or attracted to our Movement at this point. Actually, mingling of the sexes is desirable, both because we need all the manpower (regardless of sex) we can get and also due to the undeniable recruitment power of the feminine element. Forgive me for sounding ”sexist”, but what kind of people want to join an all-male outfit...?
There is also the danger of putting an active girl as head of a miniature ”Female Front” and thereby not merely losing a great asset for the main organization, but also risking a "burn-out" from working overtime to build something which has proven to be fairly futile at this stage.
Aryan men and Aryan women compliment each other and should work side by side. But there are cases when the men have made few efforts and women have taken the initiative. Such organizations naturally have the right to exist and have also proved to be of great use in the overall struggle of the Movement. Admittedly, they are few and afar, but I would like to mention the network around the excellent magazine "Sigrdrifa" and the WAU (Women for Aryan Unity) with divisions in several countries, as shining examples of valkyrian power.
It is true that the NSDAP did indeed have several youth groups and women's organizations. But here we are talking about a phenomenon that appeared fairly late in that party's development from a 7-man strong grouplet to a mass movement which eventually seized total and absolute power over the German society and people.
When the day comes when a new NS party reaches just a fraction of that sort of power, we can bring up the question again. Till then we should all stand and act united in one tightly-knit Movement, regardless of sex and age, united solely by our will and ability to do battle.
On the other hand, for a non-NS party engaged in normal parliamentary activities, there might be advantages from such separate entities. But these must appear when there is a genuine need for this kind of party structure - not merely because it looks impressive on paper.

Chapter Three: Organisation