Chapter 3:

Propaganda is necessary to get new people interested in our cause. But it is also necessary to show fellow National Socialists the level of activity and professionalism which your organization has reached. Remember, at this stage that might prove more important than reaching the illusive and at times mythical ”masses”. There are most likely more unorganized, ”veteran” National Socialist around than there are ”new” potential National Socialists.
 Therefore, a lot of our propaganda should be directed to our own brand of people. This is a must for Blood & Honour, which operates mostly within an environment that is already more or less National Socialist. At this stage, the same goes for most NS organizations around. They need to recruit among their own kind and build a platform on those who are already hardened (but perhaps not organized) national revolutionaries.
 As for non-NS nationalist or populist parties, the bulk of propaganda should be aimed at the general population in order to gain not only members but also sympathizers and voters.
 (I have not included educational material such as courses and books in this chapter. Certainly, our enemies brand these as ”propaganda”, but they are not - neither by semantic definition nor by character.)
 Propaganda is defined by type and content. There are many forms of propaganda, but they should all present the National Socialist idea - on whatever topic and in whatever style. Here is a list of the most common propaganda tools:
1. Leaflets and posters
2. Newspapers, magazines, zines
3. CDs
4. Videos
5. Internet
6. Concerts
7. Meetings/demos/marches
8. Radio/TV
9. Regalia (T-shirts, pins, patches, flags, scarfs etc.)

 Let's just quickly go through the list:
 Leaflets and posters are, to a large extent, tools of the past. Newspapers and magazines are still influential but they have lost substantial ground to the Internet. According to a Zionist source there is a 20% chance of ending up on a "Nazi" web page if you search on the word "Holocaust"! CDs, of course, are the thing of the present. There surely must be more than thousand different White Pride/White Power/Rock Against Communism/Viking rock titles around, totalling at least two million CD copies - plus, of course, all the copies on cassettes, burned CDs and mp3 versions. Videos have not reached those staggering figures, but companies like NS88, Warrior Videos and Ainaskin have released more than hundred titles, ranging from old 3rd Reich propaganda newsreels to the latest concert videos. Plus the legendary Kriegsberichter series of ”MTV” style WP propaganda. Political meetings are - unfortunately - losing out to the many WP concerts. It is necessary, as the Scandinavian B&H branches do, to combine the ideological element of the political meeting with the stronger propaganda effect of the rock concerts. Due to lack of manpower demos are not as frequent as they ought to be, and marches even more scarce. Combining these important shows of activism and strength with an attractive recruitment incitement such as a concert has proved fairly efficient. NS radio stations do exist but are few and far apart. The most famous, Radio Oasen, broadcasts from the HQs of the Danish National Socialist Movement. There are also radio stations with a more or less NS profile scattered around the States. Still, they reach relatively few and are by far overrated as propaganda vehicles. As for TV, you have the excellent "Race and Reason" on American cable television. But world-wide, TV is near to non-existent as an NS propaganda tool. And if radio is overrated, then the value of T-shirts, pins, patches etc. is definitely underrated. Here we have the "fashion world" of "Nazis", forming the youngsters and giving blunt but clear messages to the people on the street.

 Some propaganda tools need further comments:
 "Distributing propaganda" was in older days more or less synonymous with handing out leaflets. Grand campaigns covering cities and suburbs with propaganda sheets used to be the true sign of an efficient movement And if in addition you managed to cover some walls and windows with your (mostly provocative) posters, you were in real business! Unfortunately, the total effect of these labour-costly and expensive operations was minimal. At least if they were the efforts of an NS group. It takes more than a leaflet - often poorly printed at that - to counter the daily mass propaganda of ZOG's newspapers. And the chance of finding not only a "    Nazi" but also one that would actually be moved into action through these leaflets was, and still is, microscopic. For a non-NS party, engaged in election, the mass distribution of leaflets prior to an election still makes sense, but for the NS Movement other tools should have priority - both on the financial and the activist level. Carefully planned blitz attacks where leaflets are distributed in limited areas can be useful, though. Especially around some big event that might be anything from a football match to the visit of some undesirable in your local area. You need not work yourself out by distributing such leaflets by the millions. Hitting the right target nearly always results in big media coverage. Now, mostly the person who runs to the press with a copy of your printed message will be of the negative type. That does not really matter too much, as long as the leaflet is well written on a popular or for that matter controversial theme and is professionally produced. A good idea is to have the address of your organization printed in bold lettering on the top of the leaflet rather than the usual 10p text on the bottom of the back page. Thereby you have a good chance of getting your address as well as your message printed in your local daily. That means free advertising read by far more people than you could ever hope to reach through your own distribution. Certainly it will be distorted in one way or the other. Journalists and editors are no friends of patriotism and National Socialism. Still, those who already have leanings in our direction will see through most, if not all, the garbage journalism. And by appearing in the papers you show yourself to both friends and foes as an active unit.
 Posters work rather in the same way. You don't really need to plaster the whole town (though the sight would be great!). A few strategic ones mostly do the trick. Fortunately, as posters are expensive to print and easy targets of Red nails (and I don't think of elegant ladies...). If you apply the old trick of mixing the glue with tiny bits of glass, you add a bloody touch of pain to it all...
 While actual newspapers are rather few in NS circles (most published in USA, like The New Order, NS Kampfruf, WAR and The Truth At Last, and nearly always monthly or bi-monthly), magazines and so-called zines flourish. Unfortunately, too many pop up once or twice and then disappear, never to be seen again - just like the subscription revenue you sent off to some PO Box. But to be fair, there are some damn good ones around, and they have been for some time now. American Resistance and Swedish ”Nordland” set new standards when it came to presentation: glossy and colourful. This is of course excellent in principle, but in the tough world of National Socialism it can backfire. Flashy Resistance attracted the interest of America's tax mafia and was then hit with ZOG's full force, causing its old editor to turn from white to yellow and then obviously transparent as he completely vanished from the Movement. It took a few good men, a lot of energy and big capital to get it going again. ”Nordland” was a yet more costly project. And it did not help that its readership was limited to those who can understand the Swedish language. Certainly, Sweden had a big share of the White Power rock industry and customers. But it was not really enough to justify the expenses of such a magazine. And the legal harassment of its publishers and media's terror campaign against its potential customers led to both financial bankruptcy and political collapse. All the praise of foreign NS groups and zines were of no help then.
 So what's the moral? Well, I hope this has taught us to be realists. Even putting all our capital in the paper basket, will not produce a magazine similar to the usual Capitalist standard. Colour galore and a glossy paper trail will give you respect and admiration among your own, but at what price? For an English language magazine it can be worth it, considering the huge market potential. But for smaller countries? No way. The need for regular and continuous publication overrides the luxury factor any time. By this I do not mean that we should be cheap in our publishing efforts. Good looks are important, but only to a certain degree. The content, naturally, is even more important. And that there exists funds to keep the magazine afloat, too. We should also not forget that as national revolutionaries we may soon find ourselves back in the backyard when it comes to printing and publishing facilities. There is definitely no need to be spoilt and to let arrogant megalomania wipe out sane realism.
 As for the content of our papers, that is naturally at the discretion of the editor. We need a varied press, covering all aspects of our creed, but preferably in the light of National Socialism. I deliberately use that word rather than ”exclusively”. There are some good papers, magazines and zines around that for one or more reasons (some good, some not) are limited to the idea of nationalism, patriotism or even at times populism. They may contain valuable information (especially their news coverage) and despite their ideological shortcomings they deserve both careful reading and yearly subscriptions. But make sure you see these papers as supplements to the NS press. It is true that the National Socialist media often cannot match the size and regularity of the less controversial magazines, but what the NS magazines may lack in looks and numbers, they mostly make up for in content. Neither should you forget that sales of NS papers are an important and often vital income source for the NS group.
 During the last five years Internet has replaced the magazines as the NS Movement's main communication vehicle. There are a great and growing number of "Nazi" web sites, and mostly they are both professional and of excellent content. And the e-mail service has to a large extent made costly and risky telephone calls and slow "snail mail" unnecessary. Then we have the chat channels like IRC where National Socialists are plenty. These chats may be valuable in getting people together and discussing politics, solving problems, settling differences and generally getting comrades together. However, far too many use these channels as a forum for gossip and slander as well as infantile obscenities. The Americans are the worst offenders, but the Europeans are quick to follow, I am sad to conclude. Here we definitely need our own "Net watch". Root out the infiltrators, trouble makers and perverts who "amuse" themselves behind the safety of fancy "Nazi" nicknames!
 Internet gives us endless opportunities. But be on guard. ZOG's censors are constantly trying to sabotage the freedom of the Net. Join forces with true libertarians and guard our rights to free expression. It's our last but biggest resort. On the other hand, do not overestimate the impact of your web propaganda. Some retreat to the easiness and safety of their computer world. You should remember that without real involvement and concrete activity, the Net is nothing but virtual reality.
 Now for the second big propaganda break-through: the CD. The first White Power music (not counting the battle anthems of the 3rd Reich) appeared during the political sixties. Both Klan-oriented singers like Johnny Rebel and Nazis like Odis Cochran & the Three Bigots recorded vinyl singles and EPs with strong White racist lyrics to classic country & western music. Today all these amazing recordings exist on CD, but for two decades they floated around the NS scenes of Europe in mainly mediocre cassette versions. Then appeared Ian Stuart Donaldson & Skrewdriver, and nothing was ever the same. White Power had come to the music world! At first - except for a few legendary singles and EPs, Skrewdriver and the other WP bands inspired by the White noise trend (British as well as German), recorded their music for Rock`O´ Rama, a German semi-underground punk label. Later a real NS label - Rebelles Européens - recorded a series of LPs with now classic WP bands from all over Europe, including Dirlewanger, Lionheart and No Remorse. Still the music was hardly more than an exciting novelty. The real impact came with the compact disc. The sound of White Power and the message of Aryan Pride found their way to thousands of vibrant White ears all over the world. A whole new youth culture was in the making!
 This was the chance the NS propagandists had been waiting for, and fortunately - much thanks to Blood & Honour, Ian Stuart's own organization - they did not miss it. The WP music machine has been producing nationalist and National Socialist CDs in a steady stream since the beginning of the nineties. And they keep getting more professional both in appearance and performance. No White community is without its WP rock fans, and no White nation is without its WP artists. The variety in music style is growing as well, including Oi!, punk, rock, rock`n´roll, heavy metal, black metal, trash metal, death metal, pop, C&W, folk and even techno.
 Well, this just looks like a fairy tale, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the shiny cover of progress has a dark and at times ugly back side. Tens of thousands of CDs mean millions of dollars - an attractive play-ground for profiteering entrepreneurs. Our people are, generally, neither businessmen by occupation nor by instinct. There is nothing really wrong in this. Many might say it is a positive proof of idealism. However, when you are to deal with big money from a blooming, multi-national business, this lack of knowledge, experience and entrepreneur spirit will seriously damage your own judgement as well as the operations you are engaged in. Our people may not be corporate men and women, but they are not immune to greed and envy. Uncountable stories of conflicts stemming from the nationalist record industry tell a very sad tale of broken comradeship, bitter feuds and aggressive campaigns. In this chaos the pure profiteer steps in. Driven by money lust rather than political ambitions, running the operation like a smooth enterprise  rather than a crude political organization, this person is bound to end up with the juicy bits of the CD deals. Now, I am not saying that the people who work full time should not be compensated. Basing this huge and important operation solely on idealistic but sporadic help, has proved a disastrous decision based on pseudo-ideological fantasies rather than the harsh facts of life. But we should not forget that this is OUR thing, our propaganda and eventually our funds pocketed from our supporters who want to listen to our music and our lyrics. In other words, we have the right to our share. Again, it is true that the size of this share depends on our own ability to get in there and do a good job. Then there will be no place for the corporate pick-pockets of our Movement.
 It might not be politically correct and certainly not business-like, but some blame most also be put on the rock`n´roll themselves. There are so-called WP artists who behave little better than musical prostitutes, running from one WP record company to the other (most likely less WP inclined) in order to get a better deal or a more luxurious production - obsessed with outrageous royalty demands and willing to sell out both morally and politically to gain financial rewards. Naturally, the artists should be compensated for their work, but their claims are not more essential than those of other comrades - many who never get one dime for their political activities which may have cost them both jobs, families and freedom. Most of these idealists never experience the sunny side of NS life: going places without bars on the windows, being greeted by hundreds or thousands of fans rather than the angry boys in blue or red, getting the chance to play the songs of your life rather than getting beaten half to death, served free beer and spirits rather than a fine or a prison sentence.
 It is obviously easy to remember Ian Stuart, the creator of White Power rock and founder of Blood & Honour. More difficult it seems for some to follow in this warrior's footsteps on the straight and narrow road of Aryan pride, bravery and sacrifice!
 The CDs are not only a mega fundraiser for the Movement. It is also perhaps the single most important propaganda messenger. Therefore, we need to examine and analyse their content. Are all WP lyrics good propaganda? First of all, only a fool - or the prosecutors of ZOG - take these rock lyrics literally. They are not political programs, declarations or orders. Like all other kinds of popular music they are entertainment for a certain kind of people who find comfort and - in our case - hopefully general inspiration from listening. Some nationalist CDs contain lyrics that are extremely violent and/or racist. Others barely touch the subject of politics. You may choose from the power of politics to the passion of pride. "If it's Aryan it's good!" should summon up the general rule. But unfortunately, it is not entirely that easy...
 Mostly, it is not the CDs in themselves that cause some problems. All musicians do their best and I do not know of one CD that is actually opposed to our creed. It may not go all the way, but the nationalist sentiments are always there. If not, it simply falls outside the category of music we are discussing in the first place. Rather I am sometimes worried about the development of the band or the source from which the CD production stems. Sadly, there are too many samples of bands who have gradually toned down the message of their lyrics with every new release. It may not be drastic changes but it all ends up with the risk of giving the fans the idea that radicalism generally and National Socialism specifically is perhaps not such a good idea. The artist(s) may have several reasons for this political retreat. There might be demands from the record companies in order to adjust to the oppressing laws of that country, which is understandable and generally acceptable. But there is always the chance that the entertainer has simply changed views - for sincere personal reason or (I believe mostly) out of fear that ZOG in any way will disturb his life as a performing artist. In such cases, the singer/band no longer represents a positive role model or source of inspiration. On the contrary, young fans might follow the artist's example and then cowardice and opportunism suddenly become virtues! The point of all propaganda is to lead people to us, not away from us. Especially bitter is this when the subjects actually were in "our hands" just to be driven away again by supposed allies of us.
 Some artists honestly cannot take the pressure. They are to be respected when they sincerely want to continue spreading a message of patriotism on a level of heat which they can themselves endure. But totally unacceptable is the stupidity of certain so-called NS outfits which promote these artists as something they simply are not. No matter how popular their music is, how professional they perform on stage, they are not (and mostly do not even claim to be) National Socialists or revolutionaries. And they most certainly are not any leaders of our Movement - as some fortunately folded organizations have tried to brand a few of the most populist type of rock stars. Furthermore it is down-right disgusting when some of the most profit hungry wheeler-dealers preying on the nationalist music lovers deliberately seek to de-politicize our music to avoid legal problems and to sell more CDs through "mainstream" channels. When a German label which has released CDs by a majority of the big names in WP music, coins the slogan "No politics, only music" and stamps it on their cursed discs, then things have really gotten out of hand. By their very actions these slick tradesmen have excluded themselves from our circles. It is high time our artists understand this too and stop playing around with outsiders
 Our only chance of winning back control over the CD market is to start learning how to run a professional business. Moaning and groaning won't do the trick. However, a bit of pressure on the more unruly elements may at times be necessary. It doesn't sound "nice" but we simply cannot allow our main propaganda tool to turn into an Oriental bazaar. And it is the radicals who will have to pay the bill anyway. While the revolutionaries have their day in court, the money-makers are laughing all the way from the CD factory to the bank. As I said, this is our thing. But then again, we must learn to live with it and not let it slip out of our hands through foolish carelessness and wild amateurism.
 CDs have a domineering and spectacular role in our propaganda show. A slightly less shiny role, but closely tied to the music industry in many aspects plays the Internet. Here we can advertise our products and more or less freely express our views to millions of potential supporters. Apart from certain infantile abuse of the chat-channels, the Movement has played its cyber cards extremely well. Easy to learn and at minimal costs young pioneers of Nazi space have created an overwhelming offering of NS, nationalist, revisionist and skinhead web sites. Here the sky is literally the limit.
There is a "but", though. Be careful not to be totally seduced by the cyber charm. For all its glory it can never replace the concrete, often far less exciting, but just as often far more dangerous activities right down her in the reality of earthly struggle. It is easy to build a virtual New Order, but that is really nothing more than a fancy version of the old fairy tales, a digital description of our dreams and hopes. It should inspire you, it should attract interest and followers. But it's still a mirage. The real thing demands blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice and hard work. Nothing for the nerd, in other words. And for the warriors, gladiators and berserkers we are seeking, there is no easy short-cut, no virtual substitutes - just bloody reality.
That naturally brings us to the more concrete and risky business of demonstrating our presence and views to the public. Half a century of history written by the victors of the 2nd World War and media coverage by ZOG's pen-pushing lackeys have thoroughly programmed the bulk of the population. We are neither politically correct nor the good guys in the eyes of the public. On the contrary, we are generally seen as the worst kind of evil since the days of the late Count Dracula. Not by everyone, of course, but those who have secret sympathies keep them well hidden out of fear of losing social positions, and most of our so-called supporters still hesitate to actively in public demonstrate to the world their NS sentiments. That leaves the few bravehearts. There are many episodes of a tiny group of valiant "Nazis" doing battle with a mob of Red scum. Our hearts bleed for these braves, but still I have to say that in most cases their sacrifices have been in vain or even were counter-productive. (I can truthfully say this, as I personally have taken part in several such uneven battles.) The public will not love a "Nazi" at this stage. Then they should at least fear him. Showing public defeat - no matter how bravely you have performed - is not good PR. Nobody loves a loser, I'm afraid. And to be honest, who other than a political masochist is attracted by bloody defeat? Far from hurting our enemies, these hara-kiri style actions actually build up their strength and confidence.
Spectacular demos and marches should be conducted by manpower matching the risk-factor. We should at least have a fair chance of winning any street battle that may take place. Now, we don't necessary need to be in a majority (we seldom are at this stage) but we should have (and mostly we do) a majority of aggressive will to win. In recent years, with the new flow of young combatants to our Movement, things have improved radically on this front. A fact that should shame the pseudo-intellectual critics of skinheads and Combat 18 supporters!
The meeting activities of our Movement have in recent years totally been dominated by WP concerts. This is both for good and bad. It's positive that the concerts have a magnificent attraction power and also - at least in theory - generate great funds for our cause. But too many concerts are the doings of private initiative of the corporate kind. In other words, the money generated from these events go from the pockets of nationalists to the pockets of profiteers. Many organizations let this happen due to their own inability to arrange such shows. In those cases, they should try to wise up their own act, and till they themselves are capable, they should demand a sort of NS tax on these private businessmen. After all, these money-making music men get their funds from our people and the entertainment from our bands. Just as they must compensate the artists, they should contribute with a share of the profits to the local NS movement which mostly supply both the security, the audience and the customers anyway. At the same time, the political cadres should involve themselves more actively in the actual shows. A concert without a political message beyond the lyrics of the rock stars is simply incomplete at best, and a waste of time at worst. (I have experienced so-called "memorial concerts" where the martyr in question was not even mentioned!) Blood & Honour Scandinavia has shown the way in this respect, combining the fiery political agitator with the thrilling sound of the White Power musicians.
And remember, you do not have to have a concert to attract people. In fact, sometimes all our comrades want is to discuss politics or in a serene fashion honour one of our heroes. And sometimes all you should want is to attract the purely political cadres. This does not mean that these gatherings are in any way boring. Carefully prepared majestic surroundings in a solemn atmosphere, or a thoroughly political manifestation with spellbinding speakers might be more impressive and heart-touching than the most professional and radical rock performer. I have personally witnessed both and would like to make special mentioning of the Waffen SS marches in Budapest organized by Hungaria Skins, the Adolf Hitler celebrations as well as many of the recruitment meetings of the Swedish NSF plus the legendary Rudolf Hess marches of DNSB and Blood & Honour Denmark.
And please do not forget the good ol' socials where our people just meet, exchange views, bring boy- or girlfriend or perhaps curious comrades from the neighbourhood or work. You meet in the local pub, café or beer joint - or even in your home; drink a little, talk a lot (OK, I know some like to reverse that order...), listen to WP music and generally have a good time. That's propaganda too. Many have been drawn to the Movement simply through a need of a social life, tight comradeship and a common purpose in life. Of course, such basic events must be followed up by thorough education and more serious activism, but don't let go of the social bit. It is needed - both to keep people with us and to keep spirits high. Fellowship is the essential platform of all revolutionary forces.
We have now thoroughly discussed the forms of propaganda. Just as important is the content of your propaganda and its direction. Which issues should be stressed, which to avoid, how to present your case and to whom.
Your target should ideally be all of the White population. This is, however, due to limited resources neither practical nor possible. I have already explained how National Socialists should concentrate on organizing those who already share our views but - for some reason - have chosen not to organize themselves or have dropped out. To these people a professional and positive presentation is more important than the topic itself. They need to renew or at least strengthen their belief in the possibilities and potentials of active involvement. Therefore, the stencils, the spelling mistakes and the hysterical and often unfounded ramblings of old must not be repeated. The Net is a good measure of the progress and professionalism the Movement has reached today. So are the bulk of magazines and most of the CDs.
Naturally, propaganda directed towards other than NS people should be well-produced too. But here the content is just as important as the quality. Here we must keep in mind what purpose the specific propaganda has. Do we want to recruit new members, seek publicity, gain new sympathizers or win votes? Signing up new members take more than a bit of propaganda. That is, and should rightly be, a long process involving both propaganda as well as education and building of motivation. But the first step is to actually reach the people, and sometimes the publicity of the media is the most efficient one. I am not saying that all publicity is good publicity, but the press is hungry to sell papers and "nazism" is (at least in their own eyes) a definite seller. A bit of manipulative propaganda might be rewarded with valuable news coverage. Fully aware that it is a dangerous game which sometimes will backfire, I still believe we can and should benefit from the "shock effect" of our political radicalism. A master of this manipulative art of propaganda was Commander George Lincoln Rockwell of the American Nazi Party.
Whatever, you can of course not rely on ZOG's press to be your mouthpiece. At best they have created a general interest and at the price of major hostility. But those belonging to that last category will hardly ever find their way to our camp, anyhow. For an organization such as Blood & Honour the approval of public opinion is never the issue. The views of average ZOG slaves should be irrelevant to B&H. By its very nature it should direct its propaganda at the youth in a shape appreciated by the youth and with a message that strikes a chord among the most radical and discontent factions of White youth. The same might be said for all National Socialist organizations, though naturally their audience should not be limited to that of youngsters.
Mass propaganda is really only for the populists and the nationalists who seek representation through elections. In these cases the natural topics of propaganda are those ignored by the mainstream parties, such as immigration, culture distortion, NATO, the European Union etc. The populist will give the issues an economic twist while the nationalists can play on the threat to national identity and sovereignty. Such efforts are, as I have stated enough times, fairly futile. But if the ZOG laws of the land leave you no other choice, then you should try to use whatever influence you have to give an NS touch to the otherwise simplified message.
Whoever you address your propaganda to, the general rule is not to use vulgar and primitive language. (I exclude the WP music scene, where the lyrics are coloured by youthful instincts and are expressions of political emotions rather than political messages.)  Not only does crudeness quickly bring you in conflict with ZOG's censorship laws against "racial hatred", it is also in most cases counter-productive. Even the primitives and the blind haters do not expect a message similar to their most dark dreams. They don't need an overdose to turn on. And honestly, are those the kind of people we should concentrate on? I am not saying that such people are not needed or not at all wanted. There are times when all intellectualism and nice intentions have to step aside for the power of the brute. And is political sincerity judged by its refinement? But, generally there is neither need nor use for vulgarisms. This is not to say that the propaganda should never be radical. Of course it should. But radicalism is not the same as a collection of abusive words and insults. Just as unprovoked physical attacks on immigrants are counter-productive and get you locked up for no good reasons, tirades of hate are just negative signals. Immigration is the problem and it is caused by the treacherous politicians of the oppressive and alien ZOG regime. Criticize the phenomenon and direct your wrath against the politicians. They are your enemy, they are the enemies of your country and race. Make them the enemy of your fellow countrymen too!
The Jews have been the favourite topic of our literature since the birth of National Socialism. The "Jewish question" is of extreme political importance and the awareness of the Zionist peril is essential for all national revolutionaries. The propaganda value of this matter is minimal, though. People in general are conditioned and programed to feel sympathy for Jews through a massive distortion of historical facts and oppression of political realities. When the "Chosen Ones" need to be mentioned in our propaganda, they should be described as Zionists rather than simply "Jews". This is both a more acceptable term and a better political description. You thereby put the focus on politics rather than race and you can even turn charges of "racism" against the cosmopolitans themselves. Remember - and make sure others don't forget either - that the United Nations (from the start a Zionist dream come true) actually has branded Zionism as racism, and that it is the ideology by which the state of "Israel" justifies its occupation of Arab land and expulsion, oppression and persecution of the Semitic Palestinians.
Propaganda can crudely and perhaps cynically be described as the most attractive bits of your ideology. Keep in mind that though it is a means to and end, it will sabotage your purpose if it is not honest and truthful. We have the intense spotlights of ZOG on us at all times, so do not be caught in lies and silly intimidation. Neither should you let the cheap thrills of opportunism keep you from telling uncomfortable truths nor give up your radical beliefs. Just hit the nail and hammer away. People will hear you and wonder what you are building. In the end, your own unselfish and idealistic example is the best kind of propaganda!

Chapter Four: Violence and Terror