Chapter 6:

In my book "Blood & Honour: The Way Forward" I discussed the future of our struggle in general terms, concluding that we do have a chance of success. But it will take all we've got of both guts and brains, the blessing of our ancient gods and that decisive bit of pure luck!
 In this book I have tried to give some more concrete advice on how to go about reducing the dependence on old Wotan & the rabbit foot and make headway through own resources. Still, there is no way we can isolate our fight from the reality of world politics and power structures. In the future we shall be forced not only to operate on an international scale, but also to form completely new alliances and choose bold new tactics and strategies. Brains are more important than ever, but still there is no getting around the need for good old fashioned hard work and bravery.
 We live in times of great changes, most of them for the worse. However, there are some signs of a reaction against the New World Order of Zion. I am fully aware of the fact that Mr Jörg Haider of Austria is a cheap trickster, but it is still a fact that it is his stand against internationalism, his pro-Austrian campaign and his at least at times sympathetic remarks on National Socialism that won him the sympathy of Adolf Hitler's people, rather than his pathetic excuses to please the so-called world community. Likewise we have Vladimir Zhirinovski in Russia. Yes, I know that his background is questionable and I know that his Russian imperialism carries him away too many times. But again, it is his radical and racial nationalism that keeps him in the Duma - despite his political death sentence so many times announced by the Zionist media. Similar examples of governmental or at least politically influential opposition to the Zionist World Order you find in Serbia, in Slovakia and in White Russia.
 Sadly, there are some serious set-backs too. The death of president Tudjman in Croatia opened this country for the Zionist peddlers of the New World Order and a professional opportunist was quickly elected on promises of EU's blessings and sworn in under the supervision of the wandering Czech Jewess Ms Albright. And in Serbia, militia man Arkan and the Serb foreign secretary were gunned down by the hidden hand of political gangsterism. A fair guess and a fairly official accusation from Serbia is that the Western bloc carries on its war of annihilation on the streets of Serb cities. Naturally, the loss of the cradle of Serbia, Kosovo, to the Albanian-Muslim imperialists, was a political defeat of tragic proportions. However, the fact that war is back  in Europe again, breaks the status quo of the established order and opens the gates of long-suppressed aggression as well as new political constellations. The same goes for Russia's campaign against Muslim terrorists along its southern frontiers. The sad news may be that the Communists are again strong in Russia, but the good news is that their driving force today is no longer the old cosmopolitan ghosts of Marx and Lenin, but Russian nationalism and strong anti-Zionism (their leader even using the definitely non-kosher term ZOG!). There is in fact, for whatever the future will prove it worth, a growing Red-Black political alliance in Russia, where the nationalist policies not only combine those parties but are bound to be that alliance's all-domineering element. It is up to fellow nationalists outside Russia to keep contacts with their Russian comrades and influence the best "fascist" forces there, so that this nationalism does not evolve into classic chauvinist imperialism but is used for the benefit of Russia - and the rest of Europe as well!
 On the smaller and less bloody but still essential scene of politics, other alliances must be formed in order to secure our immediate political future. I am thinking of the threats of bans and the censorship attacks on Internet. Here we have to act very rationally and pragmatically, leaving our long-term aspirations aside in order to survive the present. Both libertarians (for principle reason) and the more intelligent elements within the Red camp (for reasons similar to our own) reject the ZOG demands for political bans against nationalism and the efforts to limit the freedoms of the cyber society. We desperately need those freedoms, and we must use all channels available to keep the flow of free information undisturbed by the savage censors of ZOG.
 To survive and make progress the NS Movement primarily needs will-power. The manpower is already there. We must only work to unite our forces and get them going in the right direction. Not an easy task, to put it mildly. But here we can achieve a lot by setting examples. Comradeship, determi-nation and bravery are our best arguments for joining and the dire threat to our people's very existence is our best argument for fighting.
Our mere survival in this political turmoil is an achievement in itself. But it is not enough. We are not similar to the party politicians who are satisfied with whatever influence they can scrape together just in order to live out their days on a parliamentary seat, fed through the funds obtained from the taxation of their voting cattle. We want total power. Not for ourselves but because the choice is simply this: Either our race - through its real representatives - has total control of its future, or it will be totally lost. Sure we are fighting an up-hill battle, but we are also fighting with our backs to the wall, leaving no way to go but ahead and installing in us that untamed aggression of the cornered beast.

Aryan man will rise again and take back his rightful position on earth. Or he will die fighting for it. There is no middle ground. There is only the solemn call of our forefathers and the glorious vision of the future. Together, as comrades-in-arms, we - the last of the traditional Aryan gladiators and berserkers, the latter-day White knights and crusaders, the inheritors of the armed legions of European National Socialist volunteers - throw ourselves into the final battle for our race

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