Chapter 1:

National Socialism is the ideology of the national revolutionary movement which Blood & Honour represents. There should be neither doubt nor discussion about it.
Why? Because this is the only ideology which not only reflects Nature's eternal laws in general and our interests in particular, but also contains the energetic force needed to get its followers, at best, victoriously and, at least, honourably through the battle ahead.
Certainly it arouses hatred and animosity and sparks off a vicious counter attack from our enemies in the Zionist Occupation Government. But ZOG will sabotage and try to wipe out ANY threat to its tyrannical rule, be it overt National Socialism or populist patriotism. Choosing the second alternative, you will for sure rise quicker, but the fall will not only be certain, it will also be much harder, devastating and dishonourable than whatever will happen to the NS camp.
National Socialism is not only the right thing, it's also the only real alternative left that is not doomed to defeat. It causes a tougher match, for sure. But it also attracts tougher combatants. And if you want to avoid hostility, your best choice is to lay down on your back like a good underdog - and peacefully... die.
There is a need to define National Socialism, though. We shall avoid the trap of ideological debate. God knows, there are enough of books and articles on that topic. Sufficient to say that we live on the brink of a new Millennium (when typing this, we have actually entered 2000), in times quite different from the 1920s and -30s of Germany and the 1940s of Europe. Though the basic enemy remains, it has changed its appearance as well as tactics. In addition new threats have emerged and new enemies arisen - sometimes replacing others but mostly being the natural result of the old disease. The modern-day "Nazi" must conform to modern times. That word has a bad taste, I know. But it is still the appropriate one to use.
Fundamentalists may be respected as loyal legions of faithful followers, but in the real life of political strife, they risk appearing as ghosts dressed up in the clothing of a sadly far too distant past - as impressive as the feathers of the dodo, and as extinct as that unfortunate bird. All dressed up and nowhere to go, might be a fitting death rune for those who mechanically repeat the tactics and strategies of half a century ago.
I may sound brutally pragmatic, but perhaps I can comfort the fundamentalists by reminding them that Hitler himself had little time for the reactionary nationalists of his time. The remnants of the German Empire were at best a colourful part of the Veterans' Day parade. Politically they quickly disappeared from the political scene, though certainly their leaders, like Hindenburg and Ludendorf had the personal respect of the Fuhrer.
All rules have their exceptions. While National Socialism is oppressed all over the world, there is a growing number of countries where our ideology is downright forbidden. This, naturally, causes a dilemma. Should we stick totally to our principles and leave legality for underground political warfare? Or should we act as wolves in sheep's clothing (or devils in disguise, as our enemies would describe it)?
Right now there is not much choice. The NS movements in these cursed nations of pseudo-democracy of the more vicious kind, have neither the strength nor the resources needed for an all-out war of violent resistance. There, either infiltration of already existing, legal nationalist groups, or the setting up of new ones, are recommended. Although at first this may seem as a contradiction to the opening lines of this chapter, the NS influence may actually revitalize those groups and force them forward into the real battle ground. Die-hard "Nazis" not comfortable in any watered-down, democratic outfit, still have an option through leaderless resistance and direct action. And if ZOG decides to close down even its democratic opposition, then they leave us with no choice at all. (Manuals on guerilla warfare are in plenty, though...)
The organizational aspects will be thoroughly dealt with in the next chapter. As for a conclusion to this one, I can only say that our creed is National Socialism. It is a living and developing breed in our hearts and in our minds - although it cannot always be in our political manifestos.

Chapter Two: Organisation