Chapter 5:

Your life as a national activist is quite a bit like the journey around those board games of old. While jumping from one square to the next you are often obliged to pick a card that either takes you back to the starting point, makes you pay money, tells you to wait out, puts you in jail, or - on the positive side - gives you another chance of throwing the dice, allows you to jump ahead or rewards you in some other way. It is a journey of many dangers and fewer rewards which eventually takes you to the end station - as a winner or, when many players participate, more likely a loser. The thrill is in the game, but to win is still the whole purpose of the activity.
 Now, to tell you the truth, in the game of life the rewards are fewer and far more apart than the dangers and set-backs. To pretend otherwise would not only be false but also pointless. We do not need players who cannot take the risks and accept the odds. The chance of winning is much smaller, too. On the other hand, losing the board game is not a big deal, while losing in the struggle for power amounts to no less than a catastrophe where no-one comes second, and where even the so-called winner eventually will lose out. Life on earth without the civilizing, enterprising and stabilizing effect of Aryan man is nothing but total disaster.
 You will find obstacles of all kinds when you involve yourself in White racialist politics. And the biggest threat to the budding activist's political "career" is neither Reds nor ZOG. The most efficient neutralizers are to be found within one's own territory: parents, wife/husband, boy/girlfriend, teachers, boss, work mates and so forth. One thing must be crystal clear to anyone who wants to take part in our struggle. You will never again live a completely "normal" life, and the more you engage yourself in our cause, the less normal it will get. That is not to say that your life will turn "abnormal". You just have to say goodbye to a lot of ordinary career possibilities, those thirteen-a-dozen "friends", that boy- or girlfriend who perhaps love you more for what he or she wants from you than who you really are, and of course the respectability that your parents or spouse crave and your teachers prepare you for. You cannot expect a safe life in the bourgeois meaning of the word. But you will live an existing life and even more important: a meaningful one!
 It is a sad fact, and especially hard for us who believe in the values of family life and see the principle importance of order and discipline, but you simply have to ignore any well meant advise from your close ones about avoiding nationalist involvement. If you don't, I dare say that your motivation never was that strong and you would never take the pressure of the struggle ahead, anyway. Many parents threaten with all sorts of reprisals and in some cases even total rejection. Mostly this originates in their genuine care for you and will be nothing but desperate but empty threats. In those few cases when there is actually a total break I believe that it is caused by the family's concern for themselves as proper citizens rather than concern for their wayward and unruly son or daughter. As for boy- and girlfriends and husbands and wives, they should love you for who you are, not what you are. A good advise: date and marry a person who shares your views. A relationship is hard enough sometimes without the political controversies. From experience the veterans of our movement know that the politically mixed marriage mostly ends in tragedy and sorrow - after years of damaging compromises from both sides.
 When it comes to our political enemies, they have no real arguments against us. Of course they may then turn to physical violence, but mostly it is sufficient to install a feeling of fear in their opponents. Many comrades who have survived the pressure from their loved ones, collapse from this paralysing fear when the press publish their names and - God forbid - pictures in connection with media's endless string of "Nazi" exposures. So what? What can happen? Well, in some cases, their double life has come to an end and their secrets have been brought to the open. There goes the union membership, gone are the superficial acquaintances, some idiots give you the evil eye. Again I say: so what? OK, there is the risk that you lose your job. But don't just walk away from it; fight back and get a good lawyer to get you a fat compensation cheque. You still have some rights, and though ZOG rules, it still has to abide by laws which have their origin in Aryan notions of justice. Be brave and act like that Whiteman you say you represent! Don't ever crawl and never let them thread on your rights without a fight. People in general admire bravery and respect a man of principles. Just like our enemies fear such traits. Whatever your political views, you will find that in the long run you are mainly judged by your personal behaviour. Through honesty and honour, decency and fearlessness you will overcome most negative effects of any media exposure.
 In Sweden the united ZOG media used extraordinary means to, in their words, "stop the rising tide of Fascist violence". The exposure of the 62 leading nationalists in Sweden by the four biggest newspapers was supposed to crush National Socialism in that country. On the contrary, it acted as a healthy cleansing process, filtering away the weaklings and cowards, leaving the unbreakable hard liners whose loss of any "respectability" or job only gave them more motivation and time to engage in the political struggle. Although I believe the main purpose of this media campaign was to make money from the public's curiosity, whatever genuine hopes the media moles had to serve ”anti-fascism” were crushed by the actual result of the dozen or so articles of alien hysteria. In fact, all countries should experience what took place in the pages of Sweden's ZOG papers. Thereby the NS movement would no longer be polluted by impure elements who for personal reasons hold the Movement back and/or further on would cause embarrassment or down-right damage to our struggle. The nightmare of the pretenders and profiteers, piss-artists and pop stars would be our Movement's blessing!
 Of course there is also the basic fear of violence that many have to learn to overcome. There's no shame in this. Most people - even among our lot - are not prone to violence and actually not even used to it. Their character may be non-violent but by nature all healthy humans have an instinct for violence. It may surface quicker among certain individuals as well as races, but any genetically sane person will respond violently when his or her life is at stake. Even the meekest of nature's creatures turn to violence when pushed into a corner.
 Here intellectual studies can do very little except maybe point out the ideological case for violence in certain situations. One just has to overcome one's fear by training and practice. And that means participating in activities that might end up in forceful confrontations. Here the full support of the veterans and the close comradeship of the fellow combatants are absolutely essential. We have all been "rookies" once and it is up to the hardened comrades to see that it does not end up there. I think very few individuals get used to the violent side of politics but you should try to learn to live with it. Because in our situation it is actually a sad fact of life. Neither am I saying that all our cadres should be sent out on the battlefield of the street demos and marches. We must realize that some people just don't function very well in such situations, and of course there is the security element. There are those of us who can accomplish far more under the cover of anonymity.
This is not a free-for-all easy way of avoiding trouble. It concerns those in sensitive jobs and positions which are assets to the Movement, like lawyers, judges, policemen, officers, bankers, journalists etc. as well as under-cover infiltrators of course. This was for years a troublesome conflict of interests within the Movement. The leaders found it hard to accept that some comrades preferred to concentrate on their education and/or career rather than participating in spectacular political stunts. Too many times this scepticism of motives was called for. When the NS prospect found a fancy position in life, he or she quickly vanished out of sight. As a friend of mine sarcastically put it: "You never see anyone with a Porsche car in the Movement!" Still, even some of these apparent quitters hold on to their inner beliefs even if they keep ever so quiet about it. In other words, they are a dormant asset to the cause. It is up to the Movement to convince them that it is both in their interest and ours that they in some way make themselves useful. Contacts in high places are never wrong, and in our circles such are scarce to put it mildly. We therefore need to cultivate them as best as we can. Even better it is when the Movement from the very beginning can monitor the educational and professional career of its supporter. I know this is a delicate and often futile job where the risk of failure - either through exposure or drop-out - is major. But the rewards in successful cases are then the bigger. We need contacts in the police and legal system for obvious reasons, we need successful businessmen to support us financially, we need inside contacts with the press to better present our case, we need comrades with military education for the possibility of future armed conflict, and so forth. But still we need the good ol' traditional political soldier. Without him or her all else is a waste of energy. This category of comrades will always be the domineering one and therefore the main target of this field manual.
 It is not the purpose of this chapter to tell you exactly what to do. That depends solely on your own abilities and preferences. What is demanded of you, however, is that you put all your efforts, energy and skills into your involvement. We have no more use for hobbyists, part-time politicians and week-end warriors. These kind of people have been the Movement's burden for far too long. But being a manual for the B&H and NS activist, it is only appropriate that we give you some guidelines on the various forms of activity you can choose from.
 If not the sensitivity of your occupation is a hinder, then you should get organized! And even if your job forbids you, you ought to keep in careful but constant contact with the Movement. One efficient but discreet way to do that is through the many NS/WP/B&H web sites. But as a general rule you must be organized. There is such a variety of organizations and activist levels that you have more than sufficient alternatives to choose from.
 Within the Blood & Honour movement the leadership is not that strict and the organizational forms are much looser than most other NS groups. This, however, does not mean anarchy or that nothing is demanded from you. On the contrary, B&H rely especially on personal initiative based on a firm National Socialist conviction. Being a youthful organization with the music scene as the main attraction and dominant propaganda tool, I am well aware of the many risk factors. Alcohol, stardom and profits are the main lures that have destroyed far too many potentially good nationalists.
 King Alcohol has always been a welcome and honoured guest in our circles -from the early days of the rough and rowdy German SA men to the skinhead crowds of today. And that it is a phenomenon limited to the basic level of the Movement, is simply a myth. Elite soldiers of the SS as well as party leaders have been under the influence of alcoholic spirits. Adolf Hitler was a teetotaller. He was a vegetarian too. But Der Führer was unique and I am not one of those who oppose alcohol as a principle. The constant pressure on our cadres need a safety valve, and for many alcohol is simply a means of necessary relaxation. Of course, too much can be a curse, but I have also seen people who for peculiar ideological reasons totally avoid alcohol for a longer period of time, only to have some nervous breakdown causing much more personal and political damage than a normal consumption of alcohol would have resulted in. Let's just agree on this: If you decide to consume alcoholic beverage, then there is a time and a place - and a limit.
 They say everything is relative. Stardom certainly is. Unfortunately, there are not that many of us around, but still you have the craving for fame and fortune even among our limited number of rock`n´rollers. Lately the organizations which until recently have accepted the attics and demands of certain "stars", have cleaned up their scene and put an end to the arrogance and unreasonable royalty demands. On the other hand, the eagerness of some nationalist(?) record companies with ready money in their greasy hands to get the WP rock stars to their label, often drive the self-esteem and monetary demands from the artists way out of proportion and up in the air. If you are a WP artist, please remember that the purpose of your activity is to propagate our message of White racial nationalism, to entertain and inspire our own people and to raise funds for the movement. If you are in it for the money, I suggest you try the mainstream and see how far that takes you before you drown in their cosmopolitical sewers of crushed illusions and dreams. If you are in it for the fame, you should know that your audience appreciate you for the message you bring and the joy you give them as fellow National Socialists. Of course you should - if possible - be compensated for your time and effort, but just like others doing what they are good at for the benefit of our cause, you just cannot expect special VIP treatment. Ian Stuart did more for our Movement than most and definitely more than any other White rocker. He never had an arrogant attitude, he never got financially rich from his invaluable work. There's your idol, not Elvis Presley or The Rolling Stones!
 When you truly believe in the cause you sing about or play for, the satisfaction of reaching our "masses" and motivating them to carry on, should be the greatest reward in itself. And there are fortunately many artists around today who understand this. They are sick and tired of the prima donna attics and profiteering which surfaced after the tragic death of Ian. Now they play back! Their lyrics are uncompromising, their choice of label is political and their demands are respect and support rather than gold and glitter.
 Of course, they too risk the persecution of ZOG - like all of us. But why should they matter more than the rest of us? As a White Power artist you do a great job for the Movement, you get to travel around the White world, meet an inspired and grateful audience and share the joy and enthusiasm of your brothers and sisters-in-arms. Why anyone would risk that for financial gain and pathetic personal pop ”stardom” or give it up for unfounded fears, is beyond me. And I am certain that the same goes for you too, my comrade reader! So if you have a talent and a message, grab that mike, that guitar or those drum sticks and start spreading the sound of White Pride and Power. For the sake of your own satisfaction, yes; but even more so for the sake of the national revolution and the future of our Aryan race.
 Then we have the music men of the Movement. It's an easy life if you exclude the politics from your motivation. But then - by your very own choice - you cannot really expect to be accepted by us. On the contrary, you should be seen as the parasite you are and treated like one, too. Now I doubt that any of these shady characters take the time to read this book (though, Wotan knows if they don't put it in their glossy sales catalogue!), and I can assure everyone that it is not written for the capitalist infiltrators of our Movement. Rather it is - among many other things - meant as a warning against these and anyone else who weaken our cause for petty self-interests.
 This is not to say that all those dealing with the production, distribution and sales of White Power rock are crooks and thieves. Many see the production process and the sales outlets as excellent ways of generating funds to the Movement. Others, although driven by private initiative, help us with donations of both music and money. We need professionals among us, also in the field of business. If you have such talents, you should either contact those record companies already existing (preferably the Movement's own), or you should carefully start up your own distribution of WP goods among your local comrades - and then take it from there. I know several who from these modest activities have built world-wide businesses. Just make sure that your heart and convictions, not greed and profit, are the dominant driving forces.
 Knowing how important the WP music industry has become to the NS scene in general, I would like to dwell a bit on the actual running of the "show". As I've pointed out earlier, our crowd is - for good and bad - not blessed with many business talents. Still, it is necessary to at least try to run the sales outlets in a businesslike manner. Too obvious amateurism leaves the pearly gate of profit open to the Shylocks and shysters. If you run a mail order operation, you should concentrate on that job, making it the rule to serve your customers. This may seem unnecessary to point out, and in most business operations it would be an obvious thing. However, we are burdened with lack of manpower as well as sabotage from ZOG in all forms and fashions - from censorship laws to raids and postal robberies. Shame on those customers who are ignorant or indifferent to this and make unreasonable service demands or spread unfair criticism. But shame on those business managers who ignore these facts too. If you run a sales operation, it is not a hobby. It may generate large sums of money, money stemming from the pockets of our political soldiers and - at least partly - will (or should!) go to the running of the Movement, funds that provoke the anger and actions of ZOG. In other words, it demands your full attention. When you send out sales catalogues, try to keep what you offer in stock. When you receive orders, try to serve them as fast as you can. (There seems to be no end to the excuses used to explain away laziness in this matter. Common to them all is that they are just that: excuses, excuses and nothing more!) Keep proper but secure files and books, and beware that your computer's hard disc is definitely not a good place to keep them. Use priority mail! What seems to be an inborn trait of meanness among too many nationalists slow down the pace of our operations. And register important letters and valuable parcels. Then at least you have a receipt if ZOG agents try to hijack your shipments. Be careful with return addresses which are too recognizable - especially if you ship NS goods to countries like Germany (where even undercover receipt addresses may be necessary). If the content is very controversial or not too valuable, skip information of sender totally.
 Last but definitely not least: keep a businesslike attitude towards the money coming in. It is not yours as spending money, neither is it just to be channelled away to some totally different project - no matter how deservedly. When necessary costs have been met - including wages - use the capital to re-invest, either in goods or machinery that make your operations more independent from non-NS businesses.
 We have spent a great deal of space on the rock section. This does not mean any special preference from this author. It only means that it represents a big part of NS and nationalist activities today and especially that of Blood & Honour, whether you like it or not. Therefore it is important to assure a proper running of this dominant propaganda machinery.
 Most of you, however, will only have a peripheral relationship to the WP music scene. You buy and listen to CDs and perhaps attend some concerts, that's all. And even that is no must. You do not have to like rock music or look like a skinhead to be a part of our NS community. It is your views and willingness to work and sacrifice for those views that count.
 As a supporter of the B&H and/or a member of an NS organization or nationalist party, you should realize that those days when anyone was accepted and anything tolerated just to keep up the membership figures, are over - at least in National Socialist surroundings. You are expected to act as you preach and live as you learn. Remember that we have the constant spotlights of the hostile press on us and the boys in blue keeping a watchful eye on all our activities. This is no excuse for inactivity, merely a reminder that you should use your brain as well as your guts. If you are a leading, well-known figure within the Movement, these guidelines naturally are even more important.
 I am fully aware that there may be situations when ZOG's laws just have to be ignored. In such cases one should try not to jeopardize the whole group. Only those of long experience and the toughest psyche should take upon themselves such tasks. And here we are of course not discussing random attacks against immigrants or senseless football violence. Such actions are totally counter-productive. Concentrate on our political enemies instead. How many potentially good comrades are not rotting in jail, wasting their lives on meaningless acts of violence directed at targets of no political value? And if you are a so-called hooligan, I ask you: Are you willing to take the same risks of physical confrontation at political demo's as on the football terraces? Even if the answer is yes, I urge you to get your priorities straight. Hooliganism is at best a brutal form of physical and mental combat exercise. At worst it is a miniature version of former days' bloody brother wars, with White fans fighting each other over some team which probably is controlled by Zionist money men and are likely to use and promote coloured players.
 There is also an inner threat which we have to deal with. It is not a question of hostile infiltration, though it is often the best weapon of enemy agents when they do manage to penetrate our Movement. It is a cancer that is eating the organizations from the inside and has been the major cause of many really big nationalist parties' downfall. I am thinking of the ruinous gossip-mongering which has haunted our Movement for decades. The discreet whispers behind the back of fellow patriots, the unfounded rumours gleefully spread, the vicious accusations that never reach above the cellar level. Are nationalists more prone to such bitching and bickering? It is hard to say, but the environment is definitely a breeding ground for all sort of rumour spreading and gossip mongering: A closed circle of people under constant pressure and attack, a wider circle of people who are doing far more partying than party work and who explain away their lack of enthusiasm and activism with idle gossiping disguised as "constructive criticism". And then there is of course the classic and ever appearing envy of those who are successful in their ventures and the jealousy of those who have more political influence.
 This is a killer disease just as efficient as the fear bug. I have encountered it from the very beginning of my political involvement (I started young and been around for some time...) and I have found it everywhere I've been (and I have been nearly all over the NS place...). It still goes on and on, driving good people away from us and poisoning the minds of both the party gossip as well as his or her listeners. Certainly, this kind of mental vampirism thrives on set-backs and hard times. But when progress is achieved it quickly changes character from spiteful "criticism" to envious power struggles.
 Though it seems like a no-win situation, this is just something we cannot live with anymore. This suicidal activity got to be eradicated from our midst. I urge you to stop listening to those scandalous tales of undefined accusations against your comrades and react against the back-stabbing of your leaders. Tell these hatemongers to present proof of their accusations or air their dissatisfaction directly to the people in charge. You know that anything else is not only definitely un-Aryan but also pure sabotage and treachery against the Movement. There is only one cure against it, and that's a maximum dose of loyalty and honour. Are we political soldiers in the spirit of the legendary SS legions, or are we a bunch of bitches, wasting our time and ruining our own organizations with the gossip of the Oriental bazaars?
 I am sorry if I may have painted a dark and dismal picture of life in the NS Movement. Being a field manual the purpose of this book is to guide you towards efficient involvement, but also to teach you how to avoid problems and tackle dangers. I have belonged to the nationalist movement for about 75% of my life, and I do not regret my involvement. However, I wish I had done some things differently - both for the sake of myself and the progress of our cause. A lot of fun and excitement I've had and I honestly feel I have accomplished some useful work on our behalf. But I must admit that a lot of time was also wasted on silly projects and stupid people. I do not want you to make the same mistakes. If I had possessed a book like this in my political childhood, I may have been able to stay clear of many problems and concentrated more on things that really matter. Then at least my mistakes will have some positive effect, serving as a lesson to those who now stand on the threshold of active political battle.
 A journalist recently asked me if I didn't feel bad from all the harassment and problems stemming from my political involvement. I answered that denying my own views, failing to react when things go terribly wrong, letting my culture be distorted and my folk be exterminated without raising a finger, that would make me feel worse than from anything our enemies can throw at me. I trust you feel the same way too.
 There can be no greater satisfaction in life than knowing that you have answered the call of your ancestors and fought to save the future of your people. Despite the rising tide of cosmopolitan terror, more and more Aryans arise and fight back. By joining their struggle, your life becomes meaningful in the deepest sense of the word. And you share a mission and  destiny with your fellow White warriors - a community of comradeship and common purpose in life: the survival and prosperity of our Aryan race. Such an involvement is far from sad and gloomy; on the contrary, it is a joyful and glorious battle fought by the shining knighthood of our sacred blood.

Chapter Six: The Future