National Socialist activism can take one of two forms: actions can be overt or they can be covert. Combat 18 advocates covert action as the only constructive form of action which should be undertaken at this moment in time by individuals committed to the National Socialist cause.

One reason for this is that we operate in a society where the possibilities for overt action are now so limited by the laws of ZOG that such actions as are allowed by these laws can serve no useful purpose in forwarding our aim of creating a National Socialist society.

Unless you have a great desire to be arrested on a regular basis, the only overt actions which you can undertake are those which are lawful, within the meaning of the System. Lawful overt actions are therefore limited to activities such as distribution of leaflets and literature which do not contravene the Race laws and demonstrations which do not contravene the Public Order Act.

The most important reason for avoiding overt action however is that any such action immediately guarantees you an entry in ZOG's intelligence files and all that entails.

This, in itself, would not be a disincentive were it not for the fact that the overt action which brought you to the attention of ZOG in the first place was a fairly empty gesture and did nothing to advance the cause of National Socialism. On the contrary, taking part in overt actions will seriously damage your chances of making any real difference in the long run.

ZOG loves overt action. It gives them a chance to take your photo and get to know you better. If your aim in life is to get your picture in our enemies' publications (or just don't care if that happens) then by all means join an appropriate organisation and take part in their public activities. By doing this, you will certainly show yourself as being proud of what you believe in. If, however, you want to achieve more than this and strive to advance our Cause then covert action is the only effective way forward.


Covert action can take several forms.


Direct Action


Direct action involves the disruption and elimination of all that is detrimental to our race and opposed to the cause of National Socialism. Direct action is also the clearest demonstration of National Socialism in action, often involving acts of great courage and heroism. As such, direct action serves to show our Cause in the best possible light, strengthens the bonds between fellow National Socialists and inspires others with the right qualities to join our Cause.

The level of precaution to be taken by anyone contemplating any form of direct action can not be over-estimated. The enemy will do everything in its power to prevent it. Anyone contemplating direct action must bear this in mind and take all steps possible to minimise their vulnerability to the enemy's forces.

The most effective way to do this is to operate alone and speak to no-one of your plans - the "lone wolf" tactic.

The "lone wolf" tactic is by far the most secure approach as you are dependent on no-one else for the successful completion of your plan and your personal security is entirely in your own hands. In this way, if your plan fails for whatever reason you have only yourself to blame. If your plan succeeds your courage will speak for itself.

The only alternative to the "lone wolf" tactic is to form an active cell of comrades in which information and responsibilities are shared. The success of a cell is dependent entirely on the quality of the individual members of the cell and on the absolute trust which must exist between the members.

If you believe you are in a postion where you can form an active cell, you must be absolutely sure of the committment and trust of the members you plan to recruit. You must be certain that, whatever ZOG throws at the members of the cell - be it threats, intimidation or the lure of a large amount of cash in return for information - they will not break under the pressure.

Only if you can honestly say that you trust your chosen recruits as much as you trust yourself should you think about forming an active cell.


Political Action


Political covert action usually means infiltrating an already existing non-National Socialist group or organization or the setting-up of such an organization as a "front". The main purpose of this type of action is to recruit members of these organizations for our Cause and to further spread the National Socialist message.

The best recruiting grounds for our Cause are existing racial nationalist organisations as they will often contain the raw material needed for the advancement of our Cause.

Those who infiltrate such organisations must always remember that they are National Socialists and that their aim is therefore the creation of a National Socialist State, not a "nationalist" one. The only way to National Socialism on a state level is by National Socialism itself and will never be achieved through the politics of compromise. A government of compromise is a government of compromise, be it nationalist or otherwise: it is not, and never would be, National Socialist.

Those who infiltrate racial nationalist organisations must fully understand this. The purpose of infiltration is not to promote these organisations for their own "nationalist" ends but to use them to advance the cause of National Socialism.

The alternative form of political covert action is the infiltration of the opposition, that is groups who are fundamentally opposed to National Socialism and to our Race.

The purpose of this type of infiltration is not to gain recruits but to gather intelligence and undermine the stability of such groups, leading to their eventual elimination. Anyone contemplating this form of action should think very carefully about their suitability for such a task. Infiltration of the opposition requires formidable strength of character if it is to be successful.


Social Action


The primary purpose of covert social action is to gain converts through the mechanisms of social and everyday life, such as the workplace, and use such mechanisms to either spread the Cause or in some way disrupt the System.

A good example of this is in the field of education. If a National Socialist were employed as a teacher and his views became known he would undoubtedly be forced to resign. By working covertly however, this individual can use their influence for the benefit of the Cause not by openly promoting National Socialism but by gently guiding his students away from the accepted orthodoxies and encouraging their freedom of thought especially on subjects such as the so-called "holocaust".

National Socialists in professional positions can assist the Cause in more direct ways - by giving financial assistance to covert direct action groups or by using their specialised knowledge to provide such groups with information and practical help. Areas where this is likely to apply are highly-paid sectors of industry, the Police and especially the Armed Forces.

One important aim of covert social action is long-term infiltration of the social structure with the aim of disrupting the System at a specified time in a systematic and timed onslaught, in conjunction with direct action groups. Long-term infiltration requires people to work under "deep cover", giving no sign whatsoever of their National Socialist beliefs but ready to strike when the time is right. When effectively placed, such strategic infiltrators can achieve results out of all proportion to their numbers.

Disruption is also possible in a cumulative way - small errors leading to larger errors, leading to discontent on the part of some of the general population. The aim here is for individuals, gradually and slowly, to increasingly disrupt "everyday life" and services - to edge the System towards chaos and breakdown by using their employment or influence to this end. Such a move would occur in conjunction with increased distribution of National Socialist materials offering a real alternative to the corruption and chaos together with increased covert direct action by National Socialists.




It should be remembered that all covert action has one aim - to advance the cause of National Socialism. Our long-term aim is to convert all our people to the noble National Socialist way of life. To achieve this however we must work on all levels.

All National Socialists must make the best use of their own talents and undertake the course of action to which their abilities best suit them.

For some this will mean covert direct action. For others this will mean covert political or social action. For a small number of individuals this may even mean acting overtly, rather than covertly, so that National Socialists can be seen to be willing to "stand up and be counted" and also in order that National Socialist literature and materials can be made available to others.

What this means is that National Socialists must respect the work of other National Socialists operating in different ways - but ultimately for the same goal - even if the nature and purpose of that work is not always immediately apparent.

The rotten System that opposes us will collapse one day. It is our duty to hasten that collapse by our actions just as it is our duty to seize the opportunity for power when that opportunity arises, as it surely will. As National Socialists we are, or can train ourselves to be, the elite of our race. If we know what our goal is, understand the means to achieve it and strive for it with all our might we will win out in the end.