Our revolutionary movement should concentrate on recruiting the political soldiers ready to do real battle. I deliberately use the term "recruit" rather than "win over" as these persons from the very beginning have possessed the instincts and sentiments of a true NS comrade. Such people do not need "arguments" to know the score. Neither will they expect us to hold any political office. They will however, want and demand of us a position of strength through will-power, guts and intelligence. These prospects may be ready to die for their beliefs, but they are certainly not nutty suicide candidates.

To win the respect of our potential comrades-in-arms, as well as creating true fear among our enemies, we need to build the movement on certain ever-valid principles: Faith and Fury; Comradeship and Loyalty; Brains and Bravery.

Until now, one or mostly more, of these demands have been lacking in the post-war nationalist organizations. That is not to say that there have never been or there are no individuals who have lived up to these standards. For the sake of security I shall mention only a few of our recent martyrs: George Lincoln Rockwell, Bob Matthews, Ian Stuart Donaldson.

Through both their political initiatives, radical actions and ultimate self-sacrifice they gave the present generation of national revolutionaries heroes whose martyrdom ranks with those of the leaders of and soldiers of they past National Socialist era. We cannot allow their great deeds to become all in vain. We have a duty to carry on their fight - and damn the consequences!

Chapter Three: Inter-National White Resistance