B&H / C18 - The Way Forward


It is vital that the Movement operates on an international scale. Our enemies work worldwide and it's essential that we are organized at least on a pan-European level, though the ideal is naturally a pan-Aryan army with divisions wherever White people dwell.

By now no real racial nationalist will oppose this idea. The days of pure patriotic xenophobia and imperialism are over. They have spilt enough Aryan blood to the joy of the Messianic merchants of war and destruction. The term "No more brother wars" can only be achieved through inter-national co-operation and understanding between White people, based on a common racial history and destiny while respecting each people and nation's right to self-determination. Big words? Perhaps. Impossible to achieve? I trust not. But if it proves to be just that, I'd rather scrap the whole idea of nationalism for the sake of White racialism.

Hopefully it will not come as far as this, and looking on the bright side (if that word can be used at all) the wars in Northern Ireland and former Yugoslavia at least prove that there still exists an aggressive feeling of national pride and true fighting spirit among certain European peoples. As far as those of us who are not directly involved in these conflicts, we should study them closely and learn from the tactics of the warring parties. And when it comes to the ethnic cleansing of Islam from the Croat and Serb districts of the countries (NOT country!) of Bosnia & Herzegovina, we are certainly not seeing a case of brother wars. On the contrary, this is our civilization's foremost bastion against Asian infiltration and a beacon of European life force.

The Reds had and have an international central which - at least nominally - used to be based in Moscow. The reason why communism, after years of enormous expansion, eventually lost to its cosmopolitan twin-sister capitalism, is that while both were and are materialistic ideas, the Reds failed to recognise the most basic nature of man and his society. Class struggle was only an efficient weapon as long as real poverty existed, and it still was deep down an alien creed even to the poorest of White workers. The capitalists, on the other hand, have based their ideology on some of the most deep-rooted instincts and laws of nature. But they have degenerated the thesis "Survival of the fittest" into an econonmic, ego-centric rat-race, leaving the individuals as efficient robots fuelled by an extreme egoism, lacking the social sentiments which also are parts of natural behaviour patterns.

National Socialism accepts both the needs of the individual folk member as well as the goods of the folk community. It also recognises Nature's eternal laws which every human being and human society must obey to survive. And through its racial idealism it gave the peoples of Europe a higher purpose of existence and a strong feeling of solidarity.

Certainly, it started off as a generally German phenomenon but it found its greatest fulfilment in the pan-Aryan fighting force of the Waffen SS.

The concept of the Waffen SS contains all the aforesaid principles as well as the true spirit of our creed in its purest form. It is from this unique creation we must gather inspiration to organize a new legion of Aryan gladiators. Nothing less is acceptable in this hour of destiny for the future of our race.

Chapter Four: Blood & Honour World-wide