The British National Party had a brigade of fearless stormtroopers guarding its meetings and demonstrations. They called themselves Combat 18 after our leader Adolf Hitler. Now, the BNP is lead by an honest man of great integrity with more than a life-time of nationalist activities behind him. But he, or at least his associates, are content with playing the game of democracy where the odds of winning are worse than the mafia's crooked number racket. So when C18 had some ideas of their own, they were promptly given the boot.

But the letter-number combination wouldn't go away. It reappeared, and now it had its own life, more vital, nasty, and hungry for the blood of traitors, Reds and zoggies than ever. Many were the bloody battles Combat 18 were engaged in, and many were the super-radical magazines they produced. The price has been long prison sentences for many of these brave comrades. The name of the organisation brought fear far into corridors of the establishment and even causing a few sweaty shivers and among the weaker elements of the nationalist camp.

Such a fighting force would inevitably be the main target of our enemies. How the organization handled this situation is open to discussion. Quarrels, infiltration and splits seriously damaged both its strength and reputation. But to their defence it must be said that the pressure on this particular organization was more than the average patriotic group would even dare to imagine. Anyway, a few hungry White wolves are still prepared to continue the battle under the banner of Combat 18, and it is its very name which is its greatest asset. And the name C18 still has an aura of fear to it that must and will be exploited. We've had enough of the easy way out through name-changing which presents "new" and "improved" "movements" - where the only changes consist of a few good comrades leaving and a new P.O. Box appearing... For all its problems and few faults we should stick by C18. They have, like the American Order, brought the struggle beyond the pathetic paper routines, the hysterical rocking and rolling and the general political apathy of modern-day partiotism.

To those who scorn Combat 18 I will ask: Where is your alternative? Why do you condemn violence, terrorism and revolution while at the same time praising and even glorifying the Order? All from the cozy safety of our living-room or ZOG-sanctioned secret address, I might add. These "proper" and "serious" patriots are nothing but hypocrites. Or pardon me, there are many more descriptions fitting...!

We need an organization like Combat 18, and C18 is already there. It is as simple as that. And we need it not only for protection and safe-guarding. C18 must act as the armed wing of the Blood & Honour movement. By "armed" I do not necessarily mean piling up heaps of guns and grenades. Some people are into this, and I would be a liar if I told you that I'd cry if some obnoxious ZOG creature got a metallic addition between his or her big ears. But more often than not the collection, or rather the possession, of firearms just brings about trouble. That's because most of these "collectors" until now have appeared to be more interested in talking about their guns then actually firing them. But sure thing, there are exceptions and the world is getting to be a more violent place to live and fight in for every day a new ZOG law is passed by the zoggies and the zombies. Anyway, eventually the choice of action is YOURS!

Personally, with "armed wing" I rather had in mind the ARMY of the Blood & Honour. There are many ways of spreading fear and terror amoung the enemy. Intimidation, threats, and beatings have worked well for the Red bastards for years and years. Don't you think its pay back time is long overdue?

Civil servants, politicians, and journalists are just people, mostly without any real interest in "fascism". When they sabotage us, they do it because they hope that it will make them popular with their masters. Its just an ordinary day's work in the big ZOG machinery. But how much fun is this owrk when there are dark, sinister and severely upleasant consequences attached to it?

And soon, of course. the going will get real rough. Then I think quite a few patriots will beg and pray for those "mindless brutes" who are not afraid ot risk either comfort or life to put the boot in, or - when the time comes - release the full strikeforce of the White power terror machine.

OK, so many of them get their training through hooliganism or their aggression out by queer and paki bashing. It's our job to channel this raw force and fury into constructive Aryan militancy. If you simply choose to shun them, I suggest you seek your White gladiators somewhere else. Certainly there are those not tainted by such violent activities, but just as sure they are few and afar.

Chapter Seven: Victory - What are the Odds?