Now for one particular question anyone engaged in a battle for survival at one point will ask: What are you chances? Of course we may hail victory till we run out of breath or the cramp gets our right arm. Belief is good and necessary but alone it is of no more help than just kneeling down to pray. The old saying "God helps those who help themselves" is just as valid for us as it once was the crusaders of the church.

No doubt the odds are against us, and a bookmaker would probably not touch us unless someone put a gun to his head. How can we succeed where the drilled divisions of Europe's best fighting youth, led by a person whose brilliant political visions and leadership the world has never before experienced were beaten by the Zionist-led legions of the hellish mud people? I know it is an unnerving question, but unfortunately it is one that just has to be asked. We must be realists. This is totally for real and not a cyber-space game of thrills and suspense.

First of all, we simply cannot afford not to be victorious. The alternatives are at best extinction and at worst extermination. Like choosing between the plague and cholera. Remember this when those sneaky thoughts we all suffer sometimes tell you that perhaps, just maybe the risks are too many and the sacrifices to big. Well, so ZOG won't get you. But what about your comrades and more importantly, what about your sons and daughters? Will you allow them to grow up and be soiled by the maniac monster of Multiracialism? MTV was only the beginning. The end is just that: the end of our White race and civilization as we know it. For us it may be "Victory or Valhalla!". But while we celebrate our (lost) battles among valkyries and vikings, our race as a whole end up in the underworld of the dead, in Hifelheim - just a page in the future encyclopedias under "extinct species".

Reading this I realize that it's nice rhetoric and nothing more. Simply an intellectual variety of the old hailing and chanting game. Knowing the alternatives to victory will obviously strengthen our will to win. But again, without forceful action to back it up, it will get us nowhere - except maybe to prison for violating some of the million and one anti-NS thought crime laws ZOG has cultivated in the dark and moist cellars of STASI, KGB and MOSSAD.

I have already dealt with the argument "We are right". As a way of recruiting our White warriors it is pretty futile. But it does give us a glimmer of hope. Because we are definitely right in a broader sense of the word, too. Multiracialism will not work without the most extreme and obviously grotesque measures. "Black Power", or any other coloured "power" for that matter, is nothing but a morbid, bloody joke. If you don't believe me, take a trip to Rwanda, Burundi or Haiti. In other words, a normal society will only function as long as there are enough White people ready and willing to work to keep the wheels running. Now, the question is: When comes the breaking-point? When will enough White people simply quite working for the Masonic-Mosaic Man and drop out of Zion's society? The sooner it happens the better are our chances of victory. As warriors of the political underground we shall thrive on anarchy and chaos! If anybody reading this sitll believes in the phrase of "law and order", they have understood absolutely nothing and are of absolutely no value to us or our race. The "law" is the Talmudic law and the "order" is the order of ZOG's zombies - a state of total control through total mind death. This the old style right-wingers will not understand until they find themselves the victims of the law and silenced by the order.

The new means of communication are also working for us. Internet has done more to unite our kind than any pamphlet ever printed. Your brothers-in-arms are just a click away! The other day - far, far from home - I met with a comrade who had just been chatting with one of my best friends who lives just a block away from me, but whom I haven't seen for a week due to my long and far away excursion. On the Net ideas, articles, art-work, addresses, of individuals, magazines and organizations are constantly being exchanged. Though ZOG desperately tries to grab at the invisible empire of the Nazi Network, there's little they can do to stop it. Germany, typically, has "banned" the activity and even forbidden certain active comrades to possess a computer! But still the old Vaterland is blitzed by the Nazi waves.

And then, of course, we have the CDs of White Power rock, which rightly exploited are a big fund-raiser for the Movement and a source of inspiration and influence to the youth. All over the world ZOG forces are doing everything to stop the production, pressing and distribution of these CDs. Enormous quantities have been grabbed by the music inquisitors of ZOG. But the Nazi discs just keep popping up, getting more and more radical with every new production.

But most important: a minority with a majority or will-power and determination can win over a dumb and soft majority. That is one lesson history surely has taught us. If we are able to achieve this, the odds will definitely turn in our favour.

So, although the situation is indeed desperate, we are not without chances. We must simply work on, seizing every opportunity to undermind, sabotage and destroy the anti White forces, while recruiting, organizing and training our cmrades of all ages and White nations for the coming conflicts. WE must be brave, use our brains and be prepared for anything and everything, trusting the just truth and vital necessity or our cause.

Still all is not lost. And history sometimes has a surprise up its sleeve. Ask the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Slovaks, the Croats and the Serbs! Lenin lost in the end, and the Hlinka Guard and the Ustasha are back in town.

Final Words And The Start Of Action