"But we're in the right!" How long have you heard this statement being proclaimed by young fellow nationalists? From the beginning pronounced in an optimistic naiveness, later turning into an aggressive proclamation of defiance, to finally becoming a whining phrase of frustration.

Sure we are right. But so what? Who thinks he's wrong? Our opponents believe they are "right" too. And the problem is that in a sense both sides are "right". Because what it all boils down to is the matter of values. Take the question of alien immigration from the darker side of the earth to Europe. We know, and it has been proven scientifically as well as statistically, that the flood of coloured "refugees" will not eventually, not finally, but very, very soon put the White Europeans in a position of a minority. In other words we will lose what little control we've had over our very own countries. The mud people will be the new nominal rulers, while the elders of the Orient behind the scene will pull the strings as usual. As for skin pigment the Cabalistic mafia is colour blind. But it is, of course, easier to deal with IQ bearers of the minimum kind.

If nothing extremely radical is not done to solve this dire problem through a final solution of White backlash, the above dark scenario will definitely be our doomed future. We know that for a fact, but so do our enemies because that is exactly what the have planned for us! And as for the gullible voting cattle who make up the target of our endless pamphleteering and debating, they just don't care! I know you find this hard to believe, just as you are dumbstruck with surprised anger and frustration every time ZOG makes another attack on your supposed civil rights. In spite of the fact that all your very own pamphlets and leaflets will tell you that this is the exact nature of ZOG!

The White race, on the other hand is marked by a belief in fair play and the power of the intellect. While dealing and doing battle with our own kind these are noble traits. But, like Adolf Hitler before us, we are not confronting people of our own blood and mentality, or powers stemming from our own doings. We face a ruling clique of religious zealots and political mobsters who have thousands of years of practice in the dark art of schemes, plots and conspiracies against their own hosts. And when it comes to our own people, the majority of them are not only looked upon as cattle, but also behave like mind-dead creatures, lacking the most basic feelings of racial pride and solidarity, historical roots and cultural traditions. These zombies are either thrown into the capitalist rat-race where all rules of decency and honour are abandoned for the sake of the most exteme egoism, or they are high on Marxist ecstacy which has turned their inherited idealism into a pathetic blabbering in favour of the racial suicide through a multi-culti, multi-criminal, one-worldism.

Comrades, don't waste time, energy or efforts on trying to "save" or "convert" these people. First of all, those degenerated wiggers are not worth saving, and secondly but more importantly, we just have not got the time and our resources are limited.

Let the pamphleteers of the anti-immigration societies go on discussing the problems of "too many" immigrants and the "unfairness" of the media's treatment of their organizations. Let the national democrats go on leafleting and gaining a few more (or less) votes in the regular ZOG-rigged elections, while they to moan about their opponents' "unfair" treatment of them. And let the revisionists keep on producing the scientific proofs of the impossiblity of the Hollywoodhoax till they realize that neither the Jews nor their allies want the six million back to life, and that the young generation of anti-Zionists no longer give a damn one way or the other.

Now, don't get me wrong. Most of the above mentioned groups and individuals are sincere and good people doing their best. And who am I to say that they will not experience moments of progress and even success? But do you honestly believe that the world rulers would hesitate to use the ultimate arguments of death and destruction to stop this progress when it tends to keep up, or when the success has even the slightest chance of becoming permanent?

We can't afford to engage in the game of patriotic masturbation. It is by definition fruitless. Instead we have to get a clear picture of the political scenario ahead of us and then get our piorities straight. Do we really believe in the total evilness of ZOG and the coming of a race war? Do we really mean the slogan "Victory or Death"? Or are they just meaningless lyrics from a WP rock CD played at full volume in the company of drunken friends and bottles, a mental relief between the gloomy work days in a just bearable ZOG society? I do not object to the CDs, and honestly I don't really mind the bottles either, as long as they are there for mental strength and inspiration to oppose an intolerable situation, rather than as an escape from an unwanted state of mind.

Our slogans are not just impressive statements of ideological extremism. They are words of fact and a call to arms. This is IT and those who are not prepared to suffer the ultimate sacrifice to secure the future of our Aryan offspring should quit right here and now! Sure our CD sales would suffer, but that is a small price to pay for ridding the Movement of its pretenders and piss-artists.

Chapter Two: A Movement of Political Soldiers