In my mind there exists only one organization which has any possibility of successfully dealing with this enormous task. It is called BLOOD & HONOUR. It was founded by our comrade and martyr Ian Stuart and quite appropriately took its name from the battle cry of the Hitler Youth - the new generation of NS warriors.

No White organization has gained such respect among our comrades from every corner of Europe as well as South Africa, Australia and USA. It is a national revolutionary movement based on the ideas of Adolf Hitler. Blood & Honour has branches in most White countries and its HQ functions as a co-ordinator of the world-wide White resistance stuggle.

Although the goals and purpose of the Blood & Honour movement should be clear to all, it will not hurt to repeat them. It is a pan-Aryan movement of White resistance against the oppressive forces of the Zionist Occupation Governments. It is basically, through certainly not entirely, a youth movement. (Ian would by now have turned 40, and many of the "founding fathers" are of the same gereration.)

Its main propaganda weapon has always been that of music - White Power rock. Ian himself was the creator of this unique and striking blend of rock and WP lyrics. He was also its best performer. But unlike certain "follow-ups" his band Skrewdriver has had to it more than just a political profile. It was a virtual propaganda machine and Ian Stuart an active NS politician - not a seeker of fame and fortune through pop stardom like some creepy copycats who have tried to ride on his greatness. He created Blood & Honour as a political fighting force using music as a mighty propaganda weapon to influence the youth, inspire our comrades and raise funds for the Movement. It was not a rock 'n' roll fan club for the promotion of stardom and easy earnings, as the profiteers and piss-artists like to see.

Getting this into focus, the question of the organization's present status inevitably arises.

A great responsibility rests on the shoulders of those who now represent the Blood & Honour movement. Since the death of comrade Ian it has certainly had both its ups and downs. (There is no point in denying the problems as we then have no chance of correcting them. This book is not meant as some propaganda blah-blah for the uninitiated. Its purpose is to give our comrades an idea of what has happened, is happening and will happen within and to our Movement, so that they can act accordingly.)

The internal conflicts must be solved one way or the other and then seized permanently. But bear in mind that by "internal" I certainly do not mean the cleansing of the profiteers and the parasites who have infiltrated the outskirts of the Movement through rock 'n' roll super sales. The golden handshake of the Nordland-Resistance merchants of music has no place in the Blood & Honour. And they were never really there, so anyone who sees this as "internal affairs" should get his or facts right. God knows there is enough documentation on the rat-sisting, nerdlandish character of the shady stereo speculants around to see through their slimy-green Cash Curtain. There are meaningless personal and organizational strifes, though. Most of them due to misunderstandings stemming from a non-stop bullshit campaign to deliberately put people and organizations against each other. These quarrels must be overcome and the developing of ties to our political allies - as well as potential allies- must be geared up. Some of these organizations around the White world were for a long time in the dark about what was really going on. And in some cases they were easy pray for scheming indivuals wanting to abuse the resources of these good but mis- or disinformed people. Our current leaders must recognize this and not blame the victims as well the perpertrators! Due to a new positive editorial staff of the Blood & Honour zine and the Blood & Honour Scandinavia mag, plus several other pro-B&H papers, the situation is gradually being corrected. But still there are wounds that have to be healed.

Just as we can only get out recruits by winning their respect, we must concentrate on "getting back" any "lost" divisions throoough positive action. Certainly, well-documented information was and is necessary and has, as pointed out, already done a lot of good. But still I feel that a relationship purely built on words and arguments is by nature fragile.

The whole Blood & Honour movement needs to show strength - to prove ourselves to both friend and foe. The magazines must be professionally produced and come out on a regular basis. We do not need the glossy colour-fetishism of certain "competitors" for whom looks and size mees to be everything. Though, however "small", the readers/subscriber should get it regularly! Here many independent, but pro-B&H zines from all over Europe have shown the way.

As a next step, the ISD record company must be re-vitalized. Its directors have suffered in ZOG dungeons but are now back on the battle field to continue the work with this with this unique creation. With ISD (Ian Stuart Donaldson) Records the British NS movement for the first time had its own CD company, shaping their own future without habing to rely on foreign money-makers with little or mostly no interest in political affairs. The organizers put in hard times and big efforts and in the beginning the WP artists backed them up. Then greed and aspirations of stardom came creeping in. Certain bands wanted to "do their own thing" and not being "exploited". All fancy words for makinga few quid more. THEY were getting their fair royalties. When did the volunteer political workers and authors of our magazines and newspapers ever get "royalties" from their work? THEY got free (or often paid) trips around Britain, Europe and USA doing what they enjoyed the most to an enthusiastic audience. When did our streetfighters and other activists experience the same?

Those who say that the Movement is using the rock artists should quietly and quickly pack their bags for Graceland or Nordland. Honestly, some of these so-called rock stars would never have had a chance of the smallest audience in the poorest of pubs if it were not for their nationalist lyrics attracting patriotic listeners. Too many pop "stars" have used the Movement to advance their own careers and egos, THAT is the truth.

But this being said, I must stress that though they seem to be many, these "stars" are fortunately in a minority, despite their loud noises and wild actions. The "loss" of such phono parasites is the Blood & Honour's gain! With true idealists like Razors Edge, Chingford Attack, the Blackshirts - just to name a few of the British B&H bands - the Movement's got what it takes. Proof of this is certainly the latest real Ian Stuart Memorial concert, which had an audience twice the size of a later "competing" one arranged by the Music for Money Movement. Assisted by Sweden's foremost nationalist record company Ragnarock and the Danish-German music blitz NS Records, the ISD is again back in business, both wiser and wilder, and with plenty of represses as well as new releases on the agenda.

Chapter Five: The Way Forward