If I were to close this essay now, someone would surely, and rightfully so, ask: yes, it's all very well, but then what? Organizing, co-ordinating, gigging, performing, and publishing are all nice words. But where do we go from there? Is it not a risk that we just develop into an anti-establishment sub-culture, just to bordering on the underground - hatred by the government, persecuted by the police, smeared by the media and feared by common people? If we fail to make the necessary break through now, this might very well be the case. For the real die-hards of the Movement this can, of course, be described as the White man's "last resort", but the risk of the whole thing degenerating into a sort of Nazi MC club is real. However, unlike those people we are not in this to satisfy our own extreme needs. We see the Movement as a tool to change the society rather than hide away from society Therefore the old business saying "Expand or die" is valid even for our venture.

To expand in a climate of progressing oppression is not an easy task. In some countries things are better - especially in Eastern Europe - while other societies like Germany have laws and police actions that should make retired STASI and KGB officers green with envy. Latest from the Bundesdiktatur of pseudo-Deutschland is that the mere possession of hundreds of different CDs (including historical documents with Germany's own march music!) is now forbidden and can get you into serious trouble with Ministry of Injustice. Hundreds of thousands of CDs have been the victim of the modern-day, real book-burners, and recently the police arrested everyone at a German gig wearing patches with the English words " Blood & Honour", rewarding the bearers with fines up to 1500DM. We could go on and on about "German" and other "European" ZOG persecution forever, but I think all my readers get the ugly picture clear enough.

I've already said good-bye to the arguing, pampheteering and copying of the old parties' ZOG-sanctioned getting-nowhere-routines. So where does this lead us and leave us? It leads us on to the path of revolution and leaves us with little or no choice but "illegal", direct action.

Before you get an impression of some starry-eyed, wild west, political cowboy dressed up in Nazi gear and armed to his teeth, let me remind you of a few things. The term "illegal" today - in many countries - apply to most of our beliefs, arguments, symbols and activities. In certain particularly vile societies it applies to our very existence. Therefore, the term has lost any real meaning to us. It is our enemies through ZOG who have branded us outlaws. The position is not of our choice. Because, no matter how much the media, the Zionists and the Reds love to portray us as violent thugs incapable of civilized behaviour, we are NOT by nature or will seeking violent confrontation. When the anti-NS forces were still divided and weak, Adolf Hitler managed to get into power by legal, democratic means. That is all history now. When his enemies saw his success they forced him into war. That part of history will surely repeat itself.

That is why we must be prepared for personal sacrifices due to police persecution and state persecution. We must also be ready to put force behind our propaganda actions - be it demonstrations, marches or WP rock concerts. The police will NOT protect us from the Red-Black scum ZOG uses as its deranged bully-boys. It does not matter how much we are in the right according to democracy's own rules and regulations. In practice they simply do not apply to us. We can only rely on ourselves, and that's why we have to have a security guard of the meanest and the toughest of our kind to help uphold our natural rights and to protect our followers.

Chapter Six: Combat 18