Chapter Eight:


I have tried to explain the nature of the Blood & Honour movement and to give ideas for its future progress. You may have your doubts and disagreements. That is only natural. You may also feel free to argue your point in any relevant publication. Only make sure that they criticism is constructive and not just ans excuse for further in- activitiy. The time for talking is really over now. We've reached a stage where ANY action is preferred to no action.

But if by reading this little book you have gained a new sense of orientation and optimism which will lead you to state of intelligence resistance under the leadership of a vital and united pan-Aryan Blood & Honour movement, neither your nor my time was wasted.

So let us leave our desks and go out wasting the multi-culti, multi-criminal ZOG inferno. There are comrades out there right now in Britain and Ireland, in Germany and Poland, in Slovakia and Hungary, in the Czech Republic and Slovenia, in Croatia and Serbia, in Denmark and Sweden, in Norway and Finland, in America and Australia - giving their everything so that our Aryan race will live on. Let's give them a resolute, hard-hitting, helping hand in our common battle for a Whiter and brighter world - WHATEVER IT TAKES!