A change in tactics are needed if the White race is to survive.

Once again in the United Kingdom the forces of Nationalism are once again putting themselves out to vote.  May 2002 is the local council elections in the UK, and the British National Party (BNP) is intending on putting candidates forward in these elections.

Not since 1979 when the National Front (NF) stood 300 candidates in the then general Election has there been so much 'political noise' from the Nationalists themselves but also the ZOG media.

With the 'Race Riots' (Which really where Whites being attacked by Muslims) in the North West of England, White working families have been left by the establishment parties to rot and descend into poverty. This summer saw a raise in the votes and fortunes of the Nationalist parties, especially the BNP.

To this end the BNP will stand candidates in the local council elections, especially in the riot hit northern towns All the noise from the BNP is that they think they may be able to squeeze a couple of council wins and thus put the party on the road to the political mainstream as has happened in Austria recently and also France.  The day of the 'Euro-Nationalist' is at hand, or so they feel anyway.

It is this build-up of hope and excitement, which has been, generated by not only the Nationalist forces but indeed also the ZOG elements of society.  How this feels like 1979 again when the National Front stood all those nice ladies and gentleman to the British electorate where every one of them failed to get elected.  This caused the increasing strains within the NF to spill over and major splits happened. which to this day the NF has never recovered.

So we see the same pattern happening with the British National Party, the building of hopes to a point where they truly believe that this might be the 'big break-through' into the political. Main stream It is not this writers intent on bashing these Nationalist movements, we wish them well in there banging there heads on the electoral door, (One hopes there heads don't get too sore).

As the great National Socialist Colin Jordan so rightly stated:

These well-intentioned people fail to realise that they are doomed to failure by the foreseeable reaction of the power-holders. These may allow them to expend time and money in electioneering so long as they get nowhere near seriously challenging their position, but the moment the new party becomes a real challenge - an almost inconceivable achievement considering its handicaps - the present power holders will most certainly by one unscrupulous means or another halt that new party and put it out of business. Either its functioning will be rendered impossible by the application of every imaginable impediment, or that new party will be criminated as "racist" and it or its electoral participation prohibited".

So what now, if the electoral road to power is not the way to go then what?  We must TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK BY FORCE OF ARMS.  We must build a solid and dedicated cadre of revolutionary fighters ready and prepared to fight ZOG in whatever form that might take.  We must build an underground cell system of dedicated fighters, trained and fanatical in the beliefs of National Socialism.  Indeed we must build an underground army to take on ZOG - both politically and military.

As the White race in the UK has no more than 60 years left until the British become minorities in their own country, the time for hand wringing and in-action are over.  W must build the underground into a network of independent cells and lone wolves on the para-military front, but also a strong and vibrant propaganda arm whose job is to inform the population on successful para-military actions and dispense the National Socialist world-view to the our White folk.

A strong dedicated and fanatical cadre of National Socialist fighters, well financed and organised can take the fight to ZOG.

As time is running out for the White world, WE THEREFORE MUST FIGHT OR DIE!