For a movement that shouts about the "Master-Race", war and all the rest of it, it's odd that most of the people involved couldn't run up a flight of stairs. It never ceases to amaze us when, at a Nationalist meeting or event, the talk is of White Pride or racial superiority, and yet the majority of people lapping up the speeches and eagerly reading the magazines promoting our superiority are chain-smoking, burger-munching, beer-guzzling monsters!


Joking aside, it's about time people involved in our struggle started to get themselves fit and in shape so they can live a long and healthy life, set a good example and keep themselves fit to fight.

Looking back to the good old days, the whole National Socialist movement was based on competition, physical fitness and prowess: survival of the fittest. To survive, the whole race should strive for full health and fitness so that it can carry on the fight in Nature's eternal struggle.

Get yourself in shape, Whiteman: it doesn't take much. As technology has supposedly advanced, we have become a race of slobs: driving and never walking, slobbing around on the settee. The most physical thing most of us do is press the buttons on the TV remote control.

It's time for everyone to get in shape - you never know what's around the corner.

For those who are going to read this article and start getting fit, you'll need to know what exercises to do, and how often to do them.

If you start hitting the weights alone, then all you'll do is put on muscle. It might make you look good but weights alone won't make you fit. To get fit you need to exercise your heart and lungs and this means cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercises are those which get the heart pumping and the lungs working, such as running, cycling etc.

The best form of exercise however is boxing and the training that boxing requires. Not only does boxing training offer good cardiovascular exercise when you do road-running, skipping or working out on the punchbag, it also teaches you how to fight and defend yourself. Incorporate this with a few light weight-training exercises and you won't go wrong. There will be boxing gyms near you which you can join or, if you don't want to join a public gym, get a decent punchbag and sling it up in a spare room or garage. Punchbags are cheap and, like coons, are easy to string up. Get yourself a couple of pairs of boxing gloves and have sparring sessions with a mate or couple of mates.

It doesn't cost anything either to jog a couple of miles a few times a week. If you've got somewhere to skip, then get yourself a decent leather skipping rope. Any boxer will tell you that this is one of the best forms of exercise you can get. ALL boxers do it.

If you have the opportunity then buy yourself a large army rucksack ( Bergen) and take a trip into the countryside.Start off easy at first with a ten kilometer ( klick) walk carrying a little weight.As you get fitter then you can jog for a klick and walk for a klick.When you can do this standing on your head start putting some real weight in your Bergen,like a few house bricks.

Set yourself a routine.Don't just choose nice days,get out there when the rain is falling and the wind is howling.By doing this you will learn to keep on going when your body just wants to give up.This is a very valuable fighting skill and the foundation of all military Special Forces training.

Try and do your weights sessions twice a week. This is good for building up your strength and keeping your muscles toned. All you need is a cheap weights bench - if you shop around you can pick new benches up for about o60 - and a set of weights. Weights can be bought cheaply and any old second-hand set will do. It doesn't matter what they look like. Between you and a mate it shouldn't break the bank.

Don't follow any advice from bodybuilding magazines,they exist solely to sell expensive 'supplements' that no-one needs,and the exercise routines in them are no good for non-steroid users.Just follow a nice simple routine of basic exercises that work a few body parts together,like squatting,bench pressing and press behind the neck.

After about three months of exercising you should begin to feel the benefits. At the same time, try to improve your diet,eat white lean meats like chicken,turkey and fish.Vitamin C from tablets or fruit will strengthen your immune system and help you to function when the weaklings in society are suffering colds and flu and every passing virus.

If you follow this advice you will soon enjoy exercise,your body will change for the better and you will become leaner,prouder,more determined and a dangerous opponent for ZOG and their minions.

So get off your arse and get fit!