Above: "Naked girl, resting in the bloody guts of a butchered sow" - Hermann Nitsch, 1998

Above:  "Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus Christ" - Adolf Hitler 1913

Below: A portrayal of a woman by Adolf Hitler

"Bathing in a Mountain Lake" - Adolf Hitler, 1933

This is how Nitsch portrays women

"Girl, together with a butchered pig under a cross" - Hermann Nitsch, 1998

Adolf Hitler's view of nature and Jesus

 "Mountain scene with wayside cross" - Adolf Hitler, 1923 - 1925

This is how Nitsch worships Jesus

"Jesus under bleeding pig" - Hermann Nitsch, 1998

Hitler's portrayal of Christian architecture

 "Karls-Church, Vienna" - Adolf Hitler, 1912 

This is how Nitsch portrays Christianity

"Jesus, crucified together with a butchered pig" - Hermann Nitsch, 1998

Adolf Hitler - "house painter"                           Hermann Nitsch -  "artist"       .

Adolf Hitler is called the "house painter", not a painter or an artist. Hermann Nitsch on the other hand is praised as being one of the greatest artists of our time. On August 10th, 1998 he concluded one of his most successful open air exhibitions of modern art, lasting for one week. Nitsch was cheered by the Austrian Chancellor, ministers and other government officials. All politically correct parties in Austria were in praise of the "unique artwork" of Hermann Nitsch. This genius is sponsored with Millions of Schillings by the Austrian government in order to secure the ongoing production of Nitsch's works. The Austrian government and the media believe that Nitsch can uplift one's spirit by his "touching creations". On the other hand, an individual will go to prison for up to 15 years if he possesses and shows or exhibits an Adolf Hitler painting.

This is an example of our democratic right of freedom of artistic expression and ideas. We are thankful that we can enjoy the outstanding works of Nitsch and are spared the horrors of Adolf Hitler's ugly scribbles. Thank God, democracy selects what we are allowed to see and what we are allowed to read and say.

Who's art do you want
your children to see?