Greetings National Socialist Comrades from a foot soldier of the White Revolution here in the USA.  The words above are the rallying call of my organization the NSDAP/AO.  In the truest sense it is a rallying call for all National Socialists the world over.

Our National Socialist family now transcends national borders, we do not owe our allegiance to any nation,  our only allegiance is to our race - The White Race.  Our countries are just geographical areas in which we just happen to live, but our race knows no national boundaries in this eternal struggle.

Our Organization as I'm sure you are aware is struggling throughout the whole white world, as National Socialist's from many groups, parties and organizations have united with us and a sea of National Socialist propaganda has flooded Europe.

The propaganda message of the NSDAP/AO is a message all comrades can use no matter what political organization they belong too.  In White countries where ZOG has either put Government departments of repression in place as in Germany, or laws of repression as the Race Relations Act in England.  National Socialist's know no barriers in this struggle.  We work in the underground in many countries where ZOG's heel is on our necks, yet we still paste up our propaganda - WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED.

Our propaganda is freely available and fairly cheap and eye catching.  Our propaganda is ready and available to ALL-National Socialist comrades no matter what organization you belong too.  I urge all comrades to order our materials by the ton and get it onto the streets of all white countries.

For it is the Lone Wolf  that has shouldered most of the responsibility in this new phase of the National Socialist struggle.  We have hundreds of thousands of people just like myself who on our own spread the National Socialist word whenever and however we can.  I cannot even think how many Swastika stickers I have pasted up over the years, how many dry Swastika stickers I have placed in books in bookstores (World War II book section is good in stores or liberies).  How many Swastika posters have been put up in the dead of night to avoid ZOG’s police force.  It is very important for us to remember even though we maybe one, we can if organized put out hundreds and thousands of pieces of National Socialist propaganda a propaganda that is needed and vital for bringing in new blood to our movement.  Without new blood our movement would fester so it is vital we propagate as much and as often as possible.

Education is vital to all National Socialist comrades With the advent of the internet never before have we at our finger tips so much National Socialist educational material to view.  It is important for all new and old comrades alike to continue to educate ourselves on our philosophy and our movement.  A wonderful archive of National Socialist articles is the Calvin College on the web, see below for web address.  It is also important when you buy your National Socialist books you buy them from the movement and not Jew book stores.  As a fighter for our movement of over 23 years I still educate myself to this day, there is always a National Socialist book I have not read or an article that I need to review again.  Education of ourselves is vital if our struggle is to endure.

Please contact the NSDAP/AO P.O.Box 6414, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68506, USA.  And visit our excellent website at
Let's turn the thousands of swastika stickers we put out now into millions!

Heil Hitler

White Wolf